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Who does not remember the delicate taste and amazing smell of home pancakes! A classic dish is cooked in a lot of sunflower oil, where the products literally float. And they look simply amazing: golden color and toasted edges, just little sun on the plate! Even a sophisticated gourmet can not resist and not try this beauty. It is not for nothing that fritters are always considered a very romantic dish, served for breakfast.

Preparation of test for pancakes

Pancakes are prepared on the basis of kefir and sour cream, yogurt and yogurt, they are yeast and lean. Time to prepare takes a little, but the result is always excellent. In addition, there are always products in the house that can be put on this dish. But the most delicious, delicate and beautiful products are obtained on sour cream.

Sour cream dough - the stuff is pretty cranky. But it is only necessary to fill your hand, and the consistency will be obtained, as it should. The dough can be cooked with yeast and the usual.

Yeast dough products are more lavish and inexpensive, but they take a little longer to prepare because they have to wait until the dough "comes".Smetannye fritters without beetroots are prepared much faster.

Yeast fritters

Make fritters on sour cream is quite simple. To prepare them you will need:

  • 1 cup of flour;
  • 0.5 cup of milk;
  • ¾ cup sour cream;
  • a tablespoon of sugar( no longer need pancakes to rise well);
  • a teaspoon of dry yeast.


  1. Milk warms slightly, mixes with sugar, and sifted flour( 2 tablespoons) mixed with yeast is poured in here. The mixture should be smooth, without lumps.
  2. At room temperature, it should stand for 25-30 minutes, so if breakfast is prepared, you'll have to get up a little earlier than usual.
  3. When the opara comes, the remaining ingredients are added to the mixture, then the mass is whipped with a whisk.
  4. To fry pancakes it is necessary on a well heated pan in a large quantity of vegetable oil. But if someone does not like too high-calorie meals, fritters can be cooked on medium heat, lightly smearing the surface of the frying pan.

After frying, they should be soaked with a napkin to remove any excess oil. Milk in this recipe can be substituted for any dairy product: yoghurt, sour milk or fermented milk, curdled milk or whey.

Recipe for pancakes on sour cream - video

Pancakes on sour cream without yeast

For this dish you will need:

  • sour cream bank( 0,5 liters);
  • 2 eggs;
  • 0.5 cups of sugar and a pinch of salt;
  • 0.5 teaspoons of soda;
  • flour.

All ingredients are mixed, flour is added to the dough in such a quantity to achieve consistency of sour cream of medium density. It should slowly, "lazily" peel off a spoon. Then the fritters will turn out thick, lush. Fry them on medium fire for 2-3 minutes on each side.

Pancakes without eggs

It does not matter if no eggs are found in the refrigerator. You can prepare lavish homemade pancakes with sour cream without adding them. The recipe is extremely simple:

  • 400 grams of sour cream;
  • half a cup of kefir;
  • vanillin;
  • salt;
  • soda - at the tip of the knife;
  • 2-2.5 cups of flour.


  1. Sour cream can be mixed with kefir, sugar, salt and flour mixed with soda are added.
  2. The mass is thoroughly beaten.
  3. The dough is taken with a spoon and laid out in a frying pan in small portions. It is desirable to fry the fritters on a well heated frying pan under the closed lid.
Tip! In order to make the dough more gentle, you can add a grated apple to it.

Apple fritters on sour cream

You can serve fritters with sour cream and honey, jam and jam, melted butter and fried cracklings, soaked berries and home compote. But it is possible and in the dough to add various ingredients that improve the taste of the dish.

Pancakes with apples are very delicate and delicious due to the amazing apple layer. To make them, you need to make a regular dough for pancakes on sour cream. Then apples are prepared: they should be washed, cut off the peel and remove the core, grate on a fine grater and drain into a separate bowl of juice.

Tip! To the apple mass is not dark, it can add a few drops of lemon juice.

Warning! When preparing the dough, you should maintain its consistency by adding a sufficient amount of flour.
Sometimes it seems that the sour dough is ready, and the flour is put less than what is written in the recipe. This should not be done, because in this case pancakes will fall off when cooling down. When the flour is enough, the ready-made pancakes on the sour cream remain lush and after they are removed from the pan.

Pancakes with apple filling are prepared as follows:

  1. A small amount of dough is laid out on a well-heated frying pan.
  2. In the middle, a teaspoon of filling is placed, and on top it is closed with another spoon of dough.
  3. Fry on both sides on low heat to be roasted throughout the thickness. Very good such pancakes with milk!

Banana Joy

To create this masterpiece it is necessary to prepare:

  • 3 eggs;
  • a glass of sour cream;
  • a spoonful of sugar;
  • soda at the tip of the knife;
  • piece of butter( 50-70 grams);
  • 1.5 cups of flour;
  • 2 ripe banana.


  1. Flour is ground and oiled, and bananas are cut into large cubes and whipped with sour cream.
  2. Other ingredients are added to the flour, everything is mixed. Then the mass is combined with a banana-sour mixture.
  3. Bake in a hot frying pan. Pancakes should not float in oil, enough to smear the surface of the frying pan with a light movement, since the test already has oil, and they will not burn.

You can serve pancakes with bananas without additives, they are already very tasty!

Stuffed pancakes

To make the fritters even more tender, many housewives mix flour with a manga. In this case it is required for preparation:

  • 2 cups kefir;
  • salt and sugar to taste;
  • a small spoonful of soda;
  • mixture of flour with manga.

The dough should reach the consistency of thick sour cream, that is, it should not drain off the spoon, but slowly fall off. While the frying pan is warming up, the dough should stand a little, rest. Then you can fry pancakes, reduce fire to medium. Do not need to close the lid.

Very delicious products are obtained and based on semolina porridge. For them, you must first weld your semolina on milk of medium density and cool it. In the finished porridge is added egg, salt and sugar to taste, a little soda and flour. The density of dough should be moderate.

If you make a thicker dough, the fritters will turn out to be thick and lush, and from the batter - thin and airy.

Sour cream pancakes with cottage cheese

The main difference between sour cream fritters and cottage cheese from syrniki is that these products are more delicate and lush. The following products are required for preparation:

  • A pack of cottage cheese.
  • 2 eggs.
  • A glass of sour cream.
  • 4 tablespoons of flour.
  • Soda and lemon juice for extinction.
  • Salt and sugar, can be vanillin.

Curd is better to take in ordinary packs, with a low percentage of fat. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed so that no lumps remain. This is especially important when preparing breakfast for the capricious in eating a baby. Flour is added in the last turn. To make the pancakes turn out magnificent and not fall off, the dough should be rather thick, but do not crumble.

Frying cottage cheese pancakes in a hot frying pan, a lot of oil should not be poured. In order for the products to become fluffy, the lid should be closed when baking.

Pancakes with fillings

There are many options for how to complement flavored pancakes. Most often in the dough are put dried fruits: steamed and crushed dried apricots, raisins, grated apple or banana. You can include chocolate fritters in the menu or make an original homemade cake if you smudge the layers of fritters with custard and decorate the top with jam berries.

But there are also unsweetened recipes of this dish, which will also be an excellent option for a hearty breakfast.

Cheese fritters

  • To prepare them, you need to slightly modify the usual dough: remove sugar from there, add 200 grams of grated cheese and black ground pepper on the tip of the knife. The cheese is rubbed on a fine grater, but you can use a large grater. Then the cheese strips in the fritters will be more palpable.
  • The products are roasted in hot oil until a rustic crust is obtained. It is desirable, on a good fire, that the cheese managed to melt, but did not flow.
  • And on the table served cheese pancakes with sour cream.

Pancakes with sausage

This variant slightly repeats cheese products, but sometimes you really want something new. A sausage pancakes are an excellent substitute for boring sandwiches in the morning.

For their preparation it is necessary to take cooked sausage of the type of Doctor's or Milk, without fat. It can be both grated on a large grater, and finely chopped.

Chopped sausage is added to the dough almost before cooking. Such products are baked on medium heat, a hot frying pan is lubricated with oil. You can give them with sweet tea.

Green fritters

As an additive, crushed fresh herbs are added to the dough to obtain an interesting color and amazing aroma. It seems nothing special, but comes an original snack. Very tasty pancakes with green onions and dill. At the same time, sugar is not added to the dough.

Baked oat fritters

  1. For preparation, you need to mix 50 grams of flour with 50 grams of butter, rub the egg yolk into the mixture, add half a glass of grated cheese and the same amount of sour cream.100 grams of oatmeal flakes are mixed with salt and poured into the dough. After that, leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  2. The ready dough is rolled out with a rolling pin into a thin layer, circles are cut with a glass or a cup, which are smeared with a beaten egg and laid out on a baking tray.
Bake the products in a preheated oven to 180 degrees until they blush.

To make fritters the way they are loved by all - lush, airy, ruddy, you should follow some simple tips:

  • Observe the recipe.
  • The products must be all room temperature.
  • Flour can be used not only wheat, but also rye, corn, buckwheat, but in any case it should be sifted!
  • Mixer and blender can be used for whipping and mixing.
  • The dough should stand for at least 15-20 minutes after cooking, after which it is no longer necessary to interfere with it.
  • To fry products is under the closed lid for a small amount of time.

If you follow all the rules for making pancakes, they will forever become a welcome dish on the family table. Related Videos:

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