We make original postcards from paper with our own hands

Everyone is pleased to receive an original and memorable postcard in honor of any festive event, especially if it is individually selected. And when the postcard is made in the style of hand-made, or simply put, made by own hands, then it is pleasantly doubly. It is correctly accepted that it is more important than the attention given, and not the gift itself.

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  • Postcard in the technique of scrapbooking

In what technique can I make a postcard

There are enough techniques for decorating a gift card.

Let's start with the quilling technique.

Quilling from English quilling, quill is a bird feather. It is the art of making patterns and compositions from twisted paper ribbons of different colors, with the help of simple hand tools and glue. A strip of paper is tightly wrapped around a special tool or toothpick. Next, remove the resulting spiral from the toothpick, and slightly loosen its loops, fingers giving them the desired shape. When the part assumes the proper configuration, its edge is fixed with glue.

This is quite an exciting activity, but to achieve success in this form of creativity, you need to have patience and perseverance. If you manage to master the basic schemes of paper circulation, then thanks to the power of imagination, you can create real works of art.

Often with the help of quilling techniques make out exclusive crafts, amazing beauty pictures, postcards, photo albums, personal diaries.

The next available technique is scrapbooking.

Remember, in the junior classes in the lessons of the labors we were asked to make a postcard with applique for the holiday? So, in fact it was not just a homework assignment, but an opportunity to create an own card with scrapbooking technique.

Scrapbooking in translation scrapbook: scrap - scrapbook, book - book, if you say the book is easier from scrapbooks. In this technique of needlework it is customary to make out photographs or any memorabilia. To do this, you can apply materials that, in your opinion, are close in meaning to your things, and also they can add to them the fullness and brightness. This is a great opportunity to preserve the memory of important moments of life for future generations.

For example, decorating in this technique, a wedding card you can take photos of the newlyweds, clippings from magazines, pieces of tulle, ribbons, beads, flowers.

In principle, you can use any materials in scrapbooking, the main thing is that you like the hobby itself, and the result is liked by the recipient himself.

With the help of scrapbooking, you can design and add personalities to albums and photo frames, postcards, diaries.

And the last technique we will consider today is the technique of creating bulk cards or as they are called 3D postcards.

Such a postcard is a real surprise, since it has a hidden design inside it, which becomes bulky on opening.

At first glance it may seem that such postcards are very difficult to execute and they can not be done without special training at home. And here not!

If you have a desire, then the opportunity is sure to be found. To begin with, one should remember the school course of descriptive geometry, that is, to represent a thing in space. And then your imagination will tell. After all, the whole essence of a three-dimensional postcard is covered in correctly made cuts, folds, or parts glued in a certain way. If you just master this creativity and you do not like the first results, then try to use simple master classes. And then only your imagination or your laziness will be the limit of your possibilities.

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Postcard in the technique of scrapbooking

To create this craft, you will need the following materials:

  • Scrapbooking paper or pastel paper;
  • Kraft paper;
  • Fabric shreds, if there is no set for scrapbooking;
  • Waxed rope;
  • Cardboard corrugated;
  • Additional decor( dried leaves, flowers, branches and so on);
  • Sheet music( if any).
  • loading. ..

First, determine the basis. Then fold the selected sheet in half.

Work the inside. To do this, it is necessary to cut out a rectangular sheet from kraft paper, which will be slightly smaller than the basic sheet of the postcard. Pay attention to the shape of the decorative holes in the corners of the kraft paper, which can be made with scissors or a special punch.

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Glue the workpiece to the main sheet of the postcard.

After that, the fun begins. You need to think over the composition. You can repeat the result of the master class, but you can place the decor in any order.

It is necessary only to make sure that the composition is preserved in unity and there was no busting in the decor.

loading. ..

If you think that some element is superfluous, then you probably do not think so. Take it away.

Continue adding decor from large to small details as if creating a voluminous postcard.

That's all, your postcard is ready.

You, of course, can modify it by changing the size of the elements, changing their location or adding additional( for example, the inscription "Happy Birthday" or any other).

You can hand in such a simple gift for any reason. Moreover, you can make such crafts with children, and instruct children to hand them - they will be very happy about it.

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