How to determine the nature of a man and a woman by the color of their eyes

What is the color of the eye for a person and can one determine his character by sight? Of course, the interlocutor can be judged by his facial expressions, facial features, manner of speech or gestures, but most of the information can be given by the eyes. No wonder they say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and every person, despite heredity, has an individual eye.

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Kare green
  • Olive( marsh)
  • Gray
  • Gray-blue
  • Gray-green
  • Blue
  • Violet( violet)
  • Chameleon
  • Black
  • Amber( mackerel)


YoungYears in men with blue eyes usually pass quite violently and with a lot of adventure, but growing up, they begin to appreciate stability and family comfort. These individuals are purposeful, conscientious and generous, they have a calm character, but all take too close to heart. They tend to succumb to depression and are quite capricious and cold. These people have a developed imagination and often they have some talent.

Blue-eyed women are cynical and calculating personalities, they are able to use their own attractiveness for personal purposes, often use other people as a means to achieve the task. These girls are purposeful, self-confident and usually seek financial security.

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For men, this color is a rarity, but a guy with yellow eyes, without any leadership qualities, always becomes the soul of any company. The opposite sex of such a man is popular, but in view of the extreme relevance it is usually difficult for him to decide on a choice. Reliability and permanence are not inherent in such personalities.

Women with such rare yellow eyes are very creative and artistic personalities, and they keep this approach to any business. When communicating with these girls, the interlocutor experiences only pleasure, so yellow-eyed women are excellent diplomats.

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Green-eyed men are respectable family men, they are faithful and faithful, kind and gentle in the family circle. They can listen and be excellent interlocutors, kind and reliable in relation to friends, ill-wishers do not like them for their firmness and integrity. From a man with green eyes usually shows stability, they are good at managing positions.

The owner of green eyes is a strong, capable, cunning and confident woman. Such individuals show perseverance, stubbornness and diligence, they are demanding of themselves and others, especially a partner in life. A girl with green eyes easily goes to contact and is ready for experiments, she is always open to new acquaintances.

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A man with brown eyes always tries to become a dominant. His strong-willed character is not capable of compromise, in order to prove his rightness, he is ready to rush to extremes. Personality is so strong and ambitious that you can manage it only with the help of cunning tricks, because the brown-eyed man is calm only if everyone does according to his order. Although they are not vindictive and can show tenderness and sympathy.

Brown-eyed girls of nature are romantic, they tend to idealize everything that happens to them. Such persons are witty, sensual and rather temperamental, they are quick-tempered, but do not keep evil for long and quickly forget their grievances. Women with brown eyes are able to locate themselves, thanks to a high degree of communicability.

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A man with quads-green eyes is hard-working, reliable, wise and always knows what he wants. He can calmly listen and provide the necessary support, he has a sense of empathy. Friends appreciate him for his responsiveness and loyalty, but he will not be able to forgive betrayal, he does not tolerate hypocrisy. Such persons are tactful, non-conflicting and diplomatic.

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In women, brown-green eyes speak of love, they are romantic and talented, but often afraid to demonstrate their skills. These cheerful girls are quickly addicted to something new, so they tend not to bring things to the end.

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Olive( marsh)

A man with a marsh eye color is prone to accuracy and honesty, he has a pronounced sense of justice. To make decisions, he will weigh all the positive and negative arguments in order to find the best option. He does not give free rein to emotions, can skillfully manipulate others and tries to avoid conflicts.

A girl with a marsh eye shade, used to work hard to achieve the goal, but she is not inclined to walk on her head, although at times such a woman may seem very vindictive and even ruthless. She likes to feel peace of mind, so to reach it often turns to wisdom and cunning. Such persons have a slightly philosophical character.

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Men with gray eyes tend to be enterprising and persistent, they are determined and ready to cope with any life's difficulties. Such persons strive for the goal and always achieve it, although they also have some cynical properties, which from time to time are manifested.

Gray-eyed girls can restrain their emotions, they are efficient and practical, tend to harmonize the mind and heart. Often it seems to others that they are too rude and tough, but next to a loved one they are able to show tenderness.

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The blue-gray color of the eyes of a man is a sign of decisive character. He is loyal and honest, but completely devoid of sentimentality, so often others complain about him for lack of warmth. Such a man clearly knows what he wants and tries to translate his plans into reality.

The owner of the blue-gray eyes is ambitious, but she does not have the peace of mind either. She has a flexible mindset and a lively mind that helps her to reach the top as a leader. Such a woman is inclined to responsiveness, she looks ahead and does not doubt herself.

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Men with gray-green eyes have strong will and principled position, the surrounding people consider them to be too intractable, but this is because they are busy achieving a new set top. These are obstinate personalities who may exhibit some rigidity, and sometimes cruelty, they also have cynicism.

A woman with gray-green eyes has her own and incorruptible view of the world, she is a creative nature and able to turn everyday routine into a masterpiece. The dwelling of such a person is always decorated with various amusing tricks and ornaments. These girls are striving for everything bright and beautiful.

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Blue-eyed men highly appreciate justice and its triumph, defending the weak, they often fall into various unpleasant situations. They clearly divide the world into white and black, they are not inclined to compromise. Disadvantage of such personalities is arrogance and arrogance.

Girls with blue eyes are very emotional and this can sometimes prevent them from making the right decisions and often leads to conflict situations. Such people tend to show their emotions and experiences to the maximum, so it's better to avoid falling under the flurry of their negative emotions.

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Purple( violet)

The rarest and practical mystical color of the eyes gives its owner an incredible charm. Although sometimes such individuals overstate their importance and grandeur, becoming excessively conceited. People with a purple eye tint of nature are creative and sometimes they try to abstract themselves from others and seem to live in their own world.

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A man whose eyes change their shade may seem like a mood man, sometimes it is, but such individuals are able to adapt quickly to changing conditions and easily overcome life's difficulties.

A woman with a changing eye color can not be called logical, she is indecisive and often contradicts herself, her priorities and interests can change at such a speed that it is difficult to follow. To the pluses of these ladies can be attributed rapid adaptation in an unfamiliar society.

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Men with black eyes are prone to suppression and dominance, and they are able to so organically force others that they can not even resist. The environment of such a man can only come to terms with his assertive and firm character. He always aspires to be the main and in the communication can be rude and sharp.

Black-eyed girl is very impulsive and passionate nature, she can be unpredictable and even slightly hysterical, because inside the fountain of emotions and splashes. Such people like to be in the spotlight, they can weave intrigues, are jealous enough and do not tolerate indifference.

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Amber( brindle)

Men with amber eyes do not tolerate restrictions and rules, they are extraordinary, unpredictable, astute and cunning. But they tend to be charming, emotional and artistic. Such personalities are always faithful and kind to friends, and they value them for their readiness to engage in the battle for the sake of friendship.

Women with amber eyes are prone to self-sacrifice, and it can act for the benefit of others even to the detriment of themselves, this makes them the ideal players for any team. Such persons are ready to pass any tests for the sake of their relatives, friends and children.

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