Is it a good or bad thing to break a mirror?

Since long ago, a mirror was considered a mystical object, endowed with magical power. Until now, superstition has survived, that its reflective surface is the door between two worlds, ours and the other world. Therefore, this subject is associated with many different signs and the most common is to break the mirror.

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    Look at the broken
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  • Smash in the house

    • Since ancient times it is believed that having broken an accidentally mirror on the street or at home, a person for 7 years dooms himself to trouble in the family, love relationships, career, with health. Spouses can move away from each other, begin to quarrel even over trifles, with conflicts often lingering, and often lead to divorce.
    • To an unmarried girl, an accidentally broken mirror threatens loneliness for 7 years.
    • If the reflective surface of the accessory does not break in the fall, but only cracked, then this is also a bad sign. Even a small cracks affect the state of human health, drawing energy and strength out of it. As a result, a person's mood is lost, he becomes listless and apathetic.

    • Mirror object cracked right in the hands - to disappointments in a close person.
    • A mirror in the house accidentally broken can also foreshadow the loss of a friend. If it suddenly fell by itself, then it promises the loss of loved ones.

    It is necessary to pay attention to the fact in which room the mirror broke:

    • Corridor - there is spoilage in the dwelling, it is necessary to inspect the pillows and the threshold, it is necessary to burn the found.
    • Living room - one of friends or friends is plotting against the owner of the house.
    • Bedroom - to a serious illness of one who sleeps in this room.
    • Bathroom - emotional restlessness, deception.
    • Child - to problems with the child.
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    Look at the broken

    The damaged mirror is endowed with the ability to absorb and accumulate energy both negative and positive. His sharp fragments can draw from one who sees in them his own reflection of life forces and energy. Therefore, one should never look into broken glass. Especially dangerous are the old mirror objects that have served for many decades and have managed to accumulate a large amount of negative energy, which is undesirable to be released outside.

    Sometimes, cracks may appear spontaneously on the surface of the mirror. It is believed that this way a powerful wave of negative energy emerges from the object, which can damage the biofield of a person who saw his reflection in it. If the mirror suddenly cracked, then it must be discarded immediately, and a new one should be hung on the empty space.

    If a person has seen his reflection, then, removing the debris, you need to cross them and read one of the strong prayers - Psalm 90, Our Father, or a prayer to the Holy Spirit. After saying the words: "Where the shards, there is trouble. Let it be just like that! "

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    Try to avoid potential troubles caused by a broken mirror if you fulfill the following conditions:

    • Carefully collect all the fragments and rinse them under running water, which, according to the beliefs, will help wash away the negative energy flows from the glass, cleaning the broken object. To wash it is necessary with words: "I wash, I remove bad, I wash off old with water, I pour out. Amen".
    • Take the church candle and light it in the place where the mirror was broken. The candle will clear the space of the negative energy that escaped outside after what happened.
    • Roll up the fragments in a dark cloth, tie it with a knot and bury it far away from the house with the following words: "Let the mirror break, trouble me( name) will not touch. Amen".
    • Place a new mirror in the place of the broken mirror.
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    At work

    A broken mirror foreshadows minor troubles, conflicts with superiors and staff that can lead to dismissal. Sometimes this promises change, some difficult situation or a long-standing problem that prevents promotion or development of an enterprise can be resolved.

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    To protect yourself from conflicts and troubles at work, you need to remove the glass in a package with a moistened broom, not looking in reflection, sprinkle with water and throw out of the enterprise. From a broom it is also recommended to get rid, as on it pieces of a glass can remain.

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    To split another's mirror

    This can be a definite sign for the owner and for the person who broke the object. Perhaps, between these people there will be a quarrel or a situation that will divorce them along different life roads, and they will never meet again.

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    The child has broken the mirror

    It will come true bad sign or not, it depends on the baby's mother. If the mother is positive and does not panic, then all the troubles and troubles will be bypassed. The only thing, you need to make sure that the child does not look like shards - it can make it painful and fearful. You need to clean the glass of your mother or godmother. In no case should you scold and scream at the baby, as you can provoke the appearance of fear in him, which will entail a string of troubles.

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    Positive aspects of

    Contrary to popular belief, there are good ones in the number of the broken mirror:

    • The self-fallen mirror frees itself and the surrounding space from anger, negativity, damage, curses. A powerful stream of negative energy dissipates and disappears without leaving a trace, while not bringing evil to anyone.
    • When the mirror is broken, you need to count the fragments, if you get an odd number, then the house will soon be a wedding.
    • In some countries, a mirror was specially smashed, if a sick person looked at it for a long time to dispel the mask of torment and suffering embodied in it. In place of the old hung a new one and looked at it only with a smile and a good mood, it was believed that in this case the disease would go away and soon recovery would come.
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    • To break a mirror in a dream - to the loss and betrayal of a loved one.
    • See that the mirror falls and splits into small pieces - to quarrels, minor troubles, possibly health problems;on large pieces - to great trouble, if it was in a silver or gold frame, then significant losses will be at work.
    • Dreams of its reflection in a broken mirror - the fact that only the closest people will support and help in a difficult situation.
    • Do not look at the broken mirror, but see it in your dream - to quick conflicts and troubles.
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