What you can wear in winter

Very often, many women in winter try to hide behind voluminous down jackets and fur coats, preferring warmth and comfort to stylish novelties. That's right, but the arrival of winter is not an occasion to forget about the style, because if you want it is very easy to look attractive and bright at any time of the year.

  • What styles in clothes are suitable for winter
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  • The color scale of the winter wardrobe
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What styles in clothes are suitable for winter

Let's look at several styles,which can be successfully used in the selection of new details of the winter wardrobe and the formation of original images.

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For each day

To create warm winter sets directly for everyday wear, the best style is casual, characterized by the use of soft and comfortable fabrics, for example, knitwear, cotton, cashmere and wool combined with a convenient and practical cutclothes. Kazhual allows multi-layered detailing and the use of all kinds of accessories. The main rule of this style is convenience, naturalness and absence of shocking.

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In addition to casual, you should pay attention to the relaxed style of oversize( oversize).It is simply ideal for the autumn-winter period, since it assumes the wearing of things of bulk, sometimes even baggy cut from cashmere, natural wool, tweed, drape. For the style of overselling, it is important to use a large mating. Preferred colors are white, beige, blue, gray, black.

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On the evening of

Evening fashion in winter dictates its own rules. For it is actual use of warmer and dense fabrics, cut dresses with long sleeves and cutouts under the throat. The length of the skirt is preferably midi or maxi. If this closeness seems unacceptable to you, then you can choose models with open shoulders or back or with a deep V-neck and complement them with a fur cape, shawl, stole or boa. The color scheme when choosing an evening dress strikes a variety of shades: red, fuchsia, black, white, cream, silver, gold, blue, green, wine. Trend fabrics: velvet, chiffon, lace or thin jersey.

If the dress code of the event assumes a more restrained style, then as a basis for creating an image you can take an ordinary black dress and complement it with a contrasting ribbon at the waist, a brooch or a luxurious necklace and a bracelet.

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To work

As in any other season, a business style that is characterized by strict conservative frames, but welcoming all sorts of restrained additions in the form of a game of color, texture and the use of discreet refined accessories will suit the creation of a stylish image for work. In winter models of business style, the advantage is most often given to natural fabrics: tweed, wool, cashmere, jersey, cotton, silk. Their nobility is emphasized by different shades of white, gray, black, blue, green, brown and peach colors.

The ideal choice for a stylish winter in the office can be an elegant wool suit or a restrained knitted dress-case in combination with a string of pearls or a neck scarf.

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The color scale of the winter wardrobe

Women prefer the reserved dark colors when choosing the upper things of the winter wardrobe, as it is quite practical. But at the same time, nobody canceled bright colors. You can add a winter image of paints, adding it with a headdress of an interesting bright color or a bright scarf, scarf, mittens, gloves. You can also create a proper mood with properly selected shoes combined with a handbag.

As for flowers, the most popular in winter at all times will remain white, black, red, burgundy, pastel beige, gray, blue, green and dark blue.

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The choice of outerwear depends largely on your daily lifestyle and circumstances. If you can afford to wear a fur coat - this is the most ideal option for such a cold season. Natural fur will warm and beautify any woman, especially since he will never go out of fashion. Do not welcome natural fur? Wear an artificial, which recently in appearance and quality is not inferior to natural.

For more damp and fickle weather, an alternative to a fur coat can be down jackets, which have a lot of styles. Depending on the style, you can choose a short jacket or long coat, fitted or straight model, solid or with an original print.

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If you want to avoid the increase in the shapes that a blown down jacket can provide, pay attention to the quilted and fitted models of thin down jackets with light synthetic fillers.

Quite a convenient option for winter are winter suits, which migrated to modern everyday fashion from the ski slopes. They provide remarkable freedom of movement and perfectly protect against the cold, thanks to the use of modern light and breathable materials and fillers. Any active fashionista can choose the desired model from a variety of styles and colors.

An ideal choice for a cold winter will be a park jacket. This military-style thing is characterized by the simplicity of cut, the lack of decorative elements and the use of rough materials, but thanks to this the park is perfectly protected from the cold even in windy weather and quite comfortable with daily wear. Its distinctive features are lightning along the entire length of the product and the presence of kulis, pulling the jacket on the belt, cuffs and the bottom line.

Adherents of elegant clothes are better off choosing a warm coat. No matter which model you choose, long or short, straight or straight, with a hood or fur collar, with a volume belt, patterns or embroidery - winter coats can be a good option for everyday wear, the main thing is for you to be warm and comfortable in it. The greatest popularity recently acquired a coat-oversize.

And do not forget about natural and artificial sheepskin coats, although recently this kind of outerwear is less popular, since it is quite heavy, especially if you choose long models.

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But what can not be denied is the amazing ability of the sheepskins to keep the heat even in severe frosts.

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Here, the choice of a winter wardrobe is also largely dependent on the way of life. But, despite the circumstances, the women's wardrobe for winter should include several comfortable sweaters of different styles, warmed pants of classic cut, a pencil skirt made of a dense fabric a little just below the knee, a comfortable pullover, tight jeans, a warm knitted dress or a sweater dress.

If you have leggings, leggings, skinny trousers or tight jeans in your wardrobe, then it is better to wear them with an extended shirt or sweater in the oversize style under sneakers, timbers, ugg boots or knee boots in winter. As the outer clothing can go to the jacket-park, and complement the image will help a three-dimensional scarf and sunglasses.

Picking up jeans in winter, you should prefer a wider model of dark denim shade. They can be worn with all kinds of swiss shirts, shirts and knitted sweaters in Scandinavian style. No less impressive will be the combination of jeans with a turtleneck and fur vest. Shoes should be chosen depending on style and circumstances.

A wonderful set for walking in the winter can be a long skirt combined with a shortened sheepskin coat and boots at low speed.

But the trapeze skirt, short dress and elegant shorts will look great with tight leggings or golf, over thin kapron tights. Under this image, you can put on a coat-oversize knee length with three-dimensional leather boots or high boots.

To emphasize the length of your legs will help tights of any shade with a vertical pattern. It is correct to choose tights perfectly matching the color of the shoes and one or two shades lighter or darker than dresses or skirts. But if you want, you can experiment and play with colors, for example, picking up pantyhose in the tone of a scarf or purse.

To protect yourself from cold weather, try to wear tights of more than 100 den, containing woolen threads, cotton, microfiber, cotton and lycra.

In case the office dress code allows for the wearing of oversize trousers, it is better to combine them with elegant fitted shirts and heeled boots. Ideally, the employee of the office in winter will perfectly suit the dress-case complete with a knitted cardigan and boots to the knee, a pencil skirt with a tight sweater with a neck clamp, and also classic wool suits.

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Heat and stability are the main requirement for winter footwear. Relevance is high warm boots to the knee and higher on a stable heel or, in general, without it. Also for the winter, you can choose comfortable and warm ugg boots or thermal boots, the coloring and cutting of which recently has a great variety.

Wear large enough shoes on the thick soles in winter not to freeze, in this respect lunar boots( moon boot) are especially popular lately. They have a rather interesting, even futuristic look, repeating the shape of the astronaut's shoes, but what they do not take away is the amazing ability to keep the heat even at temperatures down to -40 degrees.

Picking up stylish timbers or warm cowboy boots for a winter park under a jacket, you will definitely not lose it and will always look and be fashionable and comfortable.

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Must have any winter season - these are fur or fur-decorated accessories: hats, mittens, clutches, collars and handbags, they always look actual.

Picking up a hat, first of all it is necessary to be guided by its style, the good choice of styles at the moment is quite large from cashmere berets and knitted hoods to original jockey hats and fur ear flaps. Do not like caps - wear winter headphones or scarves.

A separate section is worth devoting to the topic of how to wear scarves. When choosing a scarf, the first thing to look out for is material such as natural wool, angora or cashmere. Secondly, you should determine the color and pattern of the product. Try to choose a scarf in terms of contrast, so that it looked great in combination with the outer clothing, but its pattern did not spoil the overall ensemble. Ideally, the scarf pattern should not match the pattern on the sweater or dress. Third, decide on the form, for example, under the coat with a turndown collar, a three-dimensional scarf will perfectly suit, and under the jacket with a collar-stand it is better to choose a smooth but wide scarf. Separately, it should be noted volume scarf-yoke, which can successfully replace even the headdress or hood, without damaging the stowage.

Sometimes an originally knotted scarf or neck scarf can easily compete with decorative accessories.

Sometimes on snowy sunny days in the winter can not do without sunglasses. Try to choose models with a slight blackout or with colored glasses in a coarse and thick frame.

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