What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Egypt

Egypt is famous for its rich history, and its inhabitants revere their traditions, store unique recipes and technologies for many centuries. Visiting the various sights of this wonderful country, it is impossible to return home empty-handed. Tourists often wonder what to choose souvenirs, what to bring from Egypt? We offer you to get acquainted with the best variants of gifts and souvenirs.

  • incense, aroma oils
  • Products from cotton
  • Ceramic
  • Hookah
  • Kaf Maryam
  • Hibiscus
  • Carpets and blankets made of camel wool
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair Oils
  • RELAX loofah
  • Henna
  • Coffee
  • Thigh scarves
  • Papyrus
  • RoseDeserts
  • Sweets
  • Baklava
  • Basque
  • Kunafa
  • Lukum
  • Dates in chocolate
  • Spices
  • Figurines and amulets
  • God That
  • Beetle Scarlet
  • Cats
  • Sphinx
  • Pyramids
  • Embossing
  • Jewelry and bijouterie
  • Ankh
  • Cartouche
  • Eye of Ra
  • Do not take out

Incense, aroma oil

The widest assortment of aromatic oils can be seen on the banks of the Nile. Their production is well developed here. Real oils with a curative effect can be chosen in local pharmacies, as well as shops where spices are traded. It should be remembered when choosing oils that each of them has its own specific properties: from various types of pain or for skin care. On the packaging must be an instruction in English, which is desirable to study before buying oil.

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Cotton products

Egypt is the leader in the production of cotton products in the world. If you are thinking about what to bring from Hurghada, then certainly pay attention to cotton products. Usually, tourists tend to bring towels or T-shirts. These things are of high quality and at a very affordable price. Only you need to try to buy things in specialized stores, since there is a risk in the bazaar to buy products of poor quality, with an admixture of synthetics.

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Ceramic ware

Egyptians from ancient times were engaged in the production of ceramics. Pottery is the oldest of all. Such products are painted with different colors and chandelier. The main motifs are figures of birds, fish, people. Unique bowls, vases and dishes can be purchased at a very affordable price.

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The best answer to the question what to bring from Alexandria, perhaps, a hookah. The most popular option is the Egyptian "shisha".Hookah - an excellent tool for relaxation, as well as a magnificent decorative element.

Buying a hookah, you need to be very careful not to run into a fake. A good hookah is a prefabricated structure made up of several parts so that it is easy to wash and clean. The height of a good hookah can not be lower than the middle of the thigh. Together with the hookah you need to buy tobacco, coal, tongs and other paraphernalia.

Egypt has a variety of aromatic tobaccos: cherry, apple, plum, melon, peach, strawberry and so on. It is best to give preference to tobacco brands Nakhla or Almazag.

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Kaf Maryam

One of the most strange souvenirs of Egypt is the "Cafe Maryam".It is a bunch of dried grass, which should be put for a couple of days in the water upon arrival home. The plant comes alive and is covered with flowers of blue color. Such a talisman will please anybody, especially since it brings good luck. You can buy such a plant in souvenir shops in Egypt.

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Tea lovers will be pleased with karkade - a drink of red color, rich in flavor and aroma. Get a carcade of flowers of the Sudanese rose or hibiscus. It is best to buy it by weight. Drink this drink can be both hot and cold. It has useful properties and has a stimulating effect on the work of the kidneys.

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Carpets and blankets from camel wool

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On the marketsand in the shops of Egypt a wide range of blankets and carpets made of camel wool. The carpet is a very practical souvenir that can make a piece of Egyptian color in any interior. And warm camel blankets will not freeze at night in the cold season.

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In Egypt there is also a variety of cosmetics, both imported and local. One of the most popular cosmetics company Eva. You can buy it in pharmacies and supermarkets. Great success is the purchase of Israeli cosmetics at a very affordable price, much cheaper than in Russia.

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Hair oils

A great gift from Egypt for women can be a variety of hair oils, the useful properties of which can not be overemphasized.

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Washcloths from loofah

Washcloths from natural loofah, which are mined only in the Red Sea, can be a wonderful and useful souvenir.

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You can buy quite good quality henna in local markets. Coloring is used for dyeing hair, and colorless is added to various masks for the skin.

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Egypt is famous for its coffee, because the local drink has an amazing taste. One of the advantages of Egyptian coffee is that its cost is not high, but the wide range of eyes spread. Be sure to try coffee with spices, namely with cardamom.

As a gift to friends, you can bring the following varieties: "Yaffi", "Kharazi", "Hauliani".

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Hip shawls

Usually, these scarves are bought as a gift to girls and fans of oriental dances. Shawls made of very light fabric, bright colors. Often they are decorated with coins, embroidery, rhinestones or beads. Shawls look great on a female figure, emphasizing sexuality.

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When choosing a papyrus, you should be careful, because you can buy a fake from palm leaf or rice paper. Quality papyrus will be stored for a very long time, it does not crumble and does not break. Check the quality can easily by bending the edge of the papyrus. If there are no traces left from the crease, you can safely buy. It is most reliable to take papyrus in special workshops. Popular themes of images are the life of pharaohs, mythical deities and scarab beetles.

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Desert Rose

A very popular souvenir is the "rose of the desert" - an unusual mineral, shaped like a flower. It consists of gypsum crystals, which are formed in sand under the right conditions, when it rains in the desert."Rose of the desert" can be purchased, both in the form of a crystal, and in the form of pendants, trinkets and other ornaments.

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One of the favorite desserts in Egypt is the baklava. It is a piece of puff pastry with nuts, and as an impregnation - sherbet. The filling can be different: hazelnuts, pistachios, chocolate, walnuts.

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of the Baseball

This sweet product, very similar to the sponge cake, which is soaked with sweet syrups with the addition of almonds.

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It is made from dough in the form of noodles. This dessert can not be prepared independently at home, without having certain skills. Kunafa, like many other sweets of Egypt, is well saturated with various syrups. The filling and size of this dessert can be very diverse.

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Popular Egyptian dessert - lukum. It is prepared on the basis of powdered sugar and corn flour. It can be of different sizes, colors, shapes and fillings.

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Date in chocolate

A box of dates in chocolate is also a win-win gift option. This dessert is sold almost at every corner of Egypt and is popular with tourists around the world.

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A wonderful gift will be a set of spices, especially since nowhere else in the world can you find such unique and fragrant species. At the moment, Egypt holds the leading place in the world for the production of spices. The most popular of them: green, black and white pepper, anise, hubban( cardamom), sesame( sesame), turmeric.

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Figurines and amulets

Guests of the country usually prefer to buy various figurines and amulets as souvenirs. In souvenir shops there is a rich variety of figurines of any size from various materials: ivory, wood, stone.

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God That

If you need to choose a statuette for a colleague whose work is related to mental activity, then the ideal gift will be God That( having a bird's head), he was the first teacher in people for reading and writing.

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Beetle Scarab

The main symbol of Egypt, which is very popular, is the beetle-scarab. Such a souvenir comes from a variety of materials: gold, onyx, silver and turquoise. But, you need to be attentive to the presence of the beetle's legs. If they do not exist, then the souvenir has a funeral purpose.

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A cat for the Egyptians is a symbol of a good spirit in the house and the personification of the goddess of joy, warmth, the keeper of home coziness. In the house put a cat statue, if you want to protect the house from evil. If you want to buy a cat as a souvenir, be careful not to have a snake with it. Like a scarab without legs, so a cat with a snake can be a symbol of negative events.

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Sphinxes are very different and each with its own purpose. Someone believes that the Sphinx in the house has nothing to do, since it absorbs positive energy, someone says that it protects the home. Before you choose your sphinx, check out its purpose.

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Pyramids of the

Pyramid is one of the most popular symbols of Egypt. Although, the pyramid symbolizes the crypt, but it is considered quite a harmless souvenir for the house. It is believed that the pyramid absorbs positive energy from space, and then spreads it around the room.

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An excellent souvenir from Egypt will be chasing. In the markets and in shops you can buy dishes with Arabian ornaments. The most valuable products are made of alloys and copper. You can choose at your own discretion various products: from tea pairs to handmade jugs.

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Jewelry and bijouterie

If you decide what to bring from Sharm el-Sheikh, then pay attention to jewelry and jewelry.

For many tourists, the color of Egyptian gold is unusual, it is yellow, unlike in Russia, which has a reddish tinge due to the copper content.
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This is a pendant in the form of a cross, which is a symbol of eternal life. The Egyptians believe that originally ankhkh could only be used by pharaohs and gods, as the key to the gates of rebirth. Ankh is also considered a symbol of happiness. Healers used ankh, as an amulet with magical abilities, and ordinary Egyptians made such an amulet with the purpose of prolonging life. You can buy an ankh in the souvenir shop.

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In jewelry shops in Egypt, you can order a pendant cartouche made of silver or gold. This suspension has the shape of an oval, it collects the name of the customer from various figures of hieroglyphics. From the back of the suspension, you can order any magic sign( protection from the evil eye, a symbol of health and longevity, wealth, and so on).

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Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra is an amulet attributed to magical properties. It is believed that it protects its owner from evil eye and spoilage. Egyptians decorate clothes, boats, stelae and sarcophagi with this symbol. You can buy it in souvenir shops.

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You can not export

  • local currency. Before leaving, it should be exchanged;
  • antiques. For souvenirs reminiscent of antiques, you need to have a copy of the certificate from the seller, confirming that the product is up-to-date;
  • corals, seashells, sea urchins and so on. If you bought souvenirs made from these materials, be sure to keep checks, as they will need to be presented on demand at the customs. Otherwise, you can be fined for stealing the coast;
  • the sum is more than 5 thousand dollars;
  • more than 2 liters of alcoholic beverages per person;
  • more than 1 block of cigarettes per person.
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