Options for female haircut bob for any length of hair

For many years, the bean has taken the lead among the haircuts for women of all ages. It can be made on any length of hair. The style of shearing the bean makes it appropriate for both business and a romantic image. Smooth, well-groomed strands turn a woman into a stylish lady. Light waves change the image to mischievous. So many characters in one stylish haircut bob.

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Who is suitable for

Bob is a fairly versatile haircut that fits everyone, regardless of the shape of the face,length of hair and age.

For owners of oval face shape, it is better to choose a smooth and voluminous hairdo.

For a round and square face, the option with the most smooth strands, falling on the face. In this case, it is desirable to avoid soft lines.

A haircut with an open neck should be chosen by the owner of an elongated or square face. Bob on the leg visually lengthens the short neck.

Chubby cheeks and wide cheekbones help to hide asymmetrical haircut with elongation in advance and a short back of the head.

The owner of a large nose or chin should choose a bean with a thick bang. Asymmetry and chaotic lines will only be welcomed. You can make the haircut very short, the main thing is that the bangs do not rise above the level of the eyebrows.

Bob on long hair is best for owners of oval and round faces.

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Technique of a hairstyle

Haircut is made by the following technique. First, at the back of the head, the master cuts the control strand, and then follows each subsequent one. Depending on the desired effect, the ends of the hair can be decorated with a razor or thinning scissors. The end result determines the choice of the angle of inclination of the haircut.

Coloring and highlighting will visibly revive any variant of the bean. Only to do it is necessary on thin locks, otherwise the colored curls will be strongly struck in the eye, breaking harmony of a combination of color and the form of a hairstyle.

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Kinds of

Contrary to the popular belief that a bean is a haircut for short hair only, stylists createHis beautiful interpretations on long, medium and curly ringlets.

Let's consider several variants of a hairstyle, differing from each other in form and length.

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The classic version of the haircut has a symmetrical, symmetrical shape with a smooth cut, length to earlobes or below. A prerequisite is the absence of bangs.

Smooth parting makes a quality accent on the eyes.

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Bob looks quite bold and creative as a basis for a torn haircut on short hair. Ragged effect is achieved by the method of uneven hair cutting and edging tips with a razor.

Thanks to this haircut, you can adjust large facial features, covering them on the contour.

Ragged bean will look good on thick and soft hair. Rare, curly and thin locks for such a haircut are unsuitable, since they do not hold the shape well.

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This type of haircut involves the presence of bangs and perfectly straight hair.

Although on curly hair, it will look good, thereby diluting the habitual type of haircut with a touch of individuality.

A bang, depending on the shape of the face, can have any shape - be straight, oblique, long, short, thick or sparse.

Bob-kare on smooth thick hair, beautifully framing the face oval, in combination with an even bang visually reduce the high forehead and emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes.

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This haircut is suitable for women, who adore bold experiments with appearance. The Bob-Ganson assumes very short hair, so that the neck is completely opened.

Garzon will look good with a rare ragged bangs on one side. Graduating will give this version of the haircut a special charm.

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On straight hair, the bean-harzon will look just fine. A curly will have to constantly lay.

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Bob with an extension of the front strands is considered the most popular type of haircuts. The shorter strands from the occipital zone go smoothly to the elongated hair in the face area.

Very stylish looks bob with a sharp angle of inclination on long hair. Thanks to this form and oblique cutting, you can successfully hide the shortcomings of a round and square face.

In addition, the asymmetry may be lateral - one side of the haircut is shorter than the other.

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This variant of bean is perfect for rare and delicate hair, because thanks to the multi-layer technique of cutting, you can create a good volume on them.

A graduated bean for long hair is popular. It is performed with a small cascade extending over the entire length, so that the hair appears thicker. Girls with a full face will approach a layered bob up to the shoulders.

Graduated haircut with a thick bang that covers the forehead will be a good solution for owners of an elongated face of a rectangular shape.

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Laying options for

The most common styling options are as follows:

  1. Casual. On the washed hair, apply mousse and dry with a hair dryer, lifting the strands at the roots. The ends are turned inside.
  2. The effect of wet hair. Apply to the clean strands of gel, giving a wet effect, and then dry the hair dryer. It is best to dry the hair from the roots, using a diffuser nozzle and crush the curls with your hands. The resulting effect is fixed with a varnish.
  3. For perfectly smooth laying, pull out the curls with ironing.
  4. Wavy bean. Add the volume to thin rare hair small or large curlers, twisted from the roots.
  5. Evening. Apply to damp hair mousse, comb them back from the face and dry using brashing. Result fix with a varnish.
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