Making a stocking doll from kapron step by step

In the modern market, there is never a shortage of design options for dolls. Despite this, handmade dolls still remain desirable and most in demand. But not everyone can sew a doll. But to make a doll from pantyhose is every girl's power. Together with your child you can create a whole puppet theater.

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Features of manufacturing

To date, the top of the skill is a stocking-frame doll. Such toys are very nice to hold, and they look like toy people.

Inside these dolls is a very light material that resembles cotton wool. And it's called sintepon. The rest of the work depends only on the imagination of the master. With these two materials, you can make a nose, eyes, face of any shape and size. Hosiery technique is very simple and you do not need to be a child prodigy to figure it out.

The main thing in manufacturing is to correctly and in the right place add bendings with threads, which form the features of the face or limbs and bends of the body. The second point is the formation of a framework that simulates the proportions of a person or a child. But the frame is not always necessary if the toy only generates features of the person, as, for example, in this master class.

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Basics of

Technique Begin by forming the head of a hosiery toy. In this case it will be a double toy-cherry.

Fold the cut sleeve of the sweater into a tight ball, the sweater can be replaced with a synthepone, as in our case. It should be hard to touch and dense enough. The diameter of the head remains at your discretion. Shove the folded sintepon in the stocking sock and tie at the base.

Now it's time to move on to nylon stockings that will go over the workpiece. Pull the nylon over the head of the toy and tie it at the base. Cut off excess tissue, it will not be needed.

After that, so that the face of the hosiery toy showed the main features, start to shape them as shown in the photo.

Next, form the spout of the toy, collecting the circular piece of fabric in the place where it should be, and fixing it with a needle and thread.

First, work your head, and go to the body only when the head is completely ready. Initially, it is necessary to make eyes, mouth toys. You can also draw cheeks, designate cheekbones, using a weak solution of watercolor paints or acrylic.

Just do not overdo it with acrylic. In any case, it is worth to practice on an unnecessary cut of nylon, before working with a toy.

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When the head of the product is completely made, go to the creation of handles, legs that are made bya similar principle.

On your toes, make your fingers shorter and mark the stitches with the heels.

When the legs and handles are ready, connect them to the workpiece.

loading. ..

You also need to make yarn or wool for felting your hair, choosing their length and type of hairstyle at your discretion. If you did not have to create hair earlier, it's better to make simple tails or pigtails. To do this, cut about 40-50 threads of yarn, fold them together and tie them in two places so that the distance between the knots is the same as the distance between the temples of the toy, ate along the circumference.

Next, simply put on the wig like a hat, straightening the yarn. Hide the nodes under the tape. To ensure that the yarn is fastened securely, sew it in two places.

Now you need to glue or draw your eyes, tint your lips and cheeks a little.

This work on the craft can be considered complete.

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