What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is a unique Russian city. It is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea and, separated from the territory of Russia, is surrounded on all sides by the CIS states. Kaliningrad - in a different way to Koenigsberg - has a rich, centuries-old history, a part of which any traveler who visits it wants to keep. Many tourists wonder: what souvenirs to bring with you from Kaliningrad?

  • Alcohol
  • Cognac "Old Koenigsberg"
  • Beer "Koenigsberg"
  • Sea buckthorn oil
  • Fish
  • Amber


Alcoholic presentations made directly in Kaliningrad will be appreciated by connoisseurs of quality, time-tested brands.

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Cognac "Old Kenigsberg"

This is the world famous brand of strong alcohol. Cognac is produced in the Kaliningrad region, under the supervision of French specialists and from French raw materials.

"Old Koenigsberg" is appreciated for its mild taste, turning into a pleasant vanilla aftertaste, a subtle smell and an amber color. Spilled into stylish bottles, he does not give up the position of one of the most chic Kaliningrad souvenirs. You can buy cognac in the alcohol department of almost any store.

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Beer "Koenigsberg"

This beer is considered to be a symbol of Kaliningrad. Famous far beyond the city limits, it is made exclusively from natural ingredients and is known for its fresh and rich taste. And no wonder, because it preserved the best traditions of German brewing. A foam drink of two varieties is produced: dark and light.

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Sea buckthorn oil

Kaliningrad region is a huge sea-buckthorn garden. This berry can be found in all sorts of variations: fresh, frozen, in the form of jam or medicinal oil. The latter is of particular interest. Issued in capsules and in glass bottles, it is intended for indoor and outdoor use, respectively.

Healing properties have made sea buckthorn oil, almost a remedy for all diseases: and wins burns, and tightens wounds, and struggles with complex oncological diseases. When asked what to bring from Kaliningrad from cosmetics, the answer is the same: sea buckthorn oil. It has a positive effect on the skin condition and slows its aging. Buy on the packaging of oil for yourself and loved ones you can in pharmacies or grocery stores.

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Since the Baltic Sea is close by, the city is famous for smoked fish. An amazing taste is achieved due to the lack of food additives and deep freezing. Have caught - have smoked. Literally at every corner is a counter with fish delicacies, but the most extensive choice is offered by the Central Market.

What kind of fish to bring from Kaliningrad? Cod, sea bass, pink salmon, chum, but the crown of fish creation is smoked eel. The Baltic sprats and fat Kaliningrad smelt are also very popular. In a word, smoked meat is a wonderful gift straight from the Baltic Sea.

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Amber products are the leader among souvenirs exported from Koenigsberg. This is explained by the fact that 90% of the world's amber reserves are concentrated in the Kaliningrad region. This beautiful stone can be found both on the beach and bought in one of the many jewelry stores.

Figurines, charms, pendants, ornaments, rough stones and even paintings of amber - the choice will impress the most sophisticated buyer. It is highly not recommended to purchase amber jewelry from street vendors: there is a great risk of buying a fake.

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In addition to amber from Kaliningrad, you can bring delicious chocolate and marzipan products, antiques, clothes, shoes and cosmetics. From Koenigsberg it is impossible to leave empty-handed.
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