How can I wash the down jacket in the typewriter

Earlier down jackets were used only as working clothes. They were worn by mountaineers, polar explorers, gold diggers. In general, down jackets were worn by those people who had to work in the cold. This is due to the fact that these jackets have good thermal insulation properties, they are also very light, comfortable and durable.

  • How not to spoil the down jacket
  • We rinse and dry the down jacket

By the way, scientists developed a down jacket model from the research institute.

At the present time this jacket is very popular among all layers of the population. People of any age buy down jackets and wear them with pleasure. Fashion designers have developed many models that are suitable for both business style and ordinary casual clothes.

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But, every buyer understands that the fabric from which the jacket is made will be contaminated and it must be washed somehow. In this article we will tell you how easy and simple to wash the down jacket in the typewriter.

How not to spoil the down jacket

Those who tried to wash a jacket in a typewriter should know that after an unsuccessful wash fluff gets lost in lumps, which are then difficult to break.

You can wash the down jacket in the automatic machine at a temperature of 30 ° C.On the scoreboard should choose a delicate mode. It is better to use a special liquid remedy, not a powder.

You should know that before you wash a jacket in a typewriter, it is better not to soak it, otherwise the above mentioned lumps are provided to you. Before putting the down jacket in the machine, it is necessary to turn it inside out, having previously fastened all the buttons and zippers. This requirement applies to the leather down jacket. But the leather down jacket is better not to be washed at all, but cleaned with special products for natural or artificial leather.

Some manufacturers of down jackets strongly recommend washing it in a typewriter with balls. Suitable tennis balls. Together with the jacket in the machine should put 3-4 tennis balls. During washing, they will beat down, which will not allow the formation of lumps.

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We rinse and dry the down jacket

These nuances will help you to properly wash the down jacket in the typewriter and retain its beautiful appearance and warm qualities. If you follow them, then the next time you erase, you will be more confident and not afraid that you will spoil your favorite thing.

It is necessary to use the minimum spin, the most delicate, which is available in the washing machine's functionality.

If there is a drying function, then it is also worth choosing gentle drying with a low temperature. With this mode, drying can take up to 4 hours. After the jacket has completely dried, it must be well shaken or walked along it with a carpet punch.

If there is no drying function, it is necessary to straighten the wet down jacket, hang it upside down and during the drying process, brake and turn over. Dry near heat sources is prohibited.

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