With what to wear jeans

Everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that jeans - it's universal clothing and therefore it can be worn with anything. But this is not so. There are some rules that are derived, which must be strictly adhered to, so as not to look ridiculous. Fortunately, these rules and nuances are not so many and they all relate to certain models of jeans.

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figure type Wearing

main requirementsto all jeans models:

  • Length. Incorrectly chosen length of jeans can make a girl visually fuller, legs shorter, and thighs wider. The correct jeans come in only two types: long and short;
  • Landing at the waist. Fashion is coming back from the past and that's why jeans with a low waist go into the background. They make the legs shorter and because of such a landing all underwear is visible. And it looks vulgar and ugly. But you do not need to clamp your waist;
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  • Size. The right size is the most important thing;

  • Color. To date, the most unfortunate color is light blue. According to many designers jeans with such a shade have long been thrown out in the trash, because this is the last century.
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Almost every person in the wardrobe can find some classic jeans. And it's very right to have such a thing, since it will fit many styles. Thanks to them, the woman of fashion can correct her image and play it correctly.

Combine classic jeans you need right. If they are of a dark color, then wearing a milky official blouse and jacket, you can look in a business style. It is enough to add ballet flats, stoles, to surround the hair, put on sunglasses and the everyday image is ready.

But with such jeans you can have a romantic image. For this it is necessary to put on an air tunic and gird it with a thin leather strap at the hip level. The final chord in this composition will be ballet flats and a small handbag on the chain.

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Lately in the wardrobe of girls you can see a huge number of men's clothing. And this is all because at the moment it became very fashionable to have women's clothes with a male cut. This applies to jeans, which became known as boyfriends. They do not look neat, with holes and scuffs.

Before you buy these jeans, you need to think completely the image, since many then do not know what to do with the new boyfriends. In the first place, it is not worth buying such jeans for the lush and short girls, because they because of their length visually shorten the legs and make the hips wider.

Designers recommend wearing such jeans with tight tops or monophonic jerseys. You can supplement the image with the help of cardigans and boleros. Also fit tight-fitting blouses or loose cut shirt.

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Narrow jeans

In another way such jeans are called skinnies. Girls have an erroneous opinion that skins are suitable only for young people with perfect legs. Narrow jeans will look on any figure, the main thing is to choose the right model and accessories. For example, with a skinny you can put on a belt and a tunic. If you wear such an outfit, you will remain in a double win: a narrow cover of jeans will emphasize your slender legs, and a belt on the tunic - a beautiful waist. In fact, narrow jeans will look great with any things.

As for shoes that can be worn with narrow variants of these pants, then your choice should stop on ankle boots, half-boots or closed classic shoes. And necessarily a high heel.

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With an overstated waist

Jeans with high waist were fashionable back in the 80s of the last century, and they again returned to fashion. Their advantage is absolutely obvious. They look very nice and give slenderness and elegance. But in order to wear them, you need to have a perfect figure. The girl should not have any problems with folds on the abdomen and waist.

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These jeans will look great with a plain shirt and blouse. This image is suitable for every day. If an evening walk with friends is planned, then jeans can be worn with a large t-shirt, cardigan or jumper. Shoes for these jeans are needed on a high heel or platform.

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Gray jeans

Any light-colored women's jeans can embellish any image, even if you wear not new things. In addition, gray is considered universal, to which almost everything is suitable. Also, he is able to create a stylish harmony with brighter colors. You can wear gray jeans with monotonous T-shirts or tops, as well as in combination with long or short tunics.

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Another important point in how to wear gray jeans is that they should sit perfectly on the figure. In addition, low trouser landing is less preferable compared to the average landing.

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White jeans

The beauty and popularity of white color can not be argued. White jeans have become fashionable back in the late 80-ies of the last century. They remain relevant today. Such white trousers can be worn at parties, and at business meetings. They are at the peak of popularity in both summer and spring.

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This color is in perfect harmony with the rest. You can wear white with white jeans, but do not forget that there must be a bright element in the image, which can be an accessory. Also, white color can be combined with soft pastel tones and look beautiful at the same time. Checkered shirt and sunglasses and you already look like a kizhual. If the street is autumn or winter, then white jeans can be worn with a light jacket in the style of a safari or with a knitted sweater.

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Since modern fashion is very diverse, hence, jeans can be not only in classical shades. Color models of jeans are combined with monophonic light blouses, shirts or T-shirts. In cool weather, it is fashionable to supplement the image with classic jackets of black or white color, as well as any other that fits in color with jeans. As for shoes, it can be, both on low and high speed. Having a pair of bright jeans in the wardrobe you can create new images every day. And make them even more interesting will help properly selected accessories. A bag in tone with jeans or contrast jewelry will make the girl stylish and attractive.

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With black jeans you can change hourly images and at the same time always remain attractive and irresistible. In everyday life for walking with friends, black jeans are best worn with T-shirts of different colors. When going to work, you can also wear black jeans, but it is desirable that they be strictly cut. From above on a light blouse it is best to wear a shortened or long fitted jacket.

In the evening, you can go to black jeans for a date, but before that it is necessary to think over the top. A beautiful tunic in pastel colors will be an excellent ally with jeans, create a romantic mood and point to femininity and refinement.

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Blue jeans are a symbol of modernity and they can be worn for any occasion. Do not think long over what to wear with blue jeans. The answer is very simple. They are suitable for almost everything: from monophonic T-shirts to multicolored tunics. Any chosen set to spoil is simply impossible. In this case, there is only one small condition. The color should go. And you should consider where you are going. If this is a date, then it is necessary to put on softer and soothing tones. And if you go to the office, then you need a more rigorous image.

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A new wave gradually into modern fashion burst jeans flares, which were once an indispensable attribute of the image of the hippies. Today they are more feminine, more gentle and neat. Therefore, many girls agree to wear them. However, the style of the hippie did not disappear completely, which was reflected in the selection of the top part of the outfit, in which one of the elements are jeans flares: bright t-shirts and tops, colorful tunics and floral blouses.

Here, such jeans will be an excellent combination with a monophonic light top and classic jewelry as ornaments. By this you will emphasize the tenderness and lightness of your image. As for shoes, then, perhaps, the best option here is any shoes with a thin sole, for example, sandals of the Greek style. Wearing such shoes is not only fashionable, but also comfortable, especially when compared to heels.

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I buy ragged jeans can be considered an extraordinary personality. In fact, they look very sloppy, but in combination with different tops, you can create new images daily. They were fashionable back in the last century and remain at the peak of popularity so far.

All designers unanimously say that every detail in the image should not be superfluous. Therefore, dressing ripped jeans for a business meeting, study or work is not worth it. It will look vulgar and completely inappropriate.

If you buy jeans with huge holes, then the top should be softer and light. In this image, the whole emphasis should be on jeans. If you choose a more relaxed version of these jeans, then you can safely wear bright blouses, sweaters and tunics. Do not forget about the rock classics and wear a leather jacket with tattered jeans. Fortunately, with any jeans, it looks like any shoes, especially sneakers.

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Nowadays jeans are often decorated with rhinestones. If in the 90's it was fashionable to wear completely zadekorirovannye jeans, now advise that they were in a moderate amount. Previously, jeans with sequins worn only for parties, and now they are great for a day out. These jeans are amazingly suitable for any image.

Also popular with decor materials, for example: leather or lace inserts.

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Choice of a jeans style according to the figure type

For women with an hourglass figure, jeans flared from the knee, as well as with a high fit and classic jeans. Refuse to have a skinny jeans, since they weight the hips.

For pear women, the flare is also suitable, but from the hip. This type of figure should not be worn super-narrow skinny, especially if they are with decor.

Type apple should also think about jeans-gloves or with a high fit. As for the skinnie, women with such a figure can wear them only under one condition, if they hide their belly under a jacket or coat.

Models with a triangle shape or an inverted triangle should pay attention to those jeans that give the volume to the hips. So they can balance the upper and lower parts of the body. Many women have a figure like the models, which means that they have a rectangle type. It is skinny just created for these women and will look at them perfectly.

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