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The bag of a modern woman should not only be practical and quality, but also elegant. Correctly selected bag demonstrates the flawless taste of the owner, and also helps to create a harmonious completed image.

Branded women's bags

The most chic version is a branded women's bag:

  • Excellent quality: well-known brands carefully monitor their reputation, which means the quality of each product;
  • Considered original design: there are many leather bags in the modern market, so that in order to remain recognizable, the world's leading brands need to constantly monitor not only the quality, but also the appearance of their products. Luxurious and strict, elegant and provocative, but always equally stylish and chic.

The most eminent European brands are Prado, Tosca Blu, D.Vero, Dissona, H.Due. O, Gilda Tonelli, Lamarthe, Radly, Cromia, Arcadia, Volum - the list is very large. Strict forms of bags Lamarthe and bright colors Volum, branded pendant-dog Radly and become classic luxury of leather bags Prado - each brand is famous for its style.

Women's genuine leather handbags

Ladies' handbags made of genuine leather are accessories, always topical. Natural leather products never go out of fashion. Only the trends change: the shape of the bag and the decor elements, the color and size, the model and the length of the way of wearing( on the shoulder, at the elbow bend, in the hand).

Leather bags are always in trend - a universal classic of elegant portfolios, low-key luxury of everyday models, exquisite evening clutches and stylish capacious suitcases.

Bags of crocodile skin

Bags of thick crocodile skin are chic. This material symbolizes luxury, wealth and is associated with high status and chic.

The crocodile leather bag looks great, expensive and long-serving. This requires that the skin has been properly processed. Manual processing increases the cost of a bag, but such an elegant luxury simply can not be cheap.

The peculiar texture of the skin, the chic appearance of the product and the original uniqueness of the design( all crocodile handbags or wallets are unique) - all this makes crocodile leather bags a real treasure for those who value luxury, quality and beauty.

Leather bags from Italy

Italian leather bags are quality, style and beauty. In Italy they love and are able to create stylish accessories for everyday wear, and for holiday exits. The combination of tradition with innovation generates wonderful things - bags and belts, housekeepers and wallets - in Italy have long been working with leather products.

A leather bag from Italy is a luxury and quality embodied in natural materials. A thoughtful design and impeccable performance make every Italian handbag beloved.

Tosca Blu and Gilda Tonelli, Ripani and Renato Angi, Marinp Orlando and, of course, Prado - this is far from a complete list of Italian brands that have long earned the recognition and love of those who appreciate quality and style.

Leather bags from Turkey

Turkish brands have long been famous all over the world: clothes and shoes, accessories and jewelry.

What brands are famous for quality and stylish bags of leather and leatherette?

  • Collezione. Collezione: chic leather bags at attractive prices - excellent quality and variety of models will allow you to choose a quality bag for every day and for a special occasion;
  • Meyzi: practical everyday bags of universal colors and original bags of tender pink and blue shades - a combination of affordable price and quality;
  • KoToN: comfortable bags, simple and roomy, and at the same time original( unusually located "zippers", original fastening of belts);
  • Colin's is a world-famous brand, famous for fashionable denim clothing and youth models of outerwear, as well as sports and everyday models for men and women. Colin's manufactures and bags: everyday bags, luxurious evening clutches and original models for lovers of individual style;
  • Polo Garage - stylish, original bags for those who want to be in the spotlight.

Turkish bags are a combination of good quality, original design and a democratic price.

Women's leather bag-backpack

Women's leather bags are very diverse. And one of the hottest trends is a bag-backpack.

Modern city women's backpack is an elegant and stylish accessory. Backpacks are fabric, leather and combined( often with inserts of plastic or different types of fabrics).

Women's backpack bag is roomy, practical and elegant. There are models that resemble school backpacks( bright, with funny prints), but the most stylish are the leather models. A leather bag always looks qualitative and elegant.

Leather bag-backpack will be appropriate for walking, and on dates, at a meeting with friends and even at work( except for those offices where there is a strict dress code).Such a bag can be strict and original, everyday and festive. It perfectly complements both the everyday image, and sports, and even glamorous.

How do I clean a leather bag?

  • Natural skin spoils from water, so you do not need to wash the leather bags, you can only clean them with a mild soap solution with some ammonia. After cleaning, you need to wipe the bag with a cloth with petroleum jelly or castor oil.
  • And from small dirt and dust will save the wet napkin( it is better for children: without dyes and alcohol).
  • To remove more serious contaminants, you can use a skin cleanser, foaming it on a damp sponge or a soft cloth.
  • Suede bag can be gently washed in warm soapy water. But it is better not to bring the bag to strong contaminants, wiping it from time to time with a rubberized cloth or an ordinary eraser.
  • Wet cleaning is not recommended for lacquered reptile leather bags and imitation bags.
  • Do not clean the leather bag with aggressive chemicals, hard brushes or sponges.
  • In the process of cleaning, attention should be paid to the entire surface of the bag, otherwise it may form a stain( in the place that it was cleaned).


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