The main reasons why men do not like fat girls

Many women struggle over the question: "Why do men not like fat women?".What is wrong with the full girls and why are the thin ones winning? We will try to answer this question from the point of view of male psychology. Somewhere in the relationship with the mother, somewhere in social stereotypes, somewhere in the minds of men, and somewhere inside the complete girls themselves - in their assessment of themselves.

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  • Problem from childhood
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Same as mother

A very common phenomenon in choosing a woman is orienting a man to his own mother. Often a man chooses a companion for himself or a mother similar to her, or her complete opposite. Why? Because, the mother is the first woman in the life of any man who lays the female image. Thus, if in the memory and mind the mother remained a slender woman, then the girl will find herself the same girl. But to full women, he will be either neutral or even negative.

Even boys can form a dislike for the full ladies, if the mother was complete. In most of these cases, a guy could, in his childhood and youth, hear a negative in the direction of his mother and on the subconscious to paint himself in a lady's heart a harmonious ideal.

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The problem from the childhood

Here we will touch on social stereotypes. How do children treat their thick peers? It's no secret that children are cruel and ruthless. And much about this fact can tell just the victims of childish bullying. Peers will tease a fat child, call names, come up with nicknames and generally will strive to drive such a kid out of the collective for its dissimilarity, clumsiness and not sportiness.

From the very childhood, a person is put in the head of stereotypes that a complete person is not like everyone else, wrong and not popular in the team. Some girls these stereotypes against themselves easily overcome with age, but many require the help of a specialist - a psychologist. If a person has a greatly understated self-esteem, then they will be treated accordingly.

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Envy of friends

Some men need to choose not such a woman, which they need for happiness, and the one that other men need. To provoke envy. For such a man, a woman is a sign of status and only. And in this case, given the modern standards of beauty, full girls lose to their slender rivals.

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Fake ideality

Social networks on one hand blurred the standard of beauty, as any girl had the opportunity to demonstrate her figure on the Internet. On the other hand, all the same, thin girls on the Internet more - in advertising, in the cinema, on the covers of communities and forums. And the stereotype of thinness continues to impose itself and impersonates the ideal.

One must bear in mind that such ideality is largely false. It's just a stereotype and a picture on the Internet. And do not forget that most guys see only such pictures, and they partly shape their picture of the world.

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Complexity of

Complexes devour all human powers. And a girl who wants to solve the problem "Why men do not like fat girls" should be given priority. What is important to her? How is she better? Comfortable? And if the current situation does not suit her, and the priority is a slender figure, then it should be achieved. Sports and a balanced diet.

If you are interested in this approach, we strongly recommend that you do not "think up a bicycle", but instead turn to a specialist, for example, a fitness trainer. If you have any illnesses, then first ask your doctor, maybe you should not engage in certain sports or severely limit yourself in nutrition.

On the way to overcoming the complexes is always the arrangement of life priorities.

Complexity can be expressed in the impossibility of a full girl to put on any beautiful clothes that are designed for models. In this case, it is worth selecting the outfits that will emphasize the dignity and not focus on the shortcomings of the figure.

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Excessive obsession

What kind of woman is intrusive? Who does not feel the difference between "being proactive" and "being obtrusive".Unfortunately, the line between these two states is difficult to describe, it is intuitive. And the most objective here is the reaction of a man. When he consistently rejects all the proposals of a woman, even without really listening to them, it means that he does not like that the proposals are not interesting, they just become too many. And some men can put the obsession of a woman and reproach themselves - "Since she offers so much, she wants to say that I do not participate in the relationship at all?".

The reaction will always depend on the nature of the particular man: one will perceive it as an incentive to manifest his own initiative, and the other will try to stop the relationship with the woman so as not to feel "offended".By the way, obtrusiveness is peculiar to girls regardless of the figure. But a complete unsound girl can be more intrusive because of the unconscious fear of losing a man.

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Poor condition

Whether we like it or not, the full physique often, though not always, speaks of health problems( heredity, pressure problems, hormones), and lack of self-care. Tolstoy girl more often than others will attribute unpretentious personal qualities only because of the figure. So the associative series works for many men.

The situation is clouded if the fat girl does not really watch herself. Not well-groomed - vice. A girl can have full shapes( after all, different men like different women), but dirty hair, bad smell from the mouth and yellow teeth or dirt under the fingernails - never. Still meet on the clothes, as they say. Inequality is inadmissible in principle, none of the men are ready to tolerate it.

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