What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Ekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is one of the largest cities in Russia. It is enveloped in a special aura and is considered a "golden gateway" to Siberia. The historical heritage of the Yekaterinburg lands has always amazed and delighted tourists from all over the world. Since the foundation of the city, folk crafts have been developed here, so guests of Yekaterinburg can take with them a piece of this stunning land.

  • Boots
  • Mittens
  • Products made of birch bark
  • products malachite and Ural stones
  • Pottery and Porcelain
  • Spoons
  • Matryoshka
  • Pavloposadskiye scarves
  • Tray with Tagil painting
  • Sweets
  • Candy "Vivat, Russia!»
  • Gingerbread "Tales Bazhov"
  • Royal attributes


For Yekaterinburg are characterized by very cold winters, so city masters learned to make notorious boots. These shoes are so fond of women of fashion in Yekaterinburg, which has become "cherevichkami on the way out."Local felt boots are made according to the old technology, which is kept secret.

Separately it is necessary to tell about souvenir boots-whisperers. These little man-made charms draw luck and happiness into the family, protecting them from the evil eye.

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Mitten, which is an invariable attribute of the winter dress, was made of soft wool. Previously, fluffy and warm mittens in the classical variation were equipped with a long jumper( rubber band), so as not to get lost.

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Birch bark products

Beresta has healing properties and calms the nervous system. In olden times, it was customary to carry items from this material with you, in order to protect yourself from troubles.

In Yekaterinburg, a lot of birch groves, using the wealth of which the local people have mastered the art of creating various crafts. Birch toys, dishes and ornaments are especially popular. Such products, decorated with Russian ornaments, will be an ideal version of a souvenir from Yekaterinburg.

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Products from malachite and Ural stones

Malachite is an unusually beautiful mineral of all shades of green, which is mined in the Urals.

In addition to it, in Yekaterinburg you can buy rare jewelry and statuettes from gemstone stones: jasper, marble, eagle, serpentine and lapis lazuli. Those who choose what to bring as a gift to a girl, it is worth paying attention to such "stone" jewelry.

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Ceramics and porcelain

The manufacture of porcelain and ceramic products is one of the main folk crafts of the Urals. Ekaterinburg masters always competed among themselves in the ability to skillfully execute and paint kitchen utensils, toys and figurines. Porcelain and ceramic sets will be a wonderful gift.

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Wooden spoons are often decorated with floral patterns and floral ornaments. They can be used directly as kitchen appliances, as a musical instrument or as a souvenir.

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Nested dolls

A matryoshka doll is a Russian doll with a "surprise".In the souvenir shops of Yekaterinburg, you can find classical specimens and nesting dolls, painted with various city plots( local buildings and churches).

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Pavilion Shawls

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Pavlovskaya kerchiefs have been on the trend for 200 years, out of time and fashion. An accessory made of fine or dense wool is produced, and complex and vivid drawings of red, yellow, blue and green colors are applied to the shawls in a stuffed manner. Most often for the basis of printed paintings take flowers and floral ornaments.

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Tray with Tagil painting

Tagil painting, which appeared in the XVIII century, takes as a basis the style of a double brushstroke. Trays with Tagil painting look very original and colorful. In this case, the drawings applied to the base are very durable, since the technique of "Tagilka" implies their fixation.

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Yekaterinburg has long been famous for its talented confectioners and bakers. If you are thinking about what to bring from Ekaterinburg from food, buy confectionery products of local production. Buns and cakes, chocolate sweets and gingerbread are especially good.

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Candy "Vivat, Russia!"

"Vivat, Russia!" Candies are not just sweetness, but a reminder of the rich historical and political life of Russia.

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Gingerbread "Bazov's Tales"

Gingerbread, named after the author of tales about the Malachite casket, is a confectionery miracle of Ekaterinburg. Tourists like this gingerbread for its stunning taste, a bit like a Tula fellow. Be sure to purchase gingerbread, if you want to bring something delicious from Yekaterinburg. Despite the fact that the recipe for the confectionery "Tales of Bazhov" is widely known, but the debate about the existence of a "secret ingredient" in this baked miracle continues to this day.

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Imperial attributes

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Souvenir shops in Yekaterinburg actively use historical motifs, offering tourists themed souvenirs concerning the royal family and Nicholas II himself. These are images of the family coat of arms, and duplicates of things belonging to the majestic family. Such gifts are of particular interest to tourists, as they reflect the mood of the past era and carry the powerful energy of tsarist Russia.

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