Schemes for creating volumetric and flat valentines origami in the shape of a heart

The amazing art of origami can not be called easy, but for beginners it is possible to pick up a lot of understandable lessons. This master class includes the creation of a simple but beautiful figurine of the heart, which can later be presented to someone as a nice souvenir or valentine for Valentine's Day.

  • Flat heart
  • Volumetric heart

Flat heart

It will take a square sheet of medium-density paper and one color on both sides. You can take a simple A4 paper for training and make a square from it.

Fold the resulting square in half, then unfold and fold diagonally in both directions, and then again in the center to make a ribbed sheet. Open the sheet. The resulting lines will help in the process.

Wrap the opposite corners to the center of the square, while focusing on the folds. In this case, two unfolded angles will look up and down.

Fold the workpiece in half horizontally, as a result, the workpiece looks like a house.

After defining the left crease diagonally, bend the lower left corner so that the bend is aligned with the center of the fold.

Screw the left side backwards, creating a triangular valve. Open in front the triangle on the left. The upper corner must be lowered to the center of the bottom, press on the valve that will be on the left, and pull it out

Connect the left and right edges. Fold the upper sharp corners. Turn the figure over and the heart is ready.

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Volumetric heart

The dimensions of this origami will depend directly on the selected paper tape, its width.

Wrap the corner of the ribbon so that an even triangle is formed.

Form the sharp corner again, wrap it, and then wrap it again, forming a triangle on the end of the tape. Continue wrapping until the ribbon is finished or until there are 4-5 twists. The extra tail should be tucked into the pocket between the triangles. A dense triangle should turn out. It is necessary to form a heart from it.

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