5 Ways of Beautiful Braid Weaving

Spits allow you to create unique, light and extraordinary images. Such hairstyles will allow you to look stylish. Thanks to various techniques and techniques of weaving braids, you can create stunning voluminous haircuts, which, of course, will complement your image at any celebration. Having mastered the initial skills offered in five ways of beautiful weaving, you can easily braid your braids yourself.

  • French spike
  • Weaving on the side
  • Weaving with tape
  • Spit waterfall
  • Spit on the opposite

French spike

To create a beautiful French spike, comb the hair thoroughly over the entire length. The weave starts from the top of the head. You need to gather a small amount of hair from your forehead and divide it into three strands. We need to weave the strands as if the usual braid is trudging, only under the bottom.

Take a strand of hair, which we have on the right and put it under the central one. The left strand must be placed under the one that has now become central.

We continue the weaving, gradually and evenly from both sides adding free hair to the main strands, and so on to the end. Fix the weaving with an elastic band or decorate with a beautiful hair clip or ribbon.

This spit is often associated with the famous character of the movie and computer game Lara Croft, and her second name is "Dragon."

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Weaving on the side

When starting to weave the spike on its side, it is necessary to comb the hair well. We begin the weaving of the spike from the right ear and lead along the entire circumference of the head to the left ear. Next, all the hair weave into a straight spikelet and fix it with an imperceptible rubber band. For the volume of the spikelet it is possible to slightly pull out the edges of the woven strands. You can decorate the braid on your own.

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Weaving with tape

It is necessary to carefully comb the hair along the entire length at the start.

Separate a part of hair with a straight part on the vertex and toss them in front, and tie the ribbon to a small strand of hair that is combed back.

Those hair that have been separated and combed beforehand need to be divided into three equal strands. Let's give them the symbols from left to right: A, B, C. The strand to which we tied a ribbon, we need to connect with strand B.

We begin to weave the most common braid, and the ribbon is passed alternately between the strands. We have in our left hand strands A and B and a ribbon, which we put on strand B. The remaining strand C, remains in the right hand.

Strand With throws through strand B, and from above we throw a ribbon. Now we have a strand B and a ribbon in the right hand. Then take the strand A and put it under the strand C over the tape, and the tape itself is transferred to the left hand passing under the string A.

Then follows the strand B to be placed on top of A. And in the lock B add the right hair. We set the ribbon over the strand B, and thus in the right hand there will be a strand A and a ribbon.

Take strand C and wind it under strand B, while from the temple it will be necessary to add a strand of loose hair.

Then you need a lock A and throw through strand C so that the ribbon is under it. On the right side you need to strand with the add free hair by putting the tape on top.

Repeat the point where you need to add free hair from the temple.

Continue to weave, gradually and evenly weaving loose hair on both sides.

To achieve the openwork and volume of the finished braid, you need to slightly fluff the edges of the woven strands. We must continue to weave the braid, picking up all the hair.

After finishing the weaving, fix the braid with the ends of the ribbon, tying them to the bow.

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Spit waterfall

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This kind of weaving of hair is very simple and the hair can be created independently without effort. Well comb your hair along the entire length and weave the most ordinary spikelet from temple to temple. The upper strands need to be weaved into the weave, and the lower ones should be let out, as shown in the figure. These released strands will become the desired "waterfall".

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Spit on the contrary

This braid, like the French spikelet, is made by weaving underneath. Naturally, to begin with, you need to carefully comb your hair and separate them with a standard parting along the head into two parts.

On the one hand, take the initial strand of hair separating them diagonally from the temple, as shown in the photo.

We comb the separated hair so that during the weaving process they do not get tangled or spoil the appearance of the future spit.

The initial separated strand is divided into three identical strands and we begin to weave.

We put the left strand under the central one, and the right one is brought under the one that has now become centered. To preserve the aesthetic appearance of the weave, it is necessary to repeat the previous action without adding loose hair to strands.

Begin to the main strands to add free hair, you need to do this evenly on each side.

Weaving does not need to be done tight, since then it will be difficult to make the braid openwork and bulky.

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For dimensionality you need to stretch the edges of the woven strands on each side. You need to do this manipulation gradually and carefully, so as not to overdo it.

It is necessary to fix each plexus of the resulting braid with varnish or, if necessary, with invisibility.

On the second half of the hair we weave braids in the same way.

When both braids are ready, they need to be folded together and weave according to the principle of the same weaving underneath.

You can decorate your hair style on your own.

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