How can I remove the stain from the wax from my clothes

Ways that wax and paraffin can get on clothes, for example, from a burning candle, for making candles or after sloppy depilation. Droplets and blemishes are immediately removed, do not leave them for later, but if the stain is old and withered, it is better to use proven home methods in the rehabilitation of things.

  • Methods for removing stains
  • For cotton and linen
  • For wool products
  • For synthetic fabrics
  • For leather products
  • For delicate fabrics

Methods for removing stains

If paraffin or wax has just got on the fabric, it is necessary to give a stain completelycool down, and only after 10-15 minutes proceed with its removal. When choosing a method, it is necessary to consider the type of tissue.

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For cotton and linen

Fabrics made from natural raw materials can be cleaned with iron. Take a paper or non-woven thin napkin, put it on the stain, and from above place a cut of cotton fabric. Preheat the iron to the value indicated on the tag of the stained clothing. The surface of the iron must be clean. Smooth out the stain. Paraffin or wax will melt and stick to the napkin. Sometimes the procedure must be repeated, and the dirty napkin must be replaced with a clean one.

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For woolen products

Wool fabric can be cleaned of paraffin using the simplest liquid dishwashing detergent. Just take it and drop a few drops of it onto the stain. Leave the detergent on woolen cloth for at least 10 hours. After the time has elapsed, wash the product from the washing machine by selecting the appropriate washing mode.

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For synthetic fabrics

To clean a synthetic thing from paraffin stains, you need to hold a stain over the steam. The steam flow should not be very active. Keep the thing needed until the paraffin starts to melt and move away. Once the paraffin is melted, it is necessary to soak the stain with a dry napkin( do not rub, rub or press down).Repeat the procedure for warming up and removing the wax residues several times, and then just wash the thing in the washing machine, pre-setting the appropriate fabric mode.

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For leather products

Clear leather clothes from paraffin stains andwax is the easiest. You just need to put the stained thing in the cold. When the skin fairly freezes, you just need to bend the leather product in the place where the spot is located. Paraffin will burst into several small parts and it can be easily removed by hand without improvised means. The remaining traces of wax should simply be washed off with soap or detergent.

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For delicate fabrics

A variety of fabrics that can be contaminated with paraffin and wax are very delicate and delicate, and they can not be washed actively or subjected to strong mechanical effects. For such a case, ammonia is suitable. Dissolve in a liter of water half a teaspoon of ammonia and treat with a cotton swab place with a spot of paraffin. When the wax is away from the cloth, rinse the thing in cold water.

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