How to make decoupage for beginners

Decoupage is a unique and interesting decoration technique with the help of which furniture, pictures, dishes or photo albums are decorated. Knowing how to make a decoupage for beginners, you can create an original interior element yourself, while painting, paints, varnishes, lace, beads, bright pictures, newspaper clippings and other ornaments can be used.

  • On wood
  • On the plate
  • On the bank

On the wood

Materials needed:

  • is a wooden blank, which is pre-checked for cracks, chips and other defects;
  • scissors;
  • napkin, special paper for decoupage or wallpaper with an interesting drawing;
  • 2 wide brushes with artificial nap - for varnish and glue;
  • special glue, you can use PVA, because it is suitable for working with wood;
  • foam rubber sponge;
  • varnish for decoupage or for working with wood;
  • primer.

First, take a wooden workpiece, in this case it's an egg, and it's covered with a primer.

Using a sponge, the primer is evenly distributed over the surface of the egg.

Now you need to wait a little until the primer layer is completely dry.

Using a brush on the surface of the egg, the glue is applied and the decoupage paper or napkin is carefully attached. Thus it is necessary to process the entire wooden surface, not forgetting to align the pattern, so that there are no ugly creases.

As soon as the glue dries well, the egg is covered from above with a layer of varnish and left for a while until it completely dries. First you need to process one side, and as soon as it dries - the second.

A ready-made egg can be placed on a wooden stand, such a souvenir can become not only a home decoration, but also a worthy gift.

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On a plate

Materials needed:

  • plate, which will be decorated( without drawings - glass, porcelain);
  • glue PVA;
  • degreaser;
  • napkin or other pattern;
  • acrylic paint( white);
  • brush;
  • acrylic lacquer.

First you need to take a plate( preferably using transparent glass) and attach the selected pattern, which should not be too large.

Carefully cut out the picture, while it should be in diameter a couple of centimeters smaller than the plate.

To draw a picture, it should be drawn around the outline with a black felt-tip pen.

The surface of the dish is thoroughly degreased. To this end, you can use absolutely any tool, which includes alcohol.

A layer of glue is applied to the plate, after which a napkin is gently applied.

Then the napkin is covered with glue. Work should be very careful not to tear a thin napkin.

Once the glue is completely dry, white acrylic paint is applied to the back of the plate and left to dry completely.

A beautiful plate can be placed on a stand or hung on a wall.

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On the

bank Materials needed:

  • a smooth jar or bottle that should not have cracks or protrusions;
  • scissors;
  • adhesive;
  • brush;
  • varnish;
  • colored paper.

Cut out a paper from a paper, you can use a newspaper or napkins.

Glue is applied to the glass and a layer of paper is attached, which will act as the main background.

Further parts of the picture are glued on.

As soon as the glue dries completely, it is necessary to coat the product with a layer of varnish and leave it for a while.

After the layer of varnish has dried, a beautiful jar can be used to decorate the interior.

You can do decoupage not only on glass or wood, but also on plastic, as well as fabrics. It is very interesting and unusual to see a three-dimensional drawing, which will take a little longer to create. A ready-made job is used, both for decorating the interior, and at home, for example, a beautiful bottle made in the style of decoupage can become an original vase or decanter.

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