With what you can wear a red dress

The red dress needs a special approach. Especially in the selection of a combination of colors and accessories. When choosing accessories, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances, but the result will always be bright and memorable. Indeed, it is the image of a woman in red that is considered the sexiest in many cultures and countries of the world.

  • We select the combination of colors
  • We select the accessories

We select the combination of colors

The red has many shades and the choice in the blind here will not work. An incorrectly selected shade can underline skin imperfections or make your natural beauty gray.

For owners of faded skin with blond hair and light eyes, you must choose a red dress of reserved tones and a pink or orange dab. Suits shades of mountain ash and raspberries.

For girls with beige skin, dark blond or light chestnut hair, more saturated colors of red, such as shades of red roses, scarlet tones of red wine and ruby ​​tones, are suitable.

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Red-haired young women should choose shades with pink or with a slope to a carrot or amber color.

Well, best of all, the red color is in harmony with the data of girls with dark skin, who have dark or black hair.

For them, the choice of the color gamut of red is not limited.

Please take into account the color range of accessories. In itself, the red dress is already in the lead in the ensemble. To rich red shades, the accessory should choose the same saturated, but opposite shades. For example, under cold red accessories of cold emerald black color, and for warm rowan will be appropriate warm gold tones.

Classics is the selection of accessories in black, gold, beige, silvery tones.

A good choice and accessories in calm and neutral tones( gray, white, ash pink).

With a competent approach to a red dress, you can choose the accessories of the red palette. For example, if the dress is light red, the clutch may be dark ruby ​​or pomegranate.

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We select accessories

The rule of red dress is simple - the less, the better. Nothing in your appearance should attract attention, except for the dress. Accessories can only complement, but not protrude. As jewelry, and handbags, shoes and other accessories are better to choose the non-masculine, the most simple, but elegant.

Shoes just have to be classic and nigromostkoy. Beautifully fit shoes, boats or neat sandals of beige, black, milk, coffee or white.

Pantyhose under a red dress is better to choose bodily shades, matte. An interesting solution is with white or milky shades. Under some colors of red, gray and black tones are suitable.

Of all the types of bags, choose a clutch.

Also, the length of the dress dictates the rules for the selection of accessories. The shorter the dress, the more spacious the accessories can be and vice versa.

The most universal shape for a red dress is a dress-case, a red dress in a cage or a line fits for everyday wear, a dress with an open back for a solemn event, a mini-style made of leather or with lace is suitable for club atmosphere.

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