What can be done from threads

Threads are an excellent source for children and adult creativity. Using this material of different thickness and texture, you can create decor elements for the interior, decorations, original toys and many different crafts. Work with the threads can be the most grown-ups, as well as the smallest fans of handmade.

  • Toy octopus
  • Heart panel
  • Small chicken
  • Friendship bracelet
  • Decor bowl

Toy octopus

You will need thick yarn. From it, you must first form the trunk of the octopus. Wind the yarn over your fingers, bandage, forming a ball, give it a globular shape.

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For legs of an octopus cut 24 threads in length somewhere 50 centimeters, arrange them on three, fold in half and put on top of the made ball, taking the bottom so that the ends hang down. These ends are plaited in pigtails, should get 8 braids-legs.

The toy can be glued to purchase eyes, but you can also make eyes from black and white paper.

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Panel in the form of a heart

This panel will suit both as a gift and for the decor of the room.

Draw a heart on the sheet of paper, cut it out, attach to the base of the panel( this can be a thick canvas or a processed canvas made of wood).Translate the pencil outline of the heart. Designate this contour with small carnations, and afterwards in random order weave a red thread between the nails.

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Small chicken

The chicken's dimensions will depend on the auxiliary material: two paper circles. Cut two circles with round holes inside. Wrap them thick yellow yarn and round the circumference of the circle, carefully cut it, and then tie the thread between the two circles. This is how the pompom is done. He is the basis of the chicken.

Spread the ball, glue the eyes, mouth and legs to it.

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Friendship bracelet

You can create a bracelet with the help of an ordinary cardboard circle. You need to make a very simple device, such a mini loom. From a thick cardboard, cut a circle of diameters 8-12 cm, divide it into 8 sectors, dividing it. Do in the center of the hole and through it, drag the threads( 7 colors are needed, the length of the thread should be at least 25-30 cm).Repeat the scheme of the weave shown in the photo: move the thread through the thread, walking in a circle.

You can use as a weave as the finest threads, for example, a mulina, and thick woolen threads, in the latter case the bouquet turns out to be more voluminous, and the color transitions will be more noticeable.

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Decorating bowl

It's easy to make a ball, having only a sufficient number of bright threads on hand - it's better if it's woolen yarn, balloon, glue box and good glue( PVA).

There are two ways of applying glue to the thread. The first is to immediately impregnate the cut thread in the glue and apply it to the ball, but in this case the application will be sloppy, the second way is better: stretch the thread into the gypsy needle, pierce the needle with the PVA and pull the needle with the thread through the jar. So the thread will pass through the glue and you will be able to adjust its amount and application.

When the glue dries, it will only be necessary to blow off the balloon and pull it out of the thread ball.

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