All the secrets of delicious coffee in turk at home

Classic coffee is prepared in Turkish( Jezeol).Only such a drink allows you to fully experience a rich and deep taste. There are a lot of nuances and secrets: someone adds vanilla to the fragrance, someone prefers red pepper. Coffee can be prepared on milk, water, with the addition of cocoa, chocolate.


Classical step-by-step recipe
  • Arabic coffee
  • Turkish-style
  • With
  • foam With chocolate and hazelnut
  • With milk
  • Thinness and tricks
  • Which grade should I choose
  • What should the turd be
  • Classic step-by-step recipe

    Traditionally, coffee in Turks is prepared on specialplates in the hot sand. The cooking process is quite long, the sand gradually heats copper or ceramics, allowing water to be saturated with taste and aroma as much as possible. The easiest way to cook at home is to brew coffee in a Turk on gas or a stove. This will require:

    1. Prepare a Turk and a coffee cup. Classic coffee is served in small cups with a volume of 30-50 milliliters. Some coffee makers use cups up to 100 milliliters. It is brewed very strong, and such a portion is considered optimal.

    2. Pour in the Turkish water from the cups, the amount of water should correspond to portions, put the turkey on medium fire. When preparing 1 cup( 30-50 milliliters) it is recommended to add 10-20 milliliters of water, otherwise the sediment will occupy most of the cup.
    3. Add ground coffee( 1-2 teaspoons) and sugar to taste.
    4. When the water is slightly warm, it is necessary to mix everything thoroughly. After a stir it is already impossible.
    5. Wait until the ridge begins to foam and bubble. Remove from heat. Spill immediately if you want to get an average coffee strength. Let it brew for 10 minutes if you want strong coffee.
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    Arabic coffee

    The taste of coffee in Arabic differs by the presence of spices in the recipe. To prepare, you will need:

    • 100 milliliters of water;
    • 2-3 teaspoons of coffee;
    • 2 teaspoons of sugar;
    • pinch of cayenne ground pepper;
    • for ¼ teaspoon cardamom and cinnamon.

    Mix sugar with water and put in a turkey for a slow fire. After about a minute, pour in the coffee and mix. After the start of boiling, remove the turkey, let it cool down( 1-2 minutes), mix and then bring to a boil again. Before the last heating pour in the spices.

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    In Turkish

    The secret of cooking is that it needs to be cooked on low heat. For 2 servings, take 120 milliliters of water, sugar, mix and put on fire. As soon as the water warms up, add coffee grind and strong roasting, about 2-3 teaspoons.

    At the beginning of boiling( foam starts to move slightly), you need to remove the Turk from the fire and allow it to cool. Mix the coffee at the same time. As soon as the foam settles, it is again necessary to put it on the stove. Repeat procedure at least 4 times.

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    foam Penka is a cap that forms on the surface. To prepare, you need 100 milliliters of water, 2-3 teaspoons of coffee( the smaller the grinding, the more gentle it will be foam), sugar. He cooks on a slow fire.

    As soon as small bubbles appear on the surface, the Turk should be removed from the fire and let the foam settle. She tightly closes the drink, allowing him to languish and become saturated with aroma. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times. To save the foam, carefully, using a spoon, "lay out" on the cups.

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    With chocolate and hazelnut

    For 100 milliliters of water 2 teaspoons of ground coffee, 20 grams of roasted hazelnut, a teaspoon of cocoa, 1-2 teaspoons of sugar, 20 grams of dark chocolate. Cooking as a classic coffee, but with coffee add and cocoa. After the spill on the cups, sprinkle with grated chocolate and crushed nuts.

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    With milk

    The recipe is similar to the classic, but instead of water, milk is used. It needs to be heated in a Turk, add coffee, sugar, mix thoroughly and bring to a boil. If the coffee is ground coarse, the procedure must be repeated 2-3 times.

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    Subtlety and tricks of

    To properly weld coffee in a Turkish, you need to know a few tricks:

    • it should be cooked on low / low heat;
    • to achieve the optimum taste of grind grain immediately before cooking;
    • grind grain you need as small as possible. Ideal if the milling resembles dust;
    • coffee should be added to slightly warmed water;
    • after removing the Turks from the fire, the last time you can not mix the drink, it can lose the foam, in which the taste is concentrated;
    • to save the foam, it can be spread out with a spoon on the cups;
    • coffee can not be boiled. When boiling, it loses its taste;The drink is only brought to a state close to boiling.
    • for flavor can add a little vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, red pepper to choose from.
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    Which variety to choose

    The most common group of coffee varieties for Turks is arabica. These varieties have a fairly mild taste and aroma. For fans of a stronger coffee, a group of robusta varieties is suitable.

    Of these groups of varieties, the best in the world in terms of price / quality ratio are the following:

    • Bourbon Santos is a Brazilian variety. Gives a bitter taste with noticeable sweet and sour notes.
    • Maragogip is a Mexican variety. Has an inconsistent taste for an amateur. This variety or like immediately and forever or disgusts.
    • Manisal is a Cuban variety. Known for its strength, bitterness and strong aroma.
    • Huila Excelso is a Colombian variety. Known for its fruity notes and lightness.
    • Maracaibo is a Venezuelan variety. It has an unusual wine taste.
    • Caracas is a Venezuelan variety. Known for being one of the best in the world with the aroma of coffee. Santo Domingo is a Haitian cultivar. One of the strongest coffee.
    • The Blue Mountains of Jamaica( Jamaica Blue Mountain) is a Haitian variety. Ripened grains of unusual bluish hue, and taste is famous for nutty notes.
    • Seven Lakes is a Rwandan variety. It has an unusual chocolate flavor.
    • Tanzanian pea berry( Tanzanian Peaberry) is a Tanzanian variety. Known bright apricot aroma with notes of brandy and almonds.
    • Ruiruiru( Ruiruiru) is a Kenyan variety. One of the most unusual varieties, the drink from it changes its taste when used. At first it is sweet, but by the end of the cup begins to give spices and bitter.
    • Blawan is an Indonesian variety with a pronounced strawberry-strawberry taste and chocolate flavor.
    • Karnataka is an Indian variety with a barely noticeable sourness and perfect taste.
    • Copi-luvak or Luvak is a Vietnamese variety. It has a delicate bitterness, chocolate flavor and berry aftertaste.
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    What Turd must be

    Turks can have different volume, material of manufacture and shape. The best choice will be a copper or ceramic Turk with a narrow neck. The volume should be chosen depending on how many people are planned to cook this drink for 1 time. Turks with a wide neck not so good preserve flavor and taste.

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