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Comfort in our house depends on many details and trifles. So, most interior stylists agree that the well-chosen curtains, lamps and lamps, rugs, pillows, carpets and watches are integral attributes of comfort. The last one will be devoted to our master class.

  • Decoupage style watches
  • Quilling style
  • Wooden sticks
  • Of tiles for false ceiling

They can be made by everyone, and there are hundreds of ways to do it. The most important thing in this business is to install the clockwork mechanism( you can buy it in a specialized store or take it out of old, already unnecessary clocks), and the appearance of the product remains at your discretion.

Within the framework of this lesson we will tell you about the most popular techniques that can be useful in designing original watches.

Watch in decoupage style

If you decide to make a watch in this technique, you will need to pre-purchase in the specialized store a ready-made template of the workpiece, hands and clockwork, patterns for background on rice paper or napkin, acrylic paints, glue, lacquer andother compositions necessary for decoupage, brushes, sponges.

To begin with, you should treat the workpiece, three times covering it with primer from acrylic paint and sand it. After drying, it needs to give the desired tone and texture. To the surface of the watch had an aged worn look, it is better to apply the paint chaotically with a sponge.

Next, it is necessary to outline the frame along the perimeter of the workpiece, having deviated a couple of centimeters from the edge, and paint it in a darker tone.

Now you need to paint the workpiece in the color that fits your interior. In our case, the tone of light ocher was chosen( ocher mixed with white).Paint the paint and apply with a sponge. Allow it to dry completely, then grind the workpiece.

The bezel of the watch should be highlighted in color. For example, paint is suitable for a tree.

After that, you can apply the selected pattern to the workpiece. Previously, it must be cut from rice paper, and if the pattern is on a napkin, then soak in water. Now we simply apply it to our place on the dial and glue on top with glue.

The next step is to include all your imagination and artistic skills, because you will need to remove the border between the napkin and the surface of the clock and achieve the integrity of the pattern with the background. To do this, you will need to select the colors of the corresponding tones and create a smooth transition from the pattern to the surface with the help of a sponge. You can also try to continue the pattern in the same style and use the brush to draw its elements along the surface of the clock and along the dark border. This, of course, will add brightness and vividness to the image.

After drying comes the most interesting step in this process - the artificial aging of our watches. For this, a two-step craquelure is used. It is applied with a dry brush in two layers, allowing each layer to dry well.

After its use, characteristic cracks appear on the product, which should be rubbed with copper powder. At the final stage, the workpiece is varnished.

loading. ..

After the clock mechanism, numbers and arrows find their place, the watch will come alive and will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen interior, living room or a wonderful gift for friends.

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Quilling style or

Quilling or paper wrapping is an arts and crafts, in which they work with strips of paper of different widths, twisting them into elements-patterns that then form a single composition. As a basis for future watches, a flat wooden board-plywood or a dense cardboard will do. In our case, black paper was glued to the surface of the board, and the elements for achieving contrast were mostly made of white paper. You can choose any combination, as well as use any quilling elements.

The color scheme of the product should depend on where it will be used. At a minimum, it should fit into the existing style of the premises and not violate its harmony by its presence, on the contrary - strengthening this criterion. So the choice of color is the most important point in this matter.

On the technique of quilling colors please read here http://woman-l.ru/cvety-v-texnike-kvilling/

To work in this technique, you will need cut strips of paper, glue and a hook or needle, on which you will wind the paper. All finished elements are glued to the surface of the future product. You can mark the division, but it is not necessary.

loading. ..

First you need to make numbers. For this purpose, simple quilling elements in the form of tightly rolled spirals are suitable.

After the numbers, go on to create the basic elements of the watch decoration. In this case, flowers were chosen, consisting of the element "drop".

Ready "drops" must be collected in flowers and transferred all the blanks to the surface of the clock.

Before adding the clockwork, you need to decorate the middle of the clock.

It remains only to put the finished watch in a frame under the glass.

This version of the product is suitable for children's bedrooms.

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Of wooden sticks

In this case, you will not need a lot of materials, only wooden sticks, glue, sharp scissors and working hours with a flat surface. Cut at least one hundred sticks and glue them like rays of the sun in several rows, making sure that the length of the rods is relatively the same. It is desirable to make a second layer of longer sticks. This will create an interesting visual effect - the "explosion" effect.

This design will fit in the original kitchen and living room.

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Of tile for suspended ceiling

Such tiles, if, of course, they are made of gypsum, will always look beautiful and with a special chic. Make of this material our device - the perfect solution for creative and romantic natures.

Gypsum tile for the ceiling among the builders is called a medallion. The clockwork is attached to its rear part. In the center a hole is made for the arrows. In order for our product to be laconic and at the same time refined, it is appropriate to apply additional coating on it in the form of matting paint or paint with a glossy effect.

You choose the color of paint yourself, but it's worth remembering that the original color of gypsum, the material made for marble, is beige, white, pearl, white-coffee and white-purple( soft pink).

Such an element of the decor of the room perfectly complements the decoration of the halls, living rooms, bedrooms.

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