Painting on glass with acrylic paints

Glass is a wonderful and amazing material, which is already more than one millennium, and its use is truly multifaceted and entertaining, ranging from purely technical moments to purely aesthetic, let's say, when it comes to art. And its application in this respect is striking in its scope.

  • Features of art painting on glass
  • Simple stained glass of glasses

Features of art painting on glass

From the glass blowing amazing masterpieces, make incredible crafts, sculptures and so on. Surely on your kitchen shelves or in the service cupboards are in the abundance of products from this material.

Moreover, it is quite possible that you yourself do not know where to attach them. On the one hand, it is a pity to throw it away, on the other hand, there is no benefit from dozens of glasses, jars, crockery, and so on. But there is a way out, and it's just that it's useful to find it. Any glassware can be a great help in a new hobby - painting with acrylic paints. And after that they will not be mediocre in any way.

Art painting on glass of this kind - one of the oldest arts, originated in ancient China. Work within its techniques can be both professionals and novice lovers.

First, even if you can not draw, it does not matter, there is more than one tricky way to help you with this, for example, translating a template into glass as in our master class.

Secondly, the lack of artistic skills more than compensate for acrylic paint, paint with various effects( silver, gold and so on) and contours for glass. Their saturation perfectly fades to the background of a transparent glossy or matte finish. Also for beginners, a dot technique for painting on glass is suitable, which is easy to master.

And, thirdly, painting on the glass with their own hands makes it possible to prove themselves without much expense. That on which you will always find a drawing. After all, even an
ordinary bank or glass will fit, but colors of this kind are always spent quite economically and they will last for a long time.

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Simple stained glass of glasses

Regular glasses for juice and water will be needed. Plain paper, helium pen or pencil, black contour for painting( you can have any other dark shade), brush-columns( sizes 1, 2) for paint and flat brushes made of synthetics for lacquer. Acrylic paints, matt or glossy varnish for coating on glass at your discretion. Covering the picture is not necessary, but so it will last unharmed.

In addition to the standard varnish, there are other interesting options for coating the glass, for example, golden sputtering, glitters and the like.

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In our case the glasses were decorated with magical multicolored butterflies. You can draw any pattern-stencil for this purpose. But beginners are better restricted to simple compositions.

First, draw the stencil on a piece of paper.

Trim it and insert it into the glass, as shown in the photo. Now, holding the stencil so that it does not slip, circle it on the other side with a contour for the glass. Allow the contour to dry completely( let stand for 40-50 minutes).After that, you can start painting the picture.

Please note, the main point in the work with acrylic paints - even in a dilute form, they very quickly dry after application.

So if you want something to fix or rub, do it right away. The solvent should always be at your fingertips. Wipe more comfortable with cotton buds.

After painting the picture it remains only to cover its surface with a thin layer of varnish. If desired, varnish can also cover the entire surface of the glass, especially if the varnish is colored or with other interesting effects.

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