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Beautiful makeup will not look spectacular if the eyebrows are not properly formed. Many girls forget about this, although this part of the face gives it a well-groomed appearance. Why brow correction? And can I do it at home? We tell in our article.

Definition of the length and shape of the eyebrow

Why do you need to correct the eyebrows? Not only for aesthetic reasons. Yes, without this beautifully designed detail of the image it will not be possible to make competent make-up. Grown hairs give the face a slovenly appearance. It is not necessary to visit a beauty salon, the procedure can be done at home.

First you need to determine the length and shape. To make the parameters as accurate as possible, you should use the auxiliary tools. You can take a toothpick, a thin needle or a stick. Then you need to follow the instructions:

  • lay a wand line from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye, this will be the beginning of the eyebrow;The
  • end can be defined as follows: lay a line from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye;
  • If the eyebrow should be with a bend, you should determine its point: draw a line from the edge of the nose through the central part of the eye.

This determines the length. Now we need to deal with the width. You should be careful here, because the wrong shape can spoil the whole impression.

You can both disguise the shortcomings, and emphasize them. That is why stylists advise to take into account the peculiarities of their face when correcting.

What face can be:

  1. Oval shape. It is considered ideal. The forehead is slightly wider than the chin, the cheekbones are long and even, a small nose.
  2. Triangular shape. The forehead is much larger than the chin in width. The facial features are reduced to the bottom of the face.
  3. Square shape. The facial features are coarse, sharp. Cheeks have the same width with chin and forehead.
  4. Round. The face has the form of a circle, the smallest.
  5. Stretched. A long oval.

How to properly correct eyebrows, given the shape? Stylists give such recommendations:

  • Any line will suit the Oval face. But the option with a smooth, neat bend will look more spectacular. At the ends of the eyebrow can be sharpened.
  • If the face is square, the eyebrow task is to soften the sharp lines. It is worth sticking to a neat line with a small kink in the middle. At the base of the eyebrow is thick, and towards the end it is thinner. At the same time, it should be tapered.
  • A high-raised eyebrow with a faint fracture is suitable for a round shape. In this case, it is better to reduce the thickness after bending.
  • An extended face should be made rounder. To do this, use straight lines.
These recommendations should be guided when choosing the form. But it's important to remember that an eyebrow can give an expression to a person.
For example, thick eyebrows, planted low over the eyes, create a severe severe appearance. But the widely spaced make the face sad. Short can rejuvenate, but too curved - to give an amused look.

You can not find the right form at once. You can contact the stylist or do everything yourself. There are special computer programs that will help to choose the form. The simplest option is to look at your photo and select different shapes.

Correction methods

There are many ways in which eyebrow correction is performed. Extra hairs can be removed with wax, tweezers, thread. All methods are different in effectiveness, result and pain. It is worth each of them to consider in more detail.


At home, it is easier to perform the correction with tweezers. It is not difficult to work with him. The disadvantage is rapidly growing hairs. First you need to prepare:

  • mirror;
  • tweezers;
  • special brush;
  • greasy cream;
  • soothing lotion or cream;
  • brush and pieces of cotton.
The procedure should be in a well-lit room. Some hairs become well visible only in bright light, so without it it is easy to miss and not notice.

It's better to make a correction in the middle of the day. Usually at this time the pain threshold is reduced. The procedure itself will not be so painful if you first prepare for it:

  1. Brush with a brush.
  2. Before correction, it is necessary to determine and outline the length and shape. For this you need to take a pencil and outline the beginning and the end. You can apply a special stencil.
  3. So that the pain is not so strong, it is recommended to apply an emollient lotion or cream. If the pain is severe, you can briefly apply ice cubes or a cotton swab dipped in hot water.
  4. To avoid infection, you should wash your hands thoroughly and process the hairs with a solution for disinfection. This will allow the hairs and tweezers to become more adherent, which will make the procedure more effective.

Directly process

The forceps need to gently grasp the hair in the direction of its growth. Sharp hair is removed. Another hand can hold the skin to facilitate and simplify the process. Remove the hairs under the eyebrows. After all is removed, you should hold a brush on this site.

On the outside at home, it's best not to remove hair. It's easier to entrust this to the master in the cabin if necessary.

After the procedure, you need to wipe the skin with a solution containing alcohol. If there is redness, you should not be frightened: cool cool lotions or a soft baby cream will help. In the process of correction, you can easily overdo and remove too many hairs. Should in this case, draw the missing pencil.

Removing the thread

This method is difficult to use at home, because skill is needed. But with the proper skills, you can remove several hairs at once, which will greatly simplify the procedure. This does not cause irritation. Even dead skin cells are removed.

Step-by-step description:

  1. Cut the thread( cotton).Length - 50 cm.
  2. The ends of the thread tightly tie. Should get a circle.
  3. Add together 4 fingers of both hands. Clamp the thread on the knot and tighten it. It should take the form of a rectangle.
  4. In the middle of several times it is good to draw the thread.
  5. Put the entire system on index fingers. To not injure the skin, you can use special hooks.
  6. Gently brush your eyebrows.
    That part of the thread that was under the nodules is placed under the hairs in the direction opposite to the growth.
    Everything is done like this: the space between the forefinger and thumb should first be reduced, and then sharply increased. So do when working with the right side. On the left side, you need to work the same way, only now will the left hand act.
  7. Drop the hairs to be brushed off with a brush.

The thread is a convenient and fast way. But its use will require skill.


At home, it is difficult to perform correction with wax. There is a risk of burning your skin and getting injured. Therefore, this method is good only in the cabin. An experienced master will remove even the smallest hairs, while the skin becomes soft and smooth, there is no irritation.

A special wax is used, which is applied with the help of sticks. The desired area is covered with a cloth, and after carefully removing the wax. The whole procedure does not take more than 15 minutes.


If the eyebrows are thick and long, it is advisable to use scissors. They allow you to trim the hairs. You need to take neat scissors with rounded edges. This will help to avoid injury.


  • gently comb the hairs up;
  • carefully level the top border;
  • to keep the scissors only need to parallel the eyebrows;
  • then comb all the hairs down, unfold the scissors and neatly sliding movements to straighten the border from the bottom.

Important: do not do scissors with sudden movements. Otherwise, you can injure yourself.


If you do not want to constantly make corrections at home, you can use a professional method - tattooing. At the same time, he will save the situation when other methods are useless. For example, using tattooing, you can give the brow the right shape, make them thicker or change the color. Such eyebrows retain their shape and color for a long time.

But permanent make-up has its drawbacks:

  • at home can not make the procedure;
  • has contraindications;
  • is sometimes allergic.


Special shadows help to give the brow the right shape and revitalize the color. It is only necessary to choose a color that matches the hue of the hair as much as possible. Then gently put on the eyebrows small dots and strips, which will simulate the presence of hairs.

If you want to lengthen the line, you need to draw it in shadows with a lighter tone. From the inside, the eyebrows can be distinguished by light shadows.

Possible errors

Many girls because of a lack of experience make mistakes and inaccuracies. For example, they tend to make eyebrows too thin or lush. Both look ridiculous.

Here are the rules that will help you avoid mistakes:

  1. You do not need to drop the lines to your temples and eyes. This gives the whole face a sad and sad expression. In this case, the girl will seem older.
    If the eyebrows are thick, do not bring them closer to the bridge of the nose. This gives a formidable and severe look.
  2. Strongly overestimate the line, too, can not. The face will seem surprised or even stupid, which is even worse.
  3. Too bright color, fanciful form look ridiculous, ugly. Do not get carried away with correction. Eyebrows should be neat, slightly curved and well-groomed.


The following tips will not be superfluous:

  • If the skin around the eyes has inflamed, it's worthwhile to postpone the procedure. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection.
  • It is better to perform the whole process in daylight or good lighting. If necessary, you can use an additional lamp.
  • In order not to suffer from pain and discomfort, it is recommended to pull out tweezers one by one with tweezers. But in this case the procedure will take more time.
  • If you suddenly managed to grab an extra site, you do not need to get upset. Correct the situation with a pencil in the tone of the hairs.
  • Eyebrow correction should be carried out periodically. Then there will be less pain. And time will need less.

Make eyebrow correction at home easily. Just follow the recommendations and follow the advice. If you do it constantly, the procedure will take a minimum of time.

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