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Having a red coat in a woman's wardrobe is not a sign of goodtaste. Where it is more important to know what to wear this item of a women's wardrobe, how to combine in such a way that the coat does not seem vulgar and fits perfectly into the created image.

It should be noted that not all women are solved for purchasing outerwear of red color, but only those who like to receive a lot of attention from others. That's only for some owners of a red coat it turns out, and they catch the admiring glances of passers-by, while others meet only the misunderstanding and perplexity of others. In order not to be reckoned with the persons described in the latter case, a woman should pay special attention to the purchase of red outerwear and the things with which she is to be worn.

Style and shade

The choice of clothes depends on the style and shade of the coat. In 2017 at the height of popularity were the models of the following styles and colors: the

  1. U-shaped with sleeves in three quarters. This outfit is perfectly combined with black sweaters, scarves and classic trousers. Suitable for a romantic stroll, as well as for a business dinner.
  2. Double-breasted A-shaped with a collar-stand. It is best to wear with narrow black trousers, shortened dress and neat boots.
  3. With hood. A classic coat with an English hood will reliably protect its owner from the gusts of the spring wind. The best models look with an integral, non-detachable hood that can be worn with beautiful scarves of different shapes and lengths.
  4. Without collar. If the spring promises to be warm, it is quite possible to afford to buy outerwear without a collar. Usually in such models the edges of the fabric, where the collar should be, are decorated with embroidery, which looks very impressive. The outfit is beautifully combined with silk scarves of white, brown and black colors, long skirts and high boots.
  5. Coat-jacket. This style is far from the classics, it is preferred by young people, and it is acceptable to wear such outerwear with boots both on high heels and on flat soles. Looks beautiful with a white dress that barely looks out from under the floor, high black boots or boots with thick heels. It is sewn up to the knee and therefore it looks beautiful both on skinny, and on full women.
  6. Trench of a red shade. It is combined with classical costumes, therefore it should be preferred to the ladies involved in the business sphere.
  7. Coat coat. Usually goes without buttons, on a smell. It is combined with wide trousers of black or brown shade and high heels.
  8. With fur. Fur on any kind of outerwear looks expensive, but in combination with the red color, it turns any woman into a person of royal blood. Choose the outer clothing should be with natural fox fur, it looks natural most of all and does not deteriorate under the influence of weather conditions.
  9. With epaulettes. The variant also applies to the youth version, it can be worn with sneakers and sneakers, jeans and shoes at low speed.
  10. Oversize. A fashionable coat of free cut, gives the appearance of some baggy, but nevertheless is very popular with young girls and women, because it allows you to hide the flaws of the figure. It is worn with high heels, long scarves of contrasting color and narrow skirts or trousers.

We combine colors correctly

Much in creating an ideal image depends not only on the style, but also on the color of the things with which it is planned to wear a red coat. It is important to remember that with red, few colors combine, so it will look good only clothes such shades as:

  • black;
  • white;
  • is brown;
  • blue;
  • gray;
  • leopard.

In order not to look ridiculous, it is necessary to avoid the combination of red and such colors as:

  • green;
  • yellow, orange;
  • lilac, lilac;
  • pink;
  • light green.
It is unacceptable to wear a red coat with clothes or shoes of the same color, this is a sign of bad taste or lack of it.
When choosing top clothes in red, you should avoid wearing red caps, scarves, pullovers and dresses. All these things will be a perfect addition to the clothes of any other shade.

Fashionable wardrobe, or with what to wear a red coat

  1. Regardless of the style, the red coat is perfectly combined with white dresses, sweaters and light jeans, of course, if it is a more youthful version of outerwear. Be sure to complement the outfit with white high-heeled boots and a white purse.
  2. The main advantage of the red color of is that the woman does not need to look for any bright things for the sake of brightness, she can put on a usual gray dress and, putting a red coat on top of him, still stay on top.
  3. Practical ladies can use brown or black instead of white. So, with a classic red coat, black or brown felt hats, trouser suits and shoes with a stable heel perfectly combine. A classic handbag-suitcase will be an excellent addition to the image.
  4. A long coat is comfortable to wear with high boots, and the distance between the shoes and the hollow should not be less than 5 centimeters. A short coat is comfortable to wear with boots, because in cold winters one needs to think not only about beauty, but also about health.
  5. Long dresses and skirts for a red coat are best not to wear, as they will detract from all its beauty, distracting attention. The ideal length of the skirt is just above and just below the knee. The skirt should in no case merge with boots and coats.
  6. The best way to look is a red coat with tight trousers, if it's a long classic coat, and with narrow trousers, if the coat you bought is short. It is allowed to wear a coat with light or black jeans of one tone.

    Jeans of yellow, red, or pink with a red coat to wear are not recommended. Black jeans come to the red coat most of all, because they allow you to highlight the color and make it even richer.

Red coat with fur

The classic red coat in the winter version necessarily adorns fur. The harsh laws of fashion are such that they allow you to wear relatively unpretentious red coats, but at the same time decorated with expensive fluffy fur.

It's better for to buy only outerwear with fur, since this option gives the wearer's appearance an inimitable charm, indicating its good taste and sense of style.

Fur not only warms the body, but also pleases the look, therefore, choosing the fur variant, the girl just will not lose and will be able to fully enjoy the admiration of passers-by. Combine this coat with different outfits.

Red coat and age

You can wear a red coat at any age. It looks admirable as a young girl, and a lady of Balzac's age. The only thing you should not forget about is the cut and the clothes with which it is to be worn.

It is important to understand that what looks beautiful on a girl of 18-28 years does not go to ladies under 40, even if they do not look to their age.

So, girls are allowed to wear both short coats, and long, choosing the style and cut according to the individual features of the figure. Under the coat, young people can also wear whatever they want, which can not be said of women of their age.

Despite the enormous convenience of short coats, women from 40 years of age and older should still avoid them.
In no event should they be worn with low-speed shoes, sneakers or winter sneakers, the latest types of footwear are exclusively for young people.

Age of the woman influences also on what fabric should be sewn from. Young girls can purchase an outfit with a shishop with sintepon or holofayberom. Typically, such models are equipped with a large number of pockets and tractor snakes, in addition, usually the fabric is decorated with various inscriptions. Despite the fact that such things are considered the last peep of the season, they should not be worn by those who are far beyond 30.

Mature women are fitted with classic lengthened coats, under which you can wear a beautiful pants suit, a strict shirt, dress and shoes on the heel. Should be avoided with a coat with a hood and inserts of leather and fabric of a different color. These coats are also suitable exclusively for young people.

Ladies should buy a coat of spring-autumn 2017, made of natural fabrics - wool or cashmere. A quality wool coat can serve its owner for more than one year. Cashmere is considered a beautiful, but less qualitative fabric, because the coat made of it will not last long, its wear on average is 4-5 years.

What else you need to know about the red coat

The red coat is the choice of strong and confident women. Not everyone agrees that most of the passers-by are looking at it in the streets, and that's exactly how it will be, since red color can not help attracting attention.

  • Understanding this, it is necessary to strictly follow the above recommendations regarding how and with what is best to wear such clothes.
  • You also need to avoid the presence of more than 3 colors in one combination and try to pick up coats and other things in accordance not only with the color, but also the fashion of outerwear.

Red is the color of pride and passion, because it should only be worn by confident women, ready to declare themselves to the world.


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