Variants of beautiful hairstyles in Greek style

In order to give the image a mystery, tenderness and elegance, the Greek style hairstyle is ideal. There are several dozen Greek hairstyles, but not all of them are available for creation at home. To look feminine and beautiful, you should try the following options.


  • bandage For short hair
  • With half-dished strands
  • Tail
  • Scythe
  • Lampadion
  • Evening
  • Wedding
  • With bandage

    A hairstyle with a rim or bandage in the Greek style is one of the simplest and available options for styling on medium and long hair.
    To create this version of the hairstyle you will need a bandage, a comb, hairpins and a varnish for fixing.

    Hair needs to be combed well. If they are straight from nature, then it is better to curl them. Do not make tight and tight curls, natural waves will be enough.
    After waving it is necessary to slightly comb the curls to give them a small volume.

    Next, put on a bandage over all the hair and, moving from face to neck, consistently tuck strands under it. If necessary, fix the hair with the hairpins. Release a few strands from the face of the bandage. Then spread the hair and fix it with lacquer.

    Creating a Greek hairstyle can be further simplified. Screw the curls and put the bandage on loose hair. And for a hairdress with a bang to fix a rim at its basis.

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    For short hair

    On short hair, you can also create a hairstyle in the Greek style. To do this, you need to give the locks a natural waviness, winding them in any convenient way.

    The hairstyle itself can be made in several variations. For a romantic evening, put the hair on an oblique parting, using small pins to fix the locks on the back of the head and put on the original decoration.

    For a more solemn occasion, comb the curls up in the occipital area, pretreated with gel.

    Learn how to create a stylish hairstyle "Shell" by yourself
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    With half-dished strands

    A natural ornament for long hair is a brace of braid.

    Long hair is good to comb and fold in half, making a beautiful Greek knot of them. Secure it to the back of the head. If the hair is done correctly, then the hairstyle will have a very magnificent appearance.

    In a simple version of daily styling in the style of Greek goddesses, you need to comb your hair back, while keeping the strands on the side free. Weave these strands in thin plaits or twist them in flagella and fasten them with invisible spines on the back of the head.

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    To make a classic version of the Greek hairstyle, you need to curl your hair, collect them in a low tail at the back of the neck and decorate them along the entire length with beads or ribbons. When forming the tail, you do not need to attach hair, they should not stick to your head.

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    Spit can transform any hairstyle. To create an image in the Greek style, it is necessary to divide the hair into two parts and braid into the braids, then lay them on the sides directing from the temples to the nape. A beautiful hairpin or a hair clip to fix the weaving. Loose hair should fall on your shoulders.

    There is another way of laying a braid for a Greek hairstyle. For example, put a beautiful crown out of a pigtail and fasten it with hairpins.

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    It's not easy to make a lamp yourself, but it's possible. Stacking resembles flames and looks very impressive.

    All hair needs to be split evenly. On the back of the head, select one strand, tie it at the base with a ribbon and curl it in a delicate, elongated curl. Repeat the action on the remaining hair, dividing them into strands. To the base of the central locks, fix the resulting locks with hairpins, and put the tips into a bun and fix the hair down at the bottom.

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    Any of the everyday hairstyles in the Greek style, decorated with more expensive and variegated hair ornaments, is worthy of reckoning with the evening.

    A high tiara with stones can be decorated with uplifted curls, and narrow - loose hair falling on the shoulders.

    Evening version of the volumetric beam in combination with several bandages made of stones will look just luxurious.

    Live flowers will look harmonious with braids.

    Original hairpins in the form of pink buds will give tenderness to the classical Greek tail.

    Accessories, must complement and emphasize the hairstyle, and also be combined with evening dress.

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    In Greek style, a bridal hairstyle fits any bride. It looks natural and majestic at the same time. This style can be decorated with a diadem, ribbons, beads or flowers.

    Exquisitely similar wedding hairstyle will look on long hair. To begin with, you need to select a few strands on the occipital area and fix them. The rest of the hair curl and leave freely to fall on the back and shoulders.

    Short hair can be wound and decorated with a beautiful rim.

    Wedding hairstyle can be created with the help of braids. It is enough to collect the bulk of the hair with a high hairstyle and braid it with several pigtails.

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