We paint eggs for Easter under the marble. Several ways

  • Option one - with green
  • Marble eggs green - video
  • Option two - with onion hulls
  • Option three - food colors
  • Option four - nail varnish
  • Painting eggs with marble nail polish - video

Bright holiday Easter. What does it mean for us? Of course, the Resurrection of the Son of God, the solemn Easter All-Night Service, the breaking up after a fast fasting and invariably fragrant cakes with dyed eggs, which we every year go to consecrate to the church.

Once the krashenki made only a red shade, but over time people began to give them an increasingly festive look, decorating how far the skill, imagination and creative thought. And after all, it occurred to someone to paint eggs with marble. It's great: one color smoothly passes into another, streaks and divorces on the shell really resemble this noble stone.

Let's talk about this method in more detail: what materials will be needed, how to do it correctly, and what happens afterwards. So, we paint Easter pomegranate eggs for the holiday.

Option one - with green

Products and accessories:

  • dry husks from onions;
  • scissors;
  • 1-2 sheets of paper;
  • wide bandage;
  • chicken eggs in white;
  • spool with thread;
  • wide stainless steel casserole;
  • water;
  • 1 blister of greenery;
  • gloves;
  • 1 tbsp.l.salt.


  1. Onion husks should be cut into small pieces. They do not need to be made the same, on the contrary, the more the size of the pieces will vary, the more beautiful and individual the patterns will be on marble Easter eggs.
  2. Now, with arbitrary small figures, you need to cut the paper: it can be rhombuses, squares, triangles or circles, up to flowers or snowflakes.
    The children can be connected to this process, let it also take part in preparing for the holiday and cut out paper patterns with their own hands.
  3. In some kind of container or box, you need to mix well with each other pieces of chopped husk and paper.
  4. From the bandage it is necessary to make three-layer blanks of such dimensions that each can be wrapped in an egg and fastened with a thread.
  5. Next, you have to carefully examine every egg in the light, so that the cracks do not show up in the shell, soak them under water and roll in the mixture of husks and paper. Pieces will stick to the wet shell, and now the egg should be placed in the center of the gauze billet. The edges of the bandage should be assembled carefully, so as not to dislodge the adherent particles, gather in the center and fasten with threads. That's the way in gauze bags you have to pack all the eggs that were going to be painted under marble.
  6. The resulting bags should be placed on the bottom of the pan. The dishes must necessarily be wide, so that all lie in one row, in order to avoid cracking and squeezing. Why is it necessary to use a stainless steel pan? Because it is easily washed and onion husks, and green. Now it is necessary to pour in a pan of water so much that it slightly covered the gauze pouches.
  7. The most important thing: you need to gently pour into the pan a "Diamond Green"( 10 ml) vial, nothing needs to be mixed, the green itself will spread to all layers. It is necessary to add salt to the pan, it will keep the shell from cracking, and the paint will not pass through it to the egg white.
  8. The fire on the stove should be made small, the eggs should warm up gradually, which also protects them from cracks.
    When the water boils, reduce the heat to a small one and cook for about 10-15 minutes.
  9. After the necessary time, remove the pan from the heat, put it under cool running water. And only when the testicles are completely cooled, with scissors, carefully cut off the threads and remove the gauze pouches.
  10. Eggs rinse under running water, dry and then rubbed with vegetable oil, due to this they will be particularly shiny.

Eggs painted with greens, are obtained with beautiful brownish-green divorce, no environmental hazard to the human body is not present, during the cleaning of the shell, hands are not smeared.

Marble eggs green - video

Option two - with onion husks

The most ancient and traditional way of staining eggs is in onion husks. Of course, everyone knows it. But to get marble eggs, you need to stock up on colorful onion husks( from yellow, red and purple, the so-called "Yalta" onions).

  1. In the same way as in the first variant, it is necessary to cut the husks and paper, dipping wet eggs in them and forming gauze pouches.
  2. On the bottom of the pot, put the onion peel on top, place the eggs in the gauze, fill with water and cook for about 20-30 minutes.
  3. Then, just like in the above method, remove gauze gently, wash eggs, dry and dry with vegetable oil.

Many dipped wet eggs not in the chopped husks, but in rice cereals, then fixed in the gauze and also just paint. It turns out very nicely, but the eggs are more out of speckles, and not with marbled divorces and patterns.

Variant the third - food dyes

Now we paint marble eggs in the most different shades. To do this, you can use store food colors, there will already be a very diverse color palette.

  1. Wet eggs must first be wrapped in chopped onion husks, then roll in gauze, boil for 15-20 minutes and cool.
  2. In different capacities, dilute the differently colored dyes according to the instructions on the packages. Put the eggs in the dye directly in the gauze pouches and hold for 10 to 20 minutes( whichever time is indicated on the dye package).
  3. Then remove them from gauze with husk, rinse under running water, dry and dry with oil.

If you are opponents of purchased food colors and worry that there are a lot of chemicals and harmful substances in them, prepare the paint from what is at hand in every kitchen from any mistress:

  • To get a yellow dye, boil in 1 liter of water for 30 minutes1-2 teaspoons of turmeric seasoning, and then in the resulting liquid to hold the testicles.
  • So that the eggs have a bright orange color, you can paint them in decoction of paprika or in carrot juice.
  • A brown tint will give coffee or black tea.
  • The broth of cherry bark gives shades from slightly pink to bright burgundy or red, it all depends on the saturated state of the broth itself.
  • Pink testicles can be given with red cabbage, blueberries, raspberries, currants, cranberries, cranberries, cherries.
  • Eggs of green color will be obtained if you use a decoction of parsley or spinach, ivy or nettle.
  • Blue color can be obtained with a decoction of red cabbage.
  • A beautiful shade of lavender will give grape juice of dark varieties.
Instead of gauze or bandage, you can use thin kapron tights or socks for coloring eggs.

Fourth variant - nail polish

There is one more original, so far rarely used method, how to paint eggs under marble. It will require: a deep bowl of water, a wooden stick, the eggs themselves and colorful varnishes for the nails.

  1. On the surface of the water you need to drip a few drops of colored varnishes, chaotically over the entire surface.
  2. Then use a wooden stick to stir the contents of the bowl. A surface with lacquer stains will be obtained.
  3. Dip into the received liquid pre-cooked eggs, hold it a little, so that you can catch the lacquer, get it and gently dry it.
  4. It's best to take the eggs neatly with a large pair of tweezers, so that you can not put them on the surface right away, and hold it for a while for drying. Then the drawing will not be damaged.

Eggs are very beautiful and bright, but this method has many opponents who think that vapors can still penetrate the shell into the egg mass.

How do you decide to make eggs for Easter, choose you. Perhaps, some will not long to mess around, others do not change the traditions of childhood, when the eggs were painted by mothers and grandmothers in a pan with onion husks. But in any case, you should try to make at least a few marble eggs. It is very beautiful, elegant and festive!

Painting of eggs with marble nail polish - video


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