40 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

40 years of life together - this is a unique and special date, because not every couple has managed to jointly resist all life's difficulties and at the same time keep all the same tender feelings to each other. The actual question remains, which one is this wedding, and what kind of congratulations will be more appropriate for the fortieth anniversary? And most importantly, what to give to the couple?

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

What is the name of the wedding

People call the 40th wedding anniversary Rubin wedding.

It is not for nothing that the ruby ​​is a symbol of the fortieth anniversary, because its properties do not concede even to diamond, and its brightly saturated red color perfectly conveys the depth and fervor of the feelings of the spouses at this stage. For forty years of living together, the couple have been able to test their feelings to each other more than once, and if, after so much time, the flame of love has not died out in their hearts, then this union can be called strong without a drop of doubt.

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How to celebrate

Celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the wedding has its own customs and traditions that will be able to diversify any holiday.

Here are some of them:

  1. A married couple is necessarily updating their wedding rings for new ruby ​​rings. The old rings are left for their grandchildren.
  2. On a solemn day, the couple must pick cherries from two cherries on one cut, and then eat them, but do not throw away the stones. Bones of these berries must be planted near the house for the future generation.

Features of celebrating the Ruby wedding:

  • Be sure to invite all relatives, friends and acquaintances to the anniversary. Also, for a festive atmosphere, do not forget to order a cheerful presenter and musicians.
  • When decorating a banquet room, focus on the red color. For example, tables can be varied with red napkins, and walls can be decorated with bright red balls and ribbons.
  • Dahlias, gerberas, tulips, gladioli and chrysanthemums of red shades are ideal for decorating the hall.
  • On the festive table there must be a big wedding cake with berry stuffing and red wine.
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Gift for the wife

To choose a gift for the wife for 40 years from the day of the wedding is quite simple. Any woman will be delighted with precious jewelry, so the ideal gift for this anniversary will be:

  • bracelet with rubies;
  • earrings;
  • ring;
  • pendant;
  • brooch with ruby ​​insert;
  • ruby ​​necklace;
  • mirror in precious frame, encrusted with rubies;
  • hair clip;
  • a box decorated with rubies.

In addition to the precious gift, the spouse can be surprised with a chic bouquet of forty and one scarlet rose - one flower for each happy year, lived together and plus one rose as a sign of a happy future together.

The ideal choice as a wedding gift from guests is:

  • ruby ​​figurine;
  • vase with precious stones;
  • ruby ​​shade service;
  • burgundy bedding;
  • scarlet wipes;
  • picture;
  • photo frame;
  • tablecloth with bright patterns;
  • is an expensive bottle of red wine.
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What to give to her husband

Unlike a woman, a gift for a man for a Ruby wedding will be slightly more difficult to choose. If a man loves jewelry, then as a gift you can choose items with ruby, for example:

  • cufflinks;
  • tie clip;
  • ring;
  • amulet;
  • sweater of red shade;
  • cigarette case decorated with rubies;
  • ruby ​​keychain;
  • dagger with ruby ​​handle.
  • loading. ..

In addition to jewelry, you can choose any other gift, depending on the hobbies of her husband. Ideal gift for her husband can be:

  • rare book;
  • fishing rod;
  • plaid;
  • a set of unique cigars;
  • gramophone.

In any case, it is worth remembering that the main requirement for a gift for the Ruby Jubilee is the mandatory presence of red color.

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Beautiful verses with the anniversary of the wedding will be a perfect addition to all the gifts. For example, these:

Ruby forty years
Rushed like an instant.
And again next to the table
Everyone who loves you heart.
And the wishes of love,
And for many years sound,
And tenderness full of eyes,
And the laughter of grandchildren is heard.
Let it be forever -
In your house it's warm,
And in unison knock heart
Hate to all to spite!
Here in these wonderful moments,
In the wonderful, glorious anniversary of
you accept congratulations
Both from relatives and friends!
Let the ruby ​​wedding
Fill your home with joy!
Let them live in it laughter and happiness,
Good luck, tenderness and love!
We wish you to live better,
So that even complicated cases of
Solve you safely
And we were happy, friends!
Health, Joy, Good luck
And help you from the children,
Let the new grandchildren
hurry to you. The nightingale will whistle to you.
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