Beautiful female tattoos on the shoulder and their meaning

It is very difficult among a myriad of tattoos to choose exactly your pattern for the shoulder zone, which will accompany you all your life and delight your eyes. Selecting any tattoo, you become unique, stand out against the background of others, in this way reveal yourself, the character and your inner world. We suggest you to plunge into the world of the most popular native images, learn about their styles and meanings.

  • Blackworth
  • Bracelet
  • Lace
  • Inscriptions and characters
  • Insects
  • Reptiles
  • Religious symbols
  • Symbols ethnic
  • Patterns
  • Fauna
  • Floristics


Very popular style in tattoo art. In this style of tattoos the black color prevails. The dominant variants of images of the blackword on the shoulder are geometric figures, ethnic patterns and even whole pictures. Very popular is the restoration of old tattoos using the style of Blackwark. Black tattoo will help reliably hide the bored image or bring novelty and a twist to the corrected picture. Many people pick up unusual sketches( faces, faces, animals) for images of blackjack on the shoulder that cover large areas of the skin with the use of rich black and clear fat lines.

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Tattoo bracelet is most often found on the forearm. Stretched, narrow bracelets gracefully wrap around the selected area of ​​the body. Tattoo bracelet can be supplemented with any desired ornament, lace, ribbons or bows. Despite the fact that the bracelet is considered a jewelry category, most often they carry a deep meaning. Women, choosing a tattoo bracelet, focus their attention specifically on the meaning of the symbols that make up the overall pattern.

The inscriptions, made in the form of a bracelet, bear their secret meaning. Romantic emotions and feelings will help to open small hearts in the shape of a bracelet or a big heart on a lace ribbon. Celtic motifs in the bracelet confirm the strength and self-confidence of the owner of such a tattoo. Flowers and other symbolic elements bear a simple harmony and beauty.

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Laces are one of the most iconic adornments for women, speaking of underwear, topclothes or a wedding dress. The same purely feminine thing is considered and a tattoo with lace elements. Such a tattoo will help to emphasize elegance and elegance.

The lacy tattoo on the shoulder does not carry hidden values, it is an unusual decoration or decor for a tattoo of a different style.

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Inscriptions and characters

This category in tattoo art is very popular. Such tattoos most often carry their written meaning and subtext. Most tattoo inscriptions mean exactly what is written in this selected fragment. Such tattoos are performed by various calligraphic and painted fonts on any desired real or fictional language. Sometimes tattoos in the form of single hieroglyphs can express more meaning than a long inscription. From the hieroglyphs, tattoos of whole phrases can be composed. Very often the tattoo of the inscription on the shoulder for the girls is accompanied by small stars, hearts, laces, flowers and other patterns. The most common variants of tattoos of inscriptions on the shoulder are:

  • Names;
  • Significant and memorable dates;
  • Phrases;
  • Aphorisms;
  • Quotes of great people;
  • Slogans;
  • Beautiful lines from literary works.
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Like any other tattoo image, insects have their place in this art. Any winged or creeping has its characteristic meaning, conveys the traits of its owner. Each of the representatives has its own kind or evil appearance. The most popular are:

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  • Butterfly - a symbol of the human soul, beauty and refinement;
  • Dragonfly - a symbol of lightness, strength, spiritual well-being, immortality, rebirth, femininity and impermanence;
  • Ladybird is a symbol of the connection between the world of mortals and paradise, a symbol of luck and goodness, a symbol of the sun;
  • The bee is a totemic insect, a symbol of immortality, power, a symbol of preserving the harmony of the hearth;
  • An ant is a symbol of courage, work, order and patriotism;
  • Scorpio is a symbol of courage, pride and inner strength;
  • Bumblebee is a symbol of self-confidence and self-reliance;
  • The fly is a symbol of excessive perseverance and intrusiveness;
  • Moth is a symbol of lightness, attractiveness and childish naivety.
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One of the interesting and not less popular categories in tattoo art is reptiles. The most popular as a shoulder tattoo for women are:

  • Gecko - a symbol of adaptability, change;
  • Varan - a symbol of patience and strength;
  • The snake is a symbol of wisdom and longevity;
  • Lizard - a symbol of wisdom and subtle mind;
  • Crocodile - a symbol of strength, greatness;
  • Turtle - a symbol of longevity, balanced nature, inner peace;
  • Already a symbol of resourcefulness;
  • A chameleon is a symbol that denotes the ability to adapt to change and resilience before these changes;
  • The iguana is a symbol of beauty and strength.
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Religious symbols

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Tattoos of religious symbols imply images that belong to different religious cultures and nationalities. The most striking examples of religious tattoos are:

  • Faces and images of saints - symbols of protection;
  • Letter X - Christ is the symbol of protection;
  • Crosses - a symbolic symbol, denoting the essence of life, the vital principle;
  • Wings - a symbol of freedom;
  • The hands of the worshiper are a symbol of humility and hope;
  • Angel - a symbol of protection, kindness, humility;
  • The Star of David is a Jewish symbol of protection;
  • The Archangel is a symbol of power and humility;
  • The Pentagram is a satanic symbol;
  • Texts of prayers - signify exactly what is written in prayer;
  • Lines of scripture - similar to the texts of prayers.
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Ethnic symbols

These kinds of tattoos are classified based on their countries of origin. The most popular are ethnic tattoos:

  • Polynesian - this is a beautiful and smooth interlacing of lines in a rough and clear ornament, lines, waves, spirals, ornaments, the sun, the moon;
  • Japanese are bright images, and sometimes whole pictures, including hieroglyphs, mythological creatures, geishas, ​​fish, flowers;
  • Slavic - most often images of symbols of infinity and rebirth, all known birds, plants, animals, runes, stars;
  • Indian - complex images that carry wisdom, images of tattoo amulets and sacred animals;
  • Egyptian - related to mythology and folklore;
  • Celtic - images-amulet for warriors and spirit-strong people. Crosses, bracelets and knots.
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Subjects of the

patterns A category in tattoo art that is full of its diversity. Patterns can be geometric with clear lines, expressed by sharp points. Can be smooth, artistic, with floral or other ornaments. Most often for girls use such sketches of patterns of tattoos on the shoulder:

  • Oriental - oriental complex colored tattoos with images of flowers, geisha, lotuses, fish, dragons, snakes;
  • Tribalas are geometric regular patterns of ethnic direction;
  • Thematic - patterns that carry a thematic character( popular signs and famous cartoon characters, cinematic, fantastic and so on);
  • Individual - patterns, invented individually for the customer.
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To this category of tattoos can be attributed to the inhabitants of the animal world. Animals can be depicted as realistic, fictional and fantastic. Drawings of animals in tattoos are designed to help express and emphasize personal qualities to their owners. The most popular sketches from this category are:

  • A cat is a symbol of beauty, grace, dexterity, cunning, independence;
  • Panther - a symbol of perseverance, femininity, restrained aggression;
  • Tiger is a symbol of liberty, strength, courage;
  • Swan - a symbol of tenderness, loyalty, purity, eternal love;
  • Seagull - a symbol of freedom and independence;
  • Swallow is a symbol of good luck and youth;
  • Pigeon - a symbol of peace, good, peace;
  • A horse is a symbol of perseverance that helps overcome obstacles and life barriers. The symbol of nobility;
  • The eagle is a symbol of pride, grandeur and nobility;
  • Bear - a symbol of strength, courage, endurance;
  • The wolf is a symbol of valor, agility, courage.
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When choosing a flower as a tattoo, it is worth considering the color of the image, it is able to change the value of the tattoo. The most popular images of floristry are:

  • Rose - a symbol of love, passion, purity, imperiousness. Red - passion, white - purity, pink - tenderness;
  • Lily - a symbol of tenderness, harmony, poise, tranquility;
  • Poppy - a symbol of beauty and youth, sorrow, memory. Very often a poppy can become a memorable sign for its owner( about someone or something);
  • The lotus is a symbol of fertility and life, immortality and perfection;
  • Dandelion is a positive sign of lightness, weightlessness, coquetry;
  • Orchid is a symbol of luxury and wealth;
  • Flowering branches - do not carry a true sense or subtext, just decorate your body.
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