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Is it possible to find a more convenient, practical and versatile thing in a wardrobe than a jeans jacket? This wardrobe element has firmly established itself in our closet, and it is very difficult to find an alternative to it, because a jeans jacket is already a certain classic, to which we treat with a certain respect and sympathy.

It is perfectly combined with a variety of outfits, ranging from everyday Casual style to elegant business and evening images. You should only take into account and remember that when choosing the right product, you need to take into account some of the nuances with which you will get acquainted in more detail today.

Therefore, let's find out what the jeans jacket is to be worn by fashion experts and what fashion combinations we were prepared by designers this season.

The main secrets in the selection of the denim jacket

Once inside the store among a wide selection of different models and styles, you can unwittingly find yourself trapped between obsolete and new collections and trying to find the perfect version of the denim jacket.

To search for success, and at home you did not regret about your purchase, consider several points that will help you when choosing the right product:

  • Choose the color of the denim. The blue shade of the material is familiar and universal, but this season preference is given to bright and bold tones that inspire women of fashion to new experiments. A white jacket will add some freshness to all appearance, and bright mandarin orange or bright pink shades of the product will accentuate your personality and complement the image with new cheerful colors.
  • Define with a hue. Dark denim tones are great for creating business and evening images. In this case, the jacket can visually resemble an elegant jacket, which is combined with classic trousers, light blouses and feminine dresses. Light shades will be appropriate for the creation of summer outfits, and also such models of shortened cut-off cut perfectly combined with many things and become an excellent complement to the wardrobe. You can even choose jeans or a skirt tone in tone with the same print, showing the surrounding impeccable style.
  • Decide for yourself if you need a lining. Demi-season models are most often lined, which can be either an ordinary flannel or warm fur. Such jackets will be suitable for cool spring or autumn days, but for the summer season, it will be appropriate to wear jeans without a lining, which then can be worn under the outer clothing and do not look too bulky at the same time.
  • Note the length of the product. Standard models, the length of which reaches the hip line, again become relevant. But the shortened shortened versions do not give up the position and look very feminine and elegant. On fashion shows, you can more and more often see the styles of free men's cut with tucked sleeves. These models look great on very slender girls, but also become an appropriate wardrobe item for lush ladies who are trying to hide a couple of extra inches.

When choosing a fitted female jacket, pay attention to the darts. Arrows below the breast line will make the silhouette as attractive as possible and thus underline your seductive bust.

Stylish combination of the current season

Hardly ever stylists will refuse to use in their combinations of products from denim. Models are only played out with the help of new styles, additional decor elements, absorbing all the fashionable ideas of designers-dreamers. In 2017 the following variants of combinations become actual:

  • Classic. Combining a jacket with jeans, you get a traditional outfit option, which is perfectly combined with low-speed shoes and even with elegant boats and sandals with high heels. In this sense, designers are extremely democratic, so they combine among themselves things of different textures, shades and stylistics, thereby creating a juicy mix, complemented by stylish decorations. It is not necessary to choose a jumper tone in tone to the trousers. Ideal option for a dark blue bottom will be a light blue denim jacket, complemented with a shirt or T-shirt with an interesting print.
  • A cheeky ensemble. If you are accustomed to surprise others with bold images, then the ideal option will be leather shorts or skirts, which will become the main highlight of the ensemble of daring hooligans. Onions will be complemented by high boots with lacing, a small handbag over the shoulder or a backpack, and narrow trousers or a leather pencil skirt will really look with a jeans jacket. In this case, it will be appropriate to have bright boats or coarse sandals on a high stable heel with a tractor sole.
  • Gentle romanticism. If you want to create a romantic feminine composition, then give preference to light chiffon or lace dresses with a floral print. Light flowing fabrics are perfectly combined with a rough denim, adding a puppet appearance some kind of boldness and courage in combination with the fragile and gentle femininity of the image. When choosing an product from a denser denim, supplement the outfit with tight fitting dresses, and if you prefer a soft-material jacket, then choose a loose-fitting outfit. The color of the outfit should be lighter than the shade of the jacket, for summer the trendy white color is ideal.
  • Exquisite elegance. Do you want to be like a Hollywood diva? Then long jeans or flowing skirts on the floor will suit the denim jacket. Boho style assumes the presence of a belt, a colored scarf and a bag with a fringe over his shoulder. Outfit will complement comfortable low-heeled sandals or stylish boots with a steady heel. To add an image of elegance, choose a skirt-sun to the knee, but from long pleated models will have to be abandoned, because such an element of the wardrobe has already lost its novelty and relevance. In a joint tandem with dresses in the floor, great looks with short sleeves and a fitted silhouette look.
Add some ornaments and accessories in the form of bracelets or a hoop with flowers, and the image will play with notes of femininity and romanticism that will not leave you unnoticed among others.

Color compositions and prints

Various textured solutions, colors and drawings of products provide women with a wide field of activity for creating new trendy compositions. With what else can you combine a universal denim jacket?


Practical and versatile style casual adores denim and cage products that create a harmonious and attractive couple. You can stop the choice of a checkered dress, complementing the outfit with ornaments of leather and wood, or give preference to the usual shirts in the cage, which are perfectly combined with a denim jacket.

Flower motifs

Fashion experts assure that the most advantageous denim looks in contrast combinations, when gentle feminine notes are combined with mischievous audacious decisions. That's why jeans jackets are perfectly combined with dresses decorated with floral print. It can be light flying dresses, skirts, sarafans or warm sweaters and swiss shots that will get along with denim during the cold season.


To all fans of military style this combination will seem very successful. The jeans jacket, complete with pants, shirts and T-shirts with camouflage colors, embodies an eclectic image that will appeal to all lovers of bold experiments.


Skirts, dresses and blouses, adorned with this print, will have a taste of denim, and the image will be endowed with notes of refinement and coquetry.

Do not forget to use additional accessories in the form of stylish glasses, bright hats or berets, which are perfectly combined with jeans products.

White color

When creating summer outfits, pay attention to white dresses and sarafans. Together with products made of denim, this combination looks very fresh and non-trivial, and the combination of blue and white has become a certain classics, which only requires additional decorations and shoes on the platform.


Striped print is another practical denim companion. Pay attention to the features of your figure. If you are the owner of lush, mouth-watering forms, then you will have to put the strictest taboo on a horizontal strip. But the products with a vertical print will visually correct the flaws of the figure and make the silhouette more slender.

Tips for stylists

To make the image harmonious and augmented, do not disdain the advice of fashion experts who recommend the use of several sensible remarks.

  • Even if you still feel like a young eighteen-year-old girl, do not forget to take into account the age limits. Still, the combination of a short dress with a floral print and a denim jacket on a woman for 40 will look very comical. Therefore, ladies of elegant age are better to give preference to exquisite clothes, dress-cases and seductive pencil skirts, which perfectly harmonize with products made of denim.
  • Do not underestimate the possibility of additional jewelry and accessories. Jeans wardrobe items can complement bright necklaces, necklaces, large earrings or contrasting scarves and feminine stylish hats. Do not forget that excessive use of decorative elements can make the image through a bit lurid and heavy. Therefore, if the denim jacket already has enough ornaments in its decoration, in this case, using extra accessories should be used very carefully.

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