Lamination of hair

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Lamination is the newest technology of luxury, thanks to which in the shortest time, you can drastically improve the hair condition. This procedure is not only absolutely safe, but also very useful.

What is its essence? And the essence of laminating is the application of a special composition to hair, based on natural ingredients. Imagine that you are enveloping each hair with a breathable film of natural cellulose( substances like juices of milky-wax squash juice or dandelion stem juice).Charged negatively particles are attracted to positively charged hair by the laws of physics. Reduced pH conditions serve as a catalyst for the process. RRT( compound protein), a hair-essential ingredient, gives hair flexibility and shine, protects hair from damage. The cellulose film prevents the washing away of vitamins. Therefore, the procedure is more correctly called Biolamination.

How it works

The laminate glosses with a shiny film, without gluing each hair. The composition fills all the irregularities in the structure of the hair, which contributes to health, growth and lack of brittleness. After the procedure, you will notice that your hair has acquired a healthy appearance and a lively shine, and the hairs themselves have become much thicker, correspondingly and more voluminous. Lamination is effective, as is the procedure itself, and as an addition before hair coloring and treatment. When staining, lamination prolongs life to the color of the hair. This is because, at the beginning, in the current of 3 to 6 weeks, the laminate itself will be washed away, and then only the paint.

Lamination is a complex procedure, it should be performed only in salons and refer to a qualified master who has been specially trained to work on these or other means. Negative attitude to this procedure is caused, most likely, by the fact that the master did poor work and the client was dissatisfied. There are also cases when "before" and "after" the procedure, the hair is absolutely nothing different. That is, what were, they are and have remained. That's why, it's best to choose only professional beauty salons. In ordinary hairdressing salons you will not be able to conduct high-quality hair lamination.

What is the bio-lamination of

? Bio-lamination can be of two types: colorless and with the effect of toning. Cream paint paints gray hair on 50%.The firmness of the procedure, with proper care, lasts up to 6 weeks. Mandatory use of shampoo for colored hair. Lamination can not lighten, becausedoes not contain peroxide, has a curative effect, increases the volume of hair by 10%, gives the hair a natural radiance, elasticity, shine and smoothness. The paints do not contain any diamine base, so they do not smell and do not cause an allergic reaction. Simple and quick coloring - the hair becomes fashionable.

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