Women's haircut "Rhapsody" for short, medium and long hair

"Rhapsody" - a stylish women's haircut, conquered the heart of not one fashionista. And all this is due to its universality, femininity, elegance and simplicity in styling. Many mistakenly confuse it with a cascade, but between them there is an insignificant, but fundamental difference. To whom to face such a stylish haircut we will consider later in the article.

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Who is suitable for

Stylists recommend this haircut to owners of medium and long hair who do not want to part with a luxurious long, however, while dreaming to look stylish. At the same time and on short hair this haircut has a place to be.

"Rhapsody", thanks to a special multilevel cutting technique, will look equally good both on straight lines and curly locks. They will not be tangled, but, on the contrary, will be beautifully laid with tiers.

It is suitable for hair of any structure. On thin - will help to get the desired volume, especially in the crown area, which is usually quite difficult to achieve. But a thick head of hair, on the contrary, will save you from excessive splendor.

"Rhapsody" miraculously combines with a bang of any kind and thus absolutely harmoniously looks and without it.

The recipient of a round face is recommended to combine a haircut with a long oblique bangs, which visually stretches the face.

The classic oval face is suitable for thick straight, asymmetric, and also two-level bangs, in which the bottom layer is short, and the upper one is longer, stylishly laid on one side. It should be noted that "Rhapsody" in combination with the creative triangular bang also looks unusual and very stylish.

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Technique for performing

Its main feature is the use of the technique of stranding. In general, the performance of "Rhapsody" is similar to the technique of "Cascade", only here strands are formed solely at the expense of filing, while completely preserving the length of the hair.

Step-by-step technique for cutting:

  1. Wash your head and lightly dry.
  2. Divide the damp hair from the forehead to the back of the neck with an even cut.
  3. To tilt the head down, separate the curl at the forehead with an arcuate parting, comb it forward and perform a straight edging on it.
  4. All other strands must be parallel to it and trimmed evenly on both sides of the central part.
  5. The next strand parallel to the arcuate parting at the forehead needs to be made a bit longer than the previous one.
  6. Next, moving to the crown, similarly select parallel arcuate punches and cut strands, leaving each slightly longer.
  7. Once you reach the top of the head, you need to tilt your head back and cut it further, also making each subsequent strand longer than the previous one.
  8. Should be a trapezoidal form of haircuts, clearly framing the face.
  9. In conclusion, it is necessary to profile the tips along the entire length of the hair.

As a result, the head of hearing should get lightness, airiness and the necessary volume, especially on the crown.

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Laying options

As a rule, "Rhapsody" on any length of hair does not need a complicated daily styling.

However, if desired, using its simple styling tools and tools, you can create a large number of images, for example, ideally stretch the locks with iron, or, on the contrary, twist the curls, collect the hair in a voluminous tail or bundle, prudently releasing several strands from the face.

But the most convenient option, which is suitable for any event - styling with a hair dryer and a round comb. Wet hair should be dried, lifting at the roots and twirling on the tips.

It should also be noted that for "Rhapsody" any method of dyeing hair is perfect. Blending, highlighting and coloring will make the haircut more expressive and effective, and the combination of several different colors will add vitality and volume to the hair.

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