A sign if a cricket appeared in the house

In ancient times, people often observed insects, their behavior, habits and related it to current events or certain weather conditions. The smallest representatives of the fauna did not remain without attention. The most popular insect, with which many signs and superstitions are associated, is the cricket. Many people respect this creature, believing that if it has settled in the house, then this is good. However, referring to the Scandinavian legends, in them an insect is represented as a "black" being into which the demon has settled.

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Happened in the house to the good

  • If there was a cricket in the house, this sign foreshadows great joy, wealth and luck. In many cultures it is believed that this insect settles only in the house of a good man and brings him happiness as a reward for the right way of life.
  • If the cricket was wound up in a dwelling where a pregnant woman lives, then according to belief this is a very good sign. Childbirth will go without complications and quickly, and the baby will be born completely healthy.

  • If an insect has flown into an apartment where a sick person lives, then a sign will sooner or later recuperate.
  • If a small violinist begins to sing on the eve of Christmas, then the owner of the house expects unexpected wealth.
  • For an unmarried girl, a cricket in the house means that in the near future she will get acquainted with her husband and marry him, and the family life will be happy and secured. The same promise promises unmarried men.
  • For a widow it is a good sign that promises that peace and tranquility will soon come. The ancestors believed that an insect is the soul of a deceased husband who returned from the realm of the dead to the world of the living to alleviate the suffering of his beloved wife.
  • Cricket wound up at work - to increase profits and advance on the career ladder.
  • These small fauna representatives protect the dwelling from evil spirits. In antiquity, they specially caught them and launched into a house where there were different paranormal phenomena or lived a witch. It was believed that the cricket absorbs the negative, which is in the house.
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Has flown to trouble

  • If the insect began to fly along the dwelling, then it promises a strong fire.
  • If the cricket suddenly left the house, then in the near future will come misfortune and sorrow. Some people believe that this portends a very serious illness or the death of one of the family members.
  • If a violinist who has lived in a person's flat for a long time has stopped chattering, then the owner expects difficult times. It can be sickness, poverty and other misfortunes.
  • If an insect that made noises at night only starts to make noise in the daytime, then this sign is a sign that one of the family members will leave home because of a strong quarrel with relatives.
  • To see the white cricket is a sign of an imminent death.

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Other signs

  • To wake from chirping - to pleasant news.
  • Hear the singing of a cricket in the evening under the window - to the joy, in life a white band will begin, and all the troubles and sorrows come to an end.
  • The insects' chorus in the morning symbolizes home cosiness and peace. This is a very good sign.
  • See the violinist on his bed - to love adventures.
  • I jumped on someone from the tenants in the apartment - to get acquainted with an interesting and good person.
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To kill

Accidentally or specially to kill cricket is a bad sign, it is possible to call upon yourself and your family serious problems and problems.

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How and why get rid of

If the owner of the house decided to catch an insect and release it on the street, then for him it could mean that wealth and grace will leave the house. Ancient peoples believed that the cricket can not be kicked out and it should live in the chosen place as much as it sees fit.

However, according to other signs, when a violinist leaves home alone, a disaster will come to the house. To avoid this, it is recommended to catch a new tenant, put it in a jar and take it out to the street.

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If there is a cricket in the house, the owners should choose according to their feelings, drive him out into the street or leave to live, but in no case kill an insect.

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  • Cricket, seen in a dream - a symbol of good, but at the same time and importunity. Sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday foreshadows little strife and quarrel, which will soon be forgotten.
  • A silent insect to see is a good sign, meaning that a person will not be forced to do what he does not want.
  • Fiddler galloped away and hid - says that a person needs to moderate his ardor and the habit of educating others about his advice, otherwise all friends and acquaintances will turn away from him.
  • Hear multiple sounds - to minor alarms.
  • Catch an insect - in real life try to find a compromise.
  • To see at home many crickets - to worry about their future.
  • Crush randomly - to troubles and illnesses.
  • Dead cricket foretells misfortune and trouble.
  • If you dreamed that an insect has fallen into a plate or a cup - it means that the foe will spoil the conceived business and will cause a lot of trouble.
  • To see a flying insect - to bad events, sometimes to death.
  • A flying cricket is a good sign. Departing, he takes with him all the adversities, misfortunes, failures and other problems. The black band disappears, white replaces it.
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