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If on slender legs there is cellulite, this is not an occasion for various complexes and experiences. Women in the arsenal, there are many secret ways with which you can effectively cope with any cosmetic problem. Castor oil from cellulite perfectly fights imperfection of the skin and allows to rejuvenate and tighten all problem areas of the body.

We will not focus on all available methods to get rid of the "orange peel," but rather talk about one of the most effective tools to date. In common people, such a drug is usually called a castor oil.

Castor oil and its properties

Healing oil is extracted from castor seeds, and the obtained product has an excellent laxative effect and helps to establish the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Kleshchevina refers to poisonous plants, but the castor itself does not carry any danger and can not harm your body. In medicine, castor oil is even used in the fight against malignant neoplasms, so its medicinal properties have long been scientifically proven by specialists.

In the manufacture of the product, the seeds of the plant are subjected to cold or hot spinning. Oil made by cold pressing has a whole range of healing properties, and therefore is the most high-quality and useful product for the human body.

The drug is widely used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology, and is often used as a wound healing and skin softening agent. Its healing properties castor oil is due to its constituent oleic acid. It is thanks to this ingredient that the oil has a curative effect and allows you to cope with various cosmetic defects.

Among all cosmetic oils, castor oil occupies a dominant position, its viscous consistency does not form a film on the surface of the skin that clogs the pores and promotes the formation of comedones.

A liquid with a characteristic yellow tinge and a dense structure is also endowed with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, thereby contributing to the establishment of regeneration processes in the epidermis.

Cellulite and the main stages of the disease

To assess the health of your skin is not at all difficult: it is enough to grab its small area with two fingers and squeeze the resulting fold a little. Compressed in this way the surface in the presence of cellulite will be covered with ugly tubercles, which resemble the structure of the orange peel.

Cellulite is a subcutaneous tissue disorder characterized by the presence of stagnant phenomena inside the adipose tissue. Mostly with such a hateful problem, a beautiful half of humanity is facing, but men are not fully insured against this ailment.

There are many factors that make your legs lose their former youth and attractiveness:

  • all sorts of endocrine disorders, hormonal failures during pregnancy and as a result of nervous breakdowns;
  • stagnation of lymph in the body and impaired blood circulation in tissues;
  • is a sedentary lifestyle;
  • the presence of harmful habits, such as alcohol and carbonated drinks, smoking;
  • improper diet.

The disturbed circulation process becomes the main cause of cellulite formation, as a result of which the walls of blood vessels and capillaries weaken, and the plasma unhindered enters the connective tissue.

Specialists distinguish 4 stages of the disease:

  1. At the initial stage, the skin still retains its elasticity and elasticity, however, in some areas, minor edema and unevenness can be observed. The process of lymph flow in the subcutaneous tissues slows down, and accumulation of excess fluid takes place in the cellulose.
  2. In the second stage of the disease, as a result of a violation of the correct metabolism, the organism becomes intoxicated. On the surface of the skin, noticeable tubercles and irregularities are formed. In the subcutaneous layers, fat deposits form, which are covered with a dense coat of protein.
  3. The third stage is characterized by the appearance of strong swelling and swelling, bruises appear on the problem areas, and if you pinch a small area of ​​the skin with your fingers, you can see the formed hated orange peel.
  4. At the final stage, all irregularities and tubercles are visible even if the skin is not subjected to mechanical pressure. During this period, there is a significant progression of the disease, and under the skin formed dense cellulite deposits.

Castor oil from cellulite

Does castor oil help with the "orange peel", and how effective is this method of treatment? This issue is of interest to all women who have tried a variety of anti-cellulite drugs and procedures.

Specialists say that the acids in the oil make up the blood microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissues and remove all harmful toxins from the body. Useful microelements and substances saturate the cells with the necessary amount of oxygen for the normal course of metabolic processes within the body.

Massage problem areas is very painful sensations, so women have to experience constant discomfort for a long time after an unpleasant procedure. If you believe the reviews, castor oil from cellulite can also boast an anesthetic effect.

A casting agent based on castor oil can significantly reduce the unpleasant sensations that arise from touching the affected areas of the body.

After the session, the skin remains elastic and elastic for a long time, because the nutrients included in the composition intensively moisturize and fill the dehydrated epidermal cells with moisture.

How to use castor oil against cellulite

For home use is suitable product purchased at the nearest pharmacy. The main goal of all medical compresses and wraps is to restore normal blood circulation. As soon as the cells of the subcutaneous tissues begin to receive oxygen and useful trace elements, the natural process of regeneration immediately normalizes. For this, it is necessary to massage the formed fat deposits by massage, thereby removing the "blocks" that prevent normal lymph flow.

The most effective in cosmetology are wraps with castor oil against cellulite, the effect of which is in the prolonged action of nutrients on the deepest layers of the problem skin. To make a wrap at home, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. A large piece of cotton wool is pre-soaked in castor oil, then applied to the affected areas of the body in places of unevenness.
  2. For maximum effect, it is necessary to wrap the treated areas with a woolen cloth, and then apply a pre-prepared hot water bottle with warm water.
  3. The compress is held until the water in the heating pad completely cools down. During this time, castor will have time to soak into the skin due to intense heat.

The maximum effect can be achieved if castor oil is used in combination with ethereal compositions. An excellent anti-cellulite effect is possessed by grapefruit, orange and lemon oils. It is enough to add five drops of each substance to the mixture in order to get an effective "antidote" from the "orange peel".

However, do not forget that castor oil can overcome only the primary signs of cellulite at the initial stage of the disease. Deeper stages, unfortunately, can not be corrected by castor oil. Related Videos:

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