Crochet crochet summer hats

Knitted lace summer headdresses are able to radically transform and supplement the image. Such products, as a rule, are crocheted, so that you can achieve a feeling of airiness in the patterns. Similar hats will suit both girls and adult girls.

  • Hat shapes and patterns
  • Berets
  • Panama
  • Cap
  • Hat
  • Decorating the finished product

Shaped caps and patterns

Almost all the classic headgear styles can be made with yarn. The most acceptable for the summer season are light delicate berets, Panama, recognizable captain's cap and, of course, a classic wide-brimmed hat.

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Coming from a French style in clothes, this oneThe accessory is incredibly refined to complement the autumn images, but for the summer it will do, if some other knitted element is present in the ensemble.

Crochet of such a summer cap is most suitable for beginners. Berets are very simple in performance, but the complexity will also depend on the chosen pattern.

In the presented scheme the pattern is simple. Repeat it will be able to anyone who is familiar with the basics of mastery in general.

To perform this beret you will need about 200-220 grams of yarn and hook number 3.Work begins at the epicenter of the product. Work through the circle-center, then reach the beginning of the pattern: tie in each arch of three air loops of three unfinished columns with a common peak and two air loops between them.

Work on this pattern, evenly reducing one motive in six places. Periodically try on the product. When the headdress snugly sits on the head, you can process the edge of the beret. For example, do as shown in the diagram: tie two or three rows of columns without a crochet.

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Traditionally, Panamas are made of straw or cotton fabric. They can be wide-brimmed and with small margins or tightly encircle the head.

For manufacturing it is recommended to take yarn from viscose and cotton( 70 grams) and hook number 3.The main pattern is knitted in a circle and is called the "loop behind the eyelet".The second pattern - "seashells" also knits in a circle.

After fitting, the bottom is tied with two rows of columns without a crochet.

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For classical captain's cap it is desirable to use a yarn of two colors of the marine palette: white and blue, for example. Also for the decor will not hurt a small anchor and a golden braid over the visor.

Work on the headdress goes in two stages: first over the base, then over the visor.

Legend in the diagram:

  • cross - column without crochet;
  • check mark with a cross - two columns without a crochet with one base( addition);

Each row starts with two air lifts and one-base half-shell( addition)

Each row is completed with two half-columns with one base( addition).

The finished visor must be ironed through the fabric to keep it in shape.

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This headpiece with clear, standing margins is suitable for both evening and everyday wear, especially at the resort.

To carry out a simple product, you need 50-100 grams of yarn and hook No. 1,25.The result of this scheme of the summer cap is suitable for both girls and older women. Everything depends on the coloring and final decoration.

Start work begins with a set of chains of four air loops, which are closed in a circle.

First row: three air lifting loops, eleven columns with a crochet in the formed ring. The series is completed with a connecting post.

Row of the second: three air lifting loops plus one column with a crochet in the first air lifting loop, two air loops for two bars with a crochet into the next column with the crochet of the previous one from the hook of the row. Repeat up to ten times. End the row with a connecting post.

The third row: three air loops, one column with a crochet in the next column with a crochet of the previous from the row hook, two air loops, two columns with a crochet in the next column with a cuff of the previous row, one column with a crochet in the next column with a crochet of the previous row,two air loops, repeat up to ten times and complete the series with a connecting post.

Next work according to the scheme.

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Decorating the finished product

And the last touch of knitting is a decoration.

A ready-made knitted hat you can decorate with an original crocheted brooch of the same color, or vice versa, of a contrasting color. Appliques and pompoms can also become an ornament.

Finally, you can sew it with beads or rhinestones. For babies, crocheted funny "ears" or a pretty face on a hat, details of which - eyes, mouth and nose, will also be crocheted.

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If you are just trying to crochet, a product such as a summer hat is ideal for the first practice. It is fast, even if you just learn. In the future, you will need no more than three hours to tie a gift to a friend, baby, your loved ones or please yourself with a new accessory.

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