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  • Signs associated with the wedding dress
  • Signs about the wedding rings
  • Signs associated with the wedding caravan
  • Signs and superstitions before the wedding day
  • Wedding day, signs
  • Signs and superstitions at the wedding
  • Signs about the wedding procession
  • Signs and superstitions onbanquet
  • Signs related to the guests of the celebration
  • Signs related to gifts and decorations
  • Wedding signs for the groom
  • Other wedding signs
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Modern newlyweds rarely consider wedding omens and superstitions in preparing for the solemn festival. Despite this, you still need to know about existing prejudices and different people's beliefs. Of course, there is no guarantee that life will be successful if you play the wedding according to all rules, but some brides follow the advice just in case or as an old tradition. In the article you can find all the common signs and superstitions that every bride should know.

Signs associated with the wedding dress

  • The girl should have something new, blue, worn and borrowed. This is an old tradition, and for a wedding it is mandatory.
  • To the couple did not feel the need for cash, the future husband needs to hide in his right shoe a coin that can not be thrown out after the ceremony.
  • Both need to attach a small, imperceptible pin to the clothes so that evil tongues do not jinx.
  • Brawling, having a finished image, should not look in mirror objects before registering. After going out, it is recommended to throw a light scarf or veil, which are removed at the entrance to the premises of the church or registry office.
  • To get married it is necessary in shoes with a closed nose, then happiness from home will not escape anywhere.
  • Girl's outfit must be integral, otherwise life will be bad. Guests can not adjust their outfits.
  • Fat is the main attribute of the wedding entourage. If a girl wears a hat on a celebration, life will be boring.
  • If the dress has gone at the seams - do not wait for pleasant news from your mother-in-law.
  • The dress in which the girl got married is kept at home as a big family value. You can not sell it, you can not give it to others for a while. Pass the dress too young.
  • It is advised to marry in old shoes, so bought specially for the celebration of the shoe should be carried for a while. If the bride's shoes are damaged or the heel is broken, the relationship will be unimportant.
  • The dress is worn only from above. The length of a married life depends on the length of the dress.

Signs about the wedding rings

  1. Giving your ring to other people's people, you give your life, therefore, it is not recommended to give a measure.
  2. You can wear the wedding rings of parents, but putting them on, you will live just like them. You can not remelt the parent rings.
  3. If the rings without precious stones, then life will be calm.
  4. If during the holiday the ring falls, then the marriage will fall apart because of treason.
  5. No other rings other than engagement rings should be on you.
  6. The ring on the husband's arm must be worn to the end - then the love will be stronger.
  7. You can not measure the ringlets in any case - it will lead to parting. They must be worn only during the celebration.
  8. If an unmarried girl touches the wedding rings, then soon she herself will get married.
  9. Rings need to buy a guy.
  10. You can not take an empty box with a newlywed couple. You can give it to unmarried friends.

Signs associated with the wedding caravan

  • Start cooking bread on a day off, for example, on Saturday.
  • Prepare the loaf of parents for the brothers.
  • Until the time when , when the newlyweds get the loaf, you need to protect it from other people's eyes and hands.
  • If the guest leaves the event without a piece of loaf, then he was not at the wedding at all.
  • Earlier some part of the loaf could be dried to memory as a symbol of family tranquility.

Signs and superstitions before the wedding day

  1. Perhaps the main rule is that a guy is forbidden to look at his beloved before the celebration. If by chance he saw a dress, it is considered that not to see a pair of happiness.
  2. The day before the holiday, the bride is better to finish fitting the dress, otherwise the celebration will break.
  3. It is not recommended to clean the apartment of the bride immediately after the purchase. Wait until the wedding is over, and then wipe the floors. The evening before the wedding couple should be held separately.
  4. One day before the event it is impossible to make joint photos: the bride and groom do not have to appear on one photo card, otherwise there will be a third in their relationship.
  5. If the groom has a scratching nose the day before the celebration, all relatives and friends will be happy, and if the bride sneezes, the newlyweds will wait for an expensive gift.
  6. If you marry in the afternoon, nothing can prevent the newlyweds on their way to fulfilling their desires and plans.
  7. For a happy and easy marriage, a girl should give a guy a new shirt.
  8. You can not declare a wedding in late March, June, September, December, and conduct a wedding in early April, July, October and January respectively - the marriage will be woeful.
  9. If the girl is in a position, you can not tell anyone about this, otherwise rumors will attract envious people and enemies and something will go wrong. Talk about the bouquet is also impossible, otherwise joy will bypass this day by party.
  10. The girl should be familiar with the friends of her future husband. The number of guests invited to the celebration should be equal to an odd number.

Wedding Day, signs

  • It's best to marry when it's drizzling. Water has a cleansing effect, and in case of a little rain, the newlyweds will be protected from their enemies and ill-wishers, the precipitation signals the great happiness that awaits the bride and groom.
  • If snow or rain has gone suddenly, then husband and wife will have a rich economy.
  • If the day of the wedding a strong wind, it means that one of the two is too windy.
  • Still our distant ancestors believed that those who stumble will soon find a soul mate. If the bride or groom falls during the ceremony, then they have made the right choice.
  • On the day of the holiday the bride needs to cry a little. It is believed that if you do not cry during the wedding, then you will have to cry later, in a family life.
  • If during the festive dinner his wife has a left palm, it means that the family will be rich. If the right palm is itching - at first there will be a lot of waste.
  • To ensure that the family never had a need for money, during the exit of the husband and wife from the registry office or church, guests throw young coins under the feet of young people. Grain is poured for fast offspring, sweets for sweet relationships, and flowers for romance.
  • For the greater prosperity of young people need to sit on an inverted fur coat.
  • Before the banquet, fasten two bottles of sparkling wine with ribbons. You do not need to drink them - leave alcohol for later. Drink it on the same day in a year, and the second bottle when the baby is born.
  • To be inseparable all your life, keep together all the marriage. Do not go away from each other for a minute!
  • It's time to deal with the caravan. To determine the real owner, in turn bite off the dainty as much as you can. Who has a bite-off piece is the one that will be the main one in the family.
  • If a man takes a girl in his arms and takes her to a room of new housing, then it will be expensive all his life.

Signs and superstitions during the wedding

  1. Before the bride enters the church, parents give her a significant family value - a cross, a ring, a suspension. This thing should be with the girl until the end of the ceremony.
  2. Church candles for young people have to be put out together, this action marks the beginning of a new life.
  3. After the wedding, the married couple needs to look at the same mirror, then luck will always accompany them.
  4. The way to a future wife and husband who go to church or out of it, you can not go. To do this, a little ahead of the witnesses, so that no one accidentally caught on the road.
  5. If you want to know all the secrets of each other and do not hide anything, put candles at the same time.
  6. During the wedding it is better not to look into the eyes of the chosen one.

Signs about the wedding cortege

  • The groom needs to carry the bride in his arms on the way from the REGISTRY OFFICE to the car.
  • After the wedding it is better not to go to the celebration straight way to deceive the evil spirits. Ride around the city, stroll through the streets, because there is nowhere to hurry. Sometimes to the rear bumper attach the banks, so that they ring and frighten the evil spirit.
  • They say that if an unmarried girl sees that she is going to a wedding, she needs to stand on her left foot and jump a little, then she will soon be married.
  • The whole procession is decorated with beautiful red ribbons, balls and funny stickers.
  • When approaching a restaurant, cafe or a banquet hall, the car with the newlyweds must be signaled.
  • Taking the bride from the place of ransom, it is better not to look back.

Signs and superstitions at the banquet

  1. After arriving at the banquet place, the marrying couple needs to break a small saucer and jump over the garbage together - then quarrels in a joint life will be minimized.
  2. The first glass with sparkling wine can also be broken. Do not feel sorry for dishes - when something is broken, it marks happiness in your personal life.
  3. Wedding cake is a special treat for the bride and groom. First they need to cut the pieces to themselves, and then to their relatives and friends.
  4. In order for husband and wife to live together all their lives and meet a happy old age, first time always cover the table with a wedding cloth.
  5. To dance during the celebration of a girl and a guy needs to be together, it's not recommended to share a couple, unless it's about parents. After dancing with children, they must bring the bride back to the groom and vice versa.
  6. If the bride is pregnant, and at the banquet she leans on the sweet - a girl will be born, and if on the salt - the boy.
  7. Put a bench or bench especially for the perpetrators of the celebration, you can not sit on different chairs, otherwise the family will not be happy.
  8. If young people are treated to something, they need to share food with each other, and then they will live together.
  9. During the dinner you need to watch the glasses, the wine should be drunk completely. It is believed that it is not the wine that remains, but tears.
  10. If you put coins into the glasses of the newlyweds, the year will be profitable. You need to take them with you and keep them under an oilcloth or tablecloth.
  11. New husband and wife need to eat from different cutlery and from different plates, otherwise the family will be discordant.
  12. When young people go into the banquet hall, someone experienced from the family, for example, grandfather, according to the old Slavic tradition, spends them around the festive table three times. Then the husband and wife will always be together.

Signs associated with the guests of the celebration

  • It is said that a friend of the groom who agrees to become a witness more than ten times will never marry. Therefore, it is better for family boys to immediately abandon this role.
  • If a bride's friend shades the culprit of the celebration and stands before her near the mirror, then this girl will entice the groom.
  • To put on black clothes for a wedding categorically it is impossible, after all it is a holiday of love, instead of death.
  • During the parental congratulations the newlyweds need to fit on the carpet or towel, then in the family there will be love and harmony.
  • To help your girlfriend become a bride, ask her to hold a veil. Soon, wait for a new celebration - for the next few years you will already be walking at the wedding of a friend.
  • During the celebration of the girl must necessarily throw a bouquet. The one who catches him will soon be preparing herself for the wedding. It is noteworthy that in some countries it is believed that releasing a bouquet from your hands makes you happy. If you believe this sign, you can throw other flowers into the crowd of unmarried people.
  • You need to follow the bouquet carefully. If there is such a need, you can give it to the groom or mother for a while. At a banquet it is allowed to put it close, but at night you need to take it with you home.

Signs related to gifts and ornaments

  1. Pearls are not worn for a wedding - it's for sorrow, it's better to use something simple.
  2. If the earrings, necklace or brooch of the bride fall, this is not good.
  3. Earrings on the bride is worn by her girlfriend, who is happily married.
  4. Do not give sharp objects to the wedding: cutlery, spoons, knives.
If you still gave such a gift, give the unwashed guest a coin, otherwise you will quarrel.

Wedding signs for the groom

  • The bridegroom who comes into the water before the girl's dwelling will be applied to the bottle in the future.
  • If the groom eats too much and drinks during the banquet, the night will be chaotic, the man's strength is not enough. On the other hand, you can lean on the sweet - then the kisses of the newlyweds will be passionate and pleasant.
  • For a pleasant communication with the mother of the bride, the newly-made husband should control that the wine in the glass of the mother-in-law is always filled.
  • If the bride is older than the groom, the union promises to be fun and cheerful, and if she is younger - eternal and strong.
  • The cat-keeper with his wife will be kind and affectionate, and if he prefers dogs, his chosen one can be sure that he will not change.
  • The groom must be actively involved in preparing the holiday, and then all the further decisions of the couple will be taken together.

Other wedding signs

  1. If the wedding is played in May, then, the whole life of the newlyweds will suffer.
  2. Any married girlfriend or relative can make a bed by the first night. To do this, she needs to put the pillows so that they touch each other with underwear, then in the family there will never be an understatement in sexual life.
  3. Entering the apartment first will have a dominant role in the family.
  4. Friends of the newlyweds need to choose bachelors, otherwise it will lead to misfortune.
    You can not invite divorced friends and girlfriends to this post - then a couple of divorce is awaiting.
  5. Before the building of the registry office, eat together with your chosen one a small chocolate bar, so that others will not see - then their happiness will be bright.
  6. Walking, newlyweds need to release several white doves into the sky. This is not only a very beautiful action - tie the paws of two birds with a light pink and gentle blue handkerchief, and then see which bird flies higher. So you can judge who is the first born in the family - a girl or a boy.
  7. If a guy or girl was witnessed at two weddings, the next one must be their own.
  8. Before entering the apartment after the event, you need to put an open lock on the floor. When the newlyweds entered, the lock should be closed and disposed of.

Whether to believe in wedding signs - video

Wedding celebration is the main holiday in the life of any person. Preparing for this event is exciting and takes quite some time, so sometimes there is simply no desire to follow popular superstitions and signs. Everyone decides which beliefs to follow, and what is better to forget and not to attach great importance to it. The main thing is to believe that life will be happy, and marriage - a long one.

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