How to remove paint from clothes

The appearance of a stain from the paint does not mean that the clothes are completely spoiled or need to be cleaned. If you make efforts, then such pollution can be deduced and independently. The most important thing is to try not to allow the paint to dry on clothes. Also remember that the faster you start to remove stains, the more likely you will not leave a trace of their presence.

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Basic ways of

It is not difficult to remove stain on clothes from watercolor or gouache: you will have to wash laundry soap or laundry detergent with laundry soap. But if the stain is formed from contact with oil paint, then its removal will cause a lot of trouble.

First of all, a small amount of turpentine, kerosene, acetone or alcohol should be applied to ordinary cotton wool, depending on the material from which the clothes were made. Next, a wet fleece needs to gently wipe the stain, removing excess paint from the clothes. Acetone is not suitable for leather products, as well as synthetics. If the material has a strong shedding property, then it is not recommended to use ammonia.

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No less effective way to remove stains from oil paint is refined gasoline. This method is also suitable for removing the old stain from paint, dried paint, including stains from hair dye. You can buy this miracle product in one of the shops that specializes in household goods. This substance is easy to use, as well as other products that remove stains, just moisten a piece of cotton wool in it and process the dirt. As for gasoline, which refueled the tank of the car, then it can not cope with the task. Perhaps the main spot with its help, you can withdraw, but next to the clothes there will be a few more spots, and then this thing can be considered completely spoiled.

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Removing paint from woolen clothes

The most difficult and troublesome task is the removal of stains from paint that appeared on the product of cashmere and wool. Here, when choosing an effective remedy, you must be extremely careful - alcohol, gasoline and acetone do not fit. For example, if a stain from oil paint or acrylic paint appeared on a coat or woolen jacket, then it is necessary to use ordinary sunflower oil.

If the moment is lost, and the paint has already managed to crochet into clothes, then it will take more effort, and the effect may be far from desired. First, using a knife or razor gently, so as not to damage the thing, you need to try to clean the crust of dried paint. Then rub alcohol or acetone with a spot. Thus, you can achieve that the paint will gradually dissolve, and it will be possible to remove its excess. Then there will be only the task to get rid of the remaining trace of the spot. Since this procedure can be long enough to not rub the paint even deeper into the fabric, it is worth several times to change the fleece. To fix the result, you need to process the place where there was still a spot, a strong solution of soda.

If you manage to get rid of contamination, cleaned clothing separate from your other things should be rinsed in warm water, since the smell, for example, of gasoline or turpentine can be passed on to them. After rinsing, it is necessary to take the processed thing to fresh air to eliminate the odor residue.

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Removing paint from white clothing

For white and light things, a method using laundry soap and white toothpaste is suitable. First, a thick layer of toothpaste should be applied to the stain. Leave it to dry a little, but not until it dries completely. Then carefully, but without strong pressure, soap and soap in warm water. If necessary, the procedure must be repeated.

It is also possible to use a means for washing glasses( transparent, not painted in any color).This agent must be applied abundantly on the stain, leave for a while.

If the stain is old, it is worthwhile to hold a patch of contaminated cloth in the window cleaner until the paint begins to lag behind the fabric.

After it is necessary to stretch the fabric with soap.

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