Female haircuts on medium length of hair without bangs

Haircuts for medium hair are suitable for women of all ages, because they are very special in beauty, style and give the person soft feminine features. Thanks to such a haircut without a bang goes unnecessary childishness of the image. Mowing on an average length can make the appearance more elegant and stressed.

  • Cascade
  • A scaffold
  • Bob
  • Page
  • Wavy hair


With a haircuts cascade, a woman with medium hair can show her personality, and the absence of a bang in the image gives a special piquancy, opening the upper face.

As a rule, the cutting levels start from the chin line, but the border can be slightly raised. In this hairstyle, hair can be shortened all around the perimeter, giving the hair the effect of multilayeredness from the very top.

For a round and square face fit more voluminous haircut on the crown. Owners of the oval face shape should better abandon the volume at the top of the head.

Lovers try to experiment with one of the variants of the cascade - a ragged haircut.

If desired, using oblique slicing, you can make an imitation of the bangs on one side. It is necessary to make such a parting and fix the curls in the face of invisible persons.

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The scaffold

The scaffold is an excellent version of the graduated haircut for medium hair.

The variant without a bang is suitable for those who have symmetrical and regular facial features. Depending on the shape of the head and the structure of the hair, it can be performed in three versions:

  • along the face oval;
  • at the tips or the crown;
  • along the entire length.

Haircut implies keeping a length in which short strands are in harmony with longer strands. Hair, located closer to the face, is cut shorter. Changing the length of the front side strands, you can open or hide cheekbones and cheeks.

Thin hair such a haircut is able to give a natural volume, thick will make obedient and airy.

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A scaffold can exist as an independent hairstyle. To look good with such a haircut, it is enough to comb the clean hair, after all, with the correct haircut, the strands themselves will take the necessary shape. To make more extensive packing it is possible by means of the hair dryer and a round comb.

The proprietors of strongly curly and hard hair professionals recommend to refuse this type of haircuts.

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Bob is a voluminous haircut that will show all the beauty of medium-length hair. Bob from the square has a short nape compared to the front strands and lack of bangs.

This haircut on medium hair can have a rounded shape or have distinct sharp borders.

Excessive volume on the vertex should be avoided by women with an elongated face.

Any asymmetry gives this hairstyle an individuality. Bob without bangs looks especially harmonious, if one side of the hairstyle is slightly shorter than the other.

If you straighten the hair with iron and raise your hair at the back of your head, you will get a spectacular retro image.

Extra volume of haircut bobs are able to give such types of staining as highlighting and coloring. For daring fashionable women, the brightest and brightest shades will do. The narrow colored strands, arranged in a chaotic order visually make the hair more dense and voluminous.

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No less popular with modern fashionistas with medium hair is a three-dimensional haircut page. It should be noted that the version of the page without bangs appeared more recently and is more suitable for a round, oval and triangular face.

This haircut is a straight hair, up to shoulder level with tucked ends, thanks to cascading haircut. The hairstyle has a pronounced round shape, the almost straight line of the back part smoothly passes into the lateral strands.

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This haircut is ideal for shapely girls of short stature. She will make high ladies disproportionate, and plump visually add weight.

A good addition to the cutting of the page on the average length of the hair can be the coloring or highlighting of the strands.

Styling in retro style will always be on top. To do this, you need to do the hair, comb your hair back and fix it with varnish.

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Wavy hair

Beaver and cascade haircuts are ideal for curly hair of medium length, curls under their own weight will beautifully fall over the shoulders, getting the right shape.

Professionals who prowl curly locks recommend parting in zigzags rather than straight. Effectively will look combed back strands or styling in the style of grunge.

It is undesirable to experiment with coloring, highlighting and ladder, since the additional volume is inappropriate in this case.

Give your preference to haircuts without bangs is also because with the daily styling they do not require a certain skill and extra time.

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