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Every woman probably dreams to look great and have a slim and fit figure. This can be achieved not only through the use of various cosmetics. You need to have a great desire and a product from which we often start the morning - coffee. Caffeine contained in it, will not only get rid of cellulite, but also lose a few extra pounds.

Coffee wrap for slimming

Coffee wrap is one of the most popular and enjoyable ways to combat the "orange peel".This procedure can be performed both in the cabin and at home. Many modern cosmetics, whose purpose - the fight against cellulite, contain caffeine, which facilitates the acceleration of the natural process of cleavage and removal of fats in the cells.

What kind of coffee should I use for coffee wrapping?

All kinds of coffee are rich in proteins, vitamins, polysaccharides, fats, organic acids and essential oils. For wrapping in salons, green coffee, containing chlorogenic acid toxic for harmful microorganisms, is most often used. At home, you can use natural or ground coffee.

With coffee wrapping, not only pure coffee is used, but also in combination with such components:

- blue or white clay - add caffeine or coffee to the diluted clay paste and dilute with several spoons of milk.

- seaweed - use the seaweed fucus, added to the coffee grounds.

- honey - to prepare a mixture for wrapping combine honey and coarse coffee.

- pepper - the mixture consists of honey and coffee grounds( ratio 1: 2), in which a spoonful of red pepper is added. This wrap can not be used for sensitive skin.

- aromatic oils - these formulations include grapefruit or orange extracts that enhance the anti-cellulite effect.

Coffee wrap: indications and contraindications

Indications for the use of coffee wrap can be excessive weight, cellulite, the need or desire to correct the figure, reduce the elasticity of the skin.

In case of varicose veins, the coffee wrap is allowed provided cooling and bactericidal formulations are added.

For the use of coffee wraps, there are also a number of contraindications:

- acute inflammatory processes and infections;

- fungal and other skin diseases in acute stage;

- gynecological diseases, such as growing fibroma, polycystosis and others;

- skin lesions and open wounds, the presence of bleeding;

- hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system;

- allergy to drugs used during the procedure.

In addition to these contraindications for coffee wrap for weight loss is also important to adhere to some general precautions:

- within 2-3 hours not to eat,

- within 5-6 hours after wrapping not to visit the solarium,

- for 7-8 hours after coffee wrapping, avoid contact with water.

Coffee wrap: technology of carrying out

Coffee wrap: in the cabin

Any wrapping, and coffee, including, provides for a certain order of procedures. In the beauty salon, the coffee wrap takes place in the following stages:

Massage and peeling. This is an important step, allowing you to cleanse the skin of keratinized cells through gentle peeling. Anti-cellulite massage promotes better blood transfer by blood vessels, which means that the skin will absorb more nutrients.
  • Coffee wrap. The prepared coffee mass is applied with a thin layer to the problem area of ​​the body. After this customer wrapped in plastic wrap, covering the top with a warm blanket.
  • Removing the mask. After 15-20 minutes, the film can be removed and the rests of the coffee mixture washed off under a warm shower.
  • Humidification. The final stage, allowing to consolidate the effect, is the application on the clean skin of anti-cellulite cream.
  • Coffee wrap at home

    Carrying out coffee wraps at home is a bit different from this procedure in the salon, however, if you follow certain recommendations, you can get the same wonderful result. The wrapping of the house should take place in the following stages:

    1. Preparation for wrapping. This stage consists in cleaning the skin. To do this, you can use a variety of scrubs, which allow gentle pilling. Scrubs can be not only from the store, but also made by themselves.
    2. Preparation of the mixture and wrapping. To obtain a coffee blend of 50-70 grams, the coffee is diluted with hot water, so that a thick slurry results. In consistency, it should resemble sour cream, be homogeneous and without lumps. After the received coffee weight cools down to a temperature of about 40 degrees, it can be applied to the skin. Further everything happens as in the salon: wrapped in a polyethylene film and covered with a blanket.
    3. Completion of the procedure. At home, coffee mush can be kept on the body for 40-50 minutes, after which it is washed in the shower with warm water. The skin after the procedure must be covered with a moisturizer.

    Effect of coffee wrapping

    In addition to combating cellulite and extra pounds, coffee wrapping has various positive effects for the whole body:

    - has antioxidant effects, green coffee grains prevent aging,

    - stimulates biological processes,

    - promotes water removal,

    - improvesfirmness and elasticity of the skin,

    - moisturizes and nourishes the skin,

    - improves the texture and color of the skin,

    - stimulates physical and mental activity, increases tonewith nervous overstrain,

    - strengthens the body contour,

    - cleans from toxins and toxins,

    - stimulates the effect on the vessels.

    To get all these pleasant effects of coffee wrapping, it is necessary to conduct a course that includes 10-12 procedures, carried out with a break of 2-3 days.

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