Folk signs spill sugar, other foods or objects

During cooking, people use a variety of products and objects, which are spilled quite simply - spices, sugar, cereals. However, not everyone knows that apart from the obvious cleaning on the table or floor, such trouble can lead to quarrel or, conversely, to become a harbinger of happiness. People explain the meaning of these symbols.

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Bay Leaf
  • Soda
  • Krupa
  • Figure
  • Buckwheat
  • Munk
  • Millet
  • Legumes( peas, beans, lentils)
  • Flour
  • Coffee or tea
  • Matches
  • toothpicks or needles
  • Trifle
  • Earth
  • Washing powder


Symbolizes the sweet life. Honeymooners often sprinkle not only rice, but also sugar, wishing them well-being.

A randomly scattered product can have several meanings:

  • If a hole is found in the bag and sugar is constantly poured out from there - the family is waiting for prosperity, improving their financial condition, and obtaining a permanent income.
  • Sprinkle sugar in the kitchen - to establish relationships, quick reconciliation.
  • A bag of sugar is cracked or torn right in your hands - be prepared to get a big income( a bag of money).

  • Sugar, scattered by a hill, symbolizes the receipt of an unexpected one-off profit, for example, obtaining an inheritance, winning a lottery, paying a premium.
  • The unmarried girl scattered herself - to the appearance of a fan. If at the same time the sugar spilled out on the floor - a love date is approaching.
  • Sugar, scattered by one of the spouses, promises renewal of their feelings, establishing relationships, a long and happy family life.
  • A piece of sugar-refined sugar crumbled before it was bitten or brought to a cup - you should expect a profitable deal or a pay raise. It's also fortunate if the dropped piece hit the table and scattered into many pieces.
  • To attract love into your life, scatter the sugar, you need to draw a heart with your left hand, or lay it out of the refined sugar cubes. To make a mark come true, it is not necessary to remove sweets immediately, but after waiting a few minutes. Then the collected sugar should be taken to the street and poured to the ground, and not sent to the sewer or trash can, so as not to lose luck.
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Spilled salt foreshadows a quarrel in the near future. To avoid conflict, on top of it you need to throw a pinch of sugar, thus appeasing the situation. You can also neutralize or soften the action of the sign by drawing a finger on the crumbling product cross.

Collect the salt should not be hand, and a napkin or broom, then these items must be washed under running water, repeating the words: "Salts - left, pains - bolevo, me - nikolevo".

Read more in detail why the people formed a negative attitude towards the spilled salt and what foreshadows this event
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General interpretation of the sign -negative, crumbled pepper entails conflicts:

  • Ground black pepper - to quarrels and lack of mutual understanding. Spill out in the morning - the disagreement will be small and short-lived, in the evening - there is a scandal with mutual insults and reproaches.
  • Red ground pepper - conflict will be associated with securities or monetary issues. For a girl, this could mean a split in a relationship with a guy.
  • Black pepper peas - to serious financial problems.
  • Spread the pepper on the table - the quarrel will occur at the level of dialogue, on the floor - to resolve the dispute, some negotiations will not be enough.
  • If the product spilled out in a public place, then conflicts with colleagues, on a visit - differences should be expected with people who are not related to family and friends.

To avoid trouble, 3 pinches of ground pepper should be thrown with the right hand through the left shoulder, repeating: "Where pepper, there and the trouble", then carefully wash the place where he woke up. If the peppercorns are scattered, it is necessary to collect them up to one, wrap them in paper and burn them.

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Bay leaf

The plant symbolizes victory and success. If such a leaf falls into a plate - you should wait for the fulfillment of desire. There are many rituals with a laurel leaf, helping to enhance personal attraction, to attract money and fame.

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However, to scatter it - it means, to attract losses to your life. To minimize and turn them into success, the plant should be carefully collected, crushed into powder and take a bath with him or at least wash.

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Spilled food( drinking) soda promises trouble in the near future. And the more substances spilled out, the more serious the problems are expected. To soften the action of the sign, you need to remove the soda without touching it with your bare hands. It is advisable to use a damp cloth, which should then be washed under running water or discarded.

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Any grain is a symbol of wealth and life success, to spill it means to lose something important in life, work, relationships. The interpretation will take slightly different depending on the product.

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This cereal crop symbolizes wealth, financial well-being. It has long been customary to sprinkle rice on newlyweds - for prosperity in the family and for a happy well-to-do life.

However, in Asian countries, where rice is a sacred product, its spillage is perceived differently:

  • Spread rice - to troubles, waste and poverty, the onset of a black band in life.
  • To turn a plate of rice with a number of seated people means to humiliate him, to insult him.
  • Intentionally to scatter rice in the East is also considered an impermissible action, symbolizing neglect to luck, because of what you can lose it.
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Buckwheat groats are associated with well-being in the family, especially - with the financial. Sometimes it was specially sprinkled in the house for the New Year, in order to attract prosperity and abundance. Together with the wheat, the young at the wedding sprinkled with buckwheat, wishing them the early birth of children.

Unexpectedly spilled culture can mean the following:

  • Unforeseen expenses. To minimize waste, scattered grains must be collected by hands, washed and used or given to birds. According to the beliefs, if you sweep the buckwheat with a broom or a rag, you will have to spend much more seriously.
  • If a packet of buckwheat is torn and the croup falls apart in a public place or on the road, one should expect the appearance of people in uniform who will be forced to pay debts - alimony, taxes, fines. If the package is torn in a bag, the expenses are small.
  • Spill out on the doorstep - they will soon come to ask for debt, but the reason will be such that it will not be possible to refuse. To avoid this, you should collect the rump and put it under the rug, and remove only the next day.
  • Tilt the plate with the finished buckwheat - to the appearance of another mistress in the kitchen. It can be a mother, a mother-in-law, a daughter-in-law or a rival - a woman who creates competition.
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Semolina baits money and associates it with profit - it can be worn in a purse to attract banknotes, pour a path from the nearest bank to your house.

However, accidentally scatter the manga - to conflicts or loss of funds. To prevent this from happening, grains are harvested and given to the birds, mentally wishing themselves peace and prosperity.

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Spill this product - means to quarrel with the quarrel. To prevent trouble, the rump should be carefully collected, taken out to the yard and given to the birds, saying: "How much you millet, so much to me good."

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Pulses( peas, beans, lentils)

These cultures are widely used in rituals: during the wedding, young people are sprinkled with peas - according to the number of peas in the folds, they are judged on the number of future children, at peasants, peas are scattered around the corners and baked pies with it - so that the deceased's soul does not remain hungry. Beans and lentils are wondering.

However, accidentally sprinkle the beans - to tears. To avoid trouble, it is necessary to collect all the hands to a single pea and feed the birds.
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Since ancient times flour is considered one of the most important products, a symbol of prosperity and prosperity. Spreading it - means bringing famine to your family. However, if earlier it was literally interpreted literally, and the family actually had nothing to feed, now scattered flour foreshadows only that a sloppy person in the near future will have to feel hungry - for example, due to being late for lunch, delays at work.

Spread products made from flour, including pasta, biscuits, crackers - a sign of looming financial losses.

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Coffee or tea

Coffee notes are young enough, and are based on the high cost of the product. It is believed that coffee represents prosperity, and scatter it - to bring trouble:

  • Coffee beans or ground coffee scatter on the table - to conflict with the household.
  • The product spilled out on the floor - you should expect a series of serious problems or a break in a love relationship.
  • Spread dry tea leaf( tea leaves) - to an unpleasant surprise, you can also find yourself in an awkward situation.
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Symbolize financial well-being. If matches accidentally spilled out of the box, they should be collected one at a time, holding it by the foot, and not by the sulfur head, and saying: "By a penny, I collect riches in the house by ruble."So you can avoid the diversion of money and attract wealth to the house.

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Toothpicks or needles

There are a lot of signs about these sharp objects. Spread them - to the emergence of small conflicts, the duration of which depends on the number of objects dropped. If you step on a fallen needle or toothpick - you should expect quarrels with close people. To avoid it, the object must be broken in two and thrown out - so you can reverse the course of events, changing it from negative to positive.

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Monetary signs help to attract prosperity to your life and avoid poverty. Coins are showered with newlyweds, they are laid under the threshold or foundation of a new house.

Accidentally sprinkle coins - in the near future large cash outlays are expected, the nature of which can be anything from buying real estate to stealing. The scattered trifle should be collected with the right hand and exchanged for larger bills or given to the poor, it is desirable not to hide them in a purse or piggy bank. You can leave 1 coin on the ground, make a wish and go. If, turning around, you will see that the coin has been raised, the desire will come true.
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It happens that when planting plants the land accidentally falls out of the package or pets dig it out of the flower pot. Signs related to the land are of an alarming nature and are associated with conflicts in the family, illnesses or death of someone close to them. Sometimes land found at the doorstep of a house or near the front door of an apartment means that someone is trying to inflict an energy strike on you( to spoil the damage).

Spilled earth should be swept in a package without touching it with bare hands, and discarded or incinerated with cleaning materials. The place where she was lying should be thoroughly washed.

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Washing powder

Accidentally sprinkle a detergent for cleaning or cleaning - an unkind sign indicating the approach of a quarrel. To avoid a conflict, the powder should be carefully collected with a damp cloth, then rinse it under running water.

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