How to make a simple and beautiful hairstyle on your long hair with your own hands

Creating a beautiful hairstyle at home in long hair is a very feasible task for any woman. Long hair is in itself an ornament, and laid in a chic hairstyle - even more so. The ability to create simple but beautiful styling is useful for many solemn occasions.

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Loose hair

Hairstyles with loose long hair never go out of fashion and make the image more feminine. To look irresistible, strands should be healthy, clean and with well-groomed tips. To create a romantic styling will take a little time and a minimum of effort.

Starts with a small air fleece in the parietal area. Further, if the curls are straight from nature - curl them with forceps from the middle of the length. Comb your hair back.

Then select the strand from the temporal zone, wrap it in a flagellum and fix it with invisible spines on the occiput. Do the same on the opposite side. The second flagellum should be passed under the first one, as if interweaving them with each other.

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There are a large number of variants of Greek hairstyles. They can be created using various elements and accessories, bandages, laces, harnesses and braids. Elegance and elegance are characteristic of hairstyles for long hair in Greek style.

To create the simplest version of the Greek hairstyle you will need forceps and a little time.

First you need to wind the strands and collect them in a tall fluffy tail. Then, with a wide bandage or a few rims, smooth the hair. Locks of the tail lay in the shape of a flower and stab with studs.

As an option for a simple and beautiful wedding hairstyle, you can wind long hair on large curlers or curling iron. Then collect all the curls in a voluminous tail on one side of the head and wrap it with a beautiful ribbon under the color of the dress. Hair is well spread to give volume.

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The hair gathered in the tail is a classic hairstyle for any celebration, especially since a hugethe number of its options.

The first option is a high pony tail.

At the top of the head, assemble the tail and tighten it with a tight elastic band. Separate one thin strand, comb it well and gently wrap around the base of the tail, hiding the elastic band. At the end, the tail can be leveled with iron or curled on a curling iron.

The second option is a tail with several elastic bands.

. Similarly to the first variant, form a tall tail and along the entire length to bandage it with rubber bands at the same distance. Erasers can be left in sight, then it's better to pick them up in a dress or hide them under the strands of hair. To give the hair volume, the tail should be stretched to the sides.

The third version of the hairstyle also needs to start with creating a tail at the back of the head.

Then, wrapping around the head, tie at the base of the tail with a braid of contrasting color, so that it has two identical length ends. Tie wrap the tail, and close to the end tightly tie it. Cut loose ends or hide. Hair in the tail spread to give volume.

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Despite the simplicity of creation, the hair of the bow, at any celebration will look original.

To begin with, it is necessary to tie a high tail on the top of the head. Next, separate one strand from the main part of the hair and secure it with a hair clip.

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The remaining part should be divided into two halves and wrapped inside to get the edges of the bow. Result fixed with invisible or stiletto. All the ends of the hair are hidden under the hair.

The strand, which was pre-stuck separately, should be lifted, thrown over the middle of the bow and wrapped around it. The ends of a lock to hide. To fix the result, it is better to use a strong fixation varnish.

If desired, you can make a similar bow of a small part of the hair and decorate them with loose curls.

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Make an original and beautiful hairstyle on the prom, you can decorate long hair with weaving."The Viking harness" is a very effective styling, which will definitely not be left without attention.

To perform this hairstyle, it is necessary to make a parting from the face to the base of the neck, thus separating about a fourth of the hair. Collect the remaining strands in a neat tail.

The selected part is treated with an iron with a corrugated head and woven into an inverted French braid. It should fit to the head and end behind the ear. The remaining strand is added to the tail.

Next, iron-treated locks braid in the technique of "fish tail", spit stretch for maximum volume. The bulk of hair must be curled with forceps and fastened with a varnish.

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Boulder Elegant, beautiful and at the same time simple in performance, even for long hair, a pebble is an excellent version of an evening hairstyle. Most often, the bumblebee is made on the basis of the tail.

First you need to separate the lateral temporal strands, and the main part of the hair is collected behind the tail. Divide the tail into wide strands and alternately lay in a circle at its base, guiding them in this way in different directions. Fix the result with studs.

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Dedicated locks at the face a little to scratch, pull back, wrap around the beam and secure with invisible ones.

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To create a cute and attractive image for girls with long hair will help curls. Extra volume makes the hairstyle elegant and solemn.

First of all, you need to curl your hair with a curling iron. Make a small overcoat on the crown and fix it. Each strand is separately attached to the head by invisibles. The tips alternately comb the small comb and lay. To fix the hair, use a strong lacquer lacquer.

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