Ideas for a photo shoot in the winter

Snow-white Russian expanses, snow-covered mysterious forests, beautiful sparkling fields under the sun, beautiful city streets, parks and squares. .. All these amazing, decorated in winter places seem to have been created for a genre photography and are being asked for a shot. They can become a springboard for many ideas in the winter photo shoot.

  • Technical details
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  • Winter fairy tale
  • Russian winter
  • Snow queen
  • Lavstory
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Technical details

To get started let's go through the technicalities. Here we will only discuss tips for models, hoping that professional photographers already know all the nuances of a street winter photo session. All the same representatives of the beautiful half of the globe is to understand several rules of this kind of shooting. Of course, it can be interesting, but only if you take care of the warmth of the body. Of course, in time for a photo shoot you can have at least one underwear on the plot, but in the intervals between workings of poses( which, incidentally, you can take no more than a minute in the cold), you have to quickly wrap yourself in something warm and through "do not want to" drinka hot liquid( for what take a thermos).Without such interruptions during the photo session, you risk getting an ugly reddening of the face and open skin in five minutes of being outdoors. Therefore, the first rule is to warm yourself in any way. You can even make a fire - and warm, and effective for the frame.

An interesting photo session in the understanding of the photographer is the provision of all the details and details. Otherwise, he will not show much enthusiasm at the moment of shooting. Therefore, when choosing a street winter shooting, you have to take into account, if not all, then at least the main thing.

In addition to basic heating, take care of your makeup. Well, if you make it make-up artist, but when this is not possible, try to use funds with a lasting effect, especially mascara and foundation.

Take with you to the photo session tonal remedies( compact powder), cotton buds, if possible, and decorative cosmetics grab so that you can correct makeup during shooting.

And finally for the technical moments of the photo session: initially, think through all the poses. On the street, in winter, in the cold, you will not have time to relax before the camera and decide which frame you want. The average duration of the thematic winter photo session on the street is only half an hour. In this short time, a professional photographer will have time to shoot a lot of interesting frames, but only when you immediately set a clear task for him - "I Want That", etc.

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Genre ideas for

Now let's move on to the subject of interesting images for this kind of photo shoots.

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Winter fairy tale

This includes holiday ideas related to your favorite New Year holidays and the feelings that these days give us, the sensations of magic and fairy tales. You can realize the photo session in many places. If the room, then the interior should be appropriate, festively decorated. Must have a New Year tree. Beautifully in the frame will look a fireplace, hanging on it socks and other attributes of winter holidays.

Your image can also be different, even a bit sexy. Suits Snow Maiden, Santa Claus( female version).Popular and comfortable home clothes with a thematic drawing or print( deer, snowflakes, etc.), as well as beautiful knitted things.

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Russian winter

Original Russian winter matches us with a sense of space and flight, with folk festivals and fun. You can rent a sled for filming, ride on a snow-covered field. But sledding on the slide will do.

It will also look nice Russian tea in the open air with a samovar and a bagel.

Your image should contain elements of Russian folk style. For example: scarves with hohloma, red beads, beautiful mittens, boots or felt boots.

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Snow Queen

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More advantageous red against the background of the palette of winter will look white and all its options - silver, beige, white and turquoise and so on. Almost all girls are ideally suited to the image of the Snow Queen. It can be either simple in execution or difficult, with the addition of special accessories, thematic make-up, costumes, special decorations for a photo shoot.

In a simple version you will need a little - light colors in clothes, light make-up in natural colors, plus - preferably furs, too, pastel light shades.

In the complex - everything is repelled from the dress and make-up, which are complemented by thematic accessories. Such an image can be expensive financially, but if you already want an unusual and interesting photo shoot, reconcile yourself with long and time-consuming preparations. The result is worth it!

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Scenario Lavstory - classic - story through the photo of your love. But the scenery for this series shooting should be snow-covered places. Moreover, it is possible to conduct immediately within the framework of several locations. For example, you can start with a warm and cozy city cafe, then add a walk.

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City fashion

In this case, the image is built according to the fashion style rules - you should look stylish and perfect. The comfort of the outfit goes to the background. The main thing - beauty. You can try a combination of evening style with Russian( black dress plus fur).

The hair and make-up should be done in a classic style.

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The girl in the red

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A lot of genres are suitable, ranging from romantic to horror. The main thing is the use of red accent color, which looks very advantageous in contrast to the main palettes of winter - white and gray tones. It is also appropriate in such a photo session to dilute the red with shades of gray, white, less often black. Do not use warm shades in combination with red, they will make the photo overloaded. Avoid clothes and makeup of yellow, orange, green, blue and light brown tones.

An interesting option for a winter photo shoot may be the following image - Little Red Riding Hood. To implement it you will need a large cut of red cloth and a wicker basket made of dark vine. From the cut, you can make an improvised cape, under which it is best to wear one-color dark clothes.

Another version of an interesting image in the framework of this idea is a classic. For a photo shoot, you can use a strict classic red dress, on top of which you can put a fur coat of white or black shades. In make-up, the color of the dress should match the shade of the lipstick.

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