Variants of hairstyles with a rim for short, medium and long hair

Hairstyle with a rim can be a good option for both everyday and for the evening image. After all, today this accessory is again in vogue. Using it, you can decorate any styling. However, the size of this accessory is absolutely not important. Girls can experiment with the rims of any variety and color, and women of the age are better off choosing expensive models of calm shades.

  • Short cut
  • With asymmetrical haircut
  • With square
  • With braids
  • With volumetric packing
  • With fleece
  • With high hair style
  • With flowing hair
  • With curls
  • In style glam rock
  • In original style
  • In retro style
  • Evening
  • Wedding

With a short haircut

As a daily styling, you can comb the hair back and fix it with a thin rim.

For a business version of styling on short hair, you can fill the curls behind your ears, and remove the bangs on one side. In this case, put the bezel on the base of the bangs.

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With asymmetrical haircut

Asymmetric haircuts owners can choose rims of any size. To perform evening styling, it is necessary to slightly comb the hair on the back of the head, lay a long bangs on one side, opening the shaven temple. A luxurious hoop in the stones put on between the bangs and fleece.

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With square

A well-chosen bezel in combination with a square will accentuate the shape of the haircut. In this case, if the hair align, then the image will be strict,

and if you curl up into neat locks - naive and gentle.

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With braids

It will be interesting to look at the combination of a rim with braids.
For everyday image, you can braid two tight braids and put a rim over the bangs.

As an evening image, you can choose a 3D braid. To do this, it is necessary to wind the hair along the entire length to a large curl or curler and perform the forehead to the top of the head. Having gathered hair on a nape, to plait a voluminous scythe. To give a hairstyle a complete look will help a thin elegant bezel with rhinestones in the middle of the head.

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With volumetric packing

Careless shell, supplemented by a rim - a good option for solemn events. Stacking can be performed on hair of different lengths, while you can twist and lay your own hair or use a foam rubber pad.

No less interesting is the three-dimensional bundle on the back of the head with a hoop of two thin strips that create characteristic waves on the hair.

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With the bush

The bulk of the loose hair looks good with a thin smooth rim. Hair should be combed over the entire head and laid back with a soft comb. At the base of the bangs, wear a hoop.

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With a high hairdo

Just luxurious in combination with the rim look high hairstyles. To perform, it is necessary to tie all the hair in the tail on the vertex and divide them into strands. Turn each strand into a bundle, place them with pins and fasten with a stud. Fit the lining and put a bead decorated with pearls over it.

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With loose hair

Some women consider the bezel as one of the best ways to hide the lack of styling. Partly it's true, this accessory has an amazing ability to make a neat hairstyle.

Therefore it is very convenient to wear a bright catchy hoop of large flowers with flowing hair. To do this, the hair is enough to separate the smooth part and put the rim closer to the forehead.

Depending on the situation, you can braid the bezel from your own hair or choose a ready-made accessory with a small hat in paetts and a veil.

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With locks

A small hoop with a bow looks elegantly and playfully on the voluminous flowing curls, delicately separating the bangs and curls from the face from the rest of the hair.

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In the style of glam rock

You can diversify your everyday image with the help of a hoop with spikes and a leather jacket. To perform such a styling all the hair must be thrown to one side and put on the hoop, removing the bangs under it.

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In the original style of

Lovers of extravagant things, even without stacking, will be able to stand out with the help of the original rim. Recently, very popular hoops in the style of Mickey Mouse

or in the form of cat's ears.

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A luxurious retro-style hairstyle will be decorated with a large gold-colored hoop with stones. To perform this laying, you need to twist the curls around the face, and close the hair growth line with a wide accessory.

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As an evening laying, you can perform the popular "Babette" hairstyle, lifting hair on the back of your head with hair. After this, the curls along the entire length should be curled on the curling iron, and the bangs should be laid on the side. Wrap with stones put on at the base of the hair.

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Any wedding hairstyle will look more romantic, if you decorate it with a neat thin rim or diadem. In this case, it is desirable to release from under the rim a few light strands.

The latest trend of wedding fashion is a wide hoop of real flowers. With large waves on the hair looks very feminine.

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