Signs and superstitions: the bird hit the window

Our ancestors attributed to the birds a connection with the other world, which communicated with deceased relatives. Many considered them messengers of angels who convey important messages to people, tried to warn through them about serious events. At the same time, a significant part will be taken of the bird that hit the window and promised good news.

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I hit the window and flew

The most controversial sign, having an ambiguous interpretation: the bird brought with it very bad( strong diseaseor the death of a close relative) or good news( the solution of an important matter or problem).

If the bird continues to hit the window with its beak, not wanting to fly away, this is an unkind sign, a warning that you need to take care of the movements in the very near future, especially if there is a long road ahead.

But if a bird continues to fight in the window to a girl for marriage, you should expect the arrival of matchmakers soon.

A light one-off knock on the window, according to ancient signs, meant a quick arrival of guests. And how many birds will be knocking, so many visitors should be expected.

The interpretation of the sign depends on the breed of the bird:

  • Swallow carries good messages from relatives and relatives.
  • Swift or stork knocks for a long-awaited pregnancy.
  • Titmouse portends great joy, happiness and success. According to popular beliefs, this breed was considered to be a relative of the legendary Blue Bird, which carries happiness on its wings, a messenger of the forces of light.
  • Sparrow foreshadows monetary losses, financial fraud, fraud or robbery of the owners.
  • Pigeon has long been considered connected between the world of the living and the dead, therefore, and it conveys mournful sorrow about the deterioration of health or the near death of relatives.
  • The knocking of forest birds( cuckoo, owl or owl) carried the most terrible news - the spread of epidemics and other natural disasters.
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Hit the window and crashed

The worst thing is if the bird hits and died. This indicates the death of an impending or coming very close person or relative. Another bad interpretation is a close natural cataclysm, which birds can feel long before its onset.

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What to do

To soften the severity of a bad sign, you can do the following:

  • Inspect the scene of the incident. If the bird is alive, but injured - give her first aid, feed and release to freedom. If she died, bury her as far away from home as possible.
  • Thoroughly clean the window after a blow, if it has cracked - replace it as soon as possible.
  • Necessarily in the very near future, feed the birds on the street away from home, and it is desirable to find the very one that hit the window.
  • Put in the church candles for the health of family and friends, it is also possible to feed the birds.

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The dream about a bird that hit a window also often does not carry good news. It is believed that birds in a dream symbolize the souls of deceased relatives. Sleep foreshadows a serious illness or the death of close relatives, especially if, after the blow, the bird has died.

Another interpretation of the dream is getting the news from a loved one whom the dreamer has not seen for a long time.

However, for a woman who wants to get pregnant or get married, if the bird hits the window in a dream - a good sign.

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What actually means

Nowadays there are enough logical explanations why a bird can hit the window of an apartment building:

  • Rescues from a predator, especially if it is small in size. The bird does not see the transparent window and tries to get into the first shelter.
  • A bird through the window could see something very attractive or tasty on the window sill or table by the window. Usually these are young birds, only acquainted with the world, who still hardly imagine the structure of the human dwelling.
  • A bird can be elementary drunk. In the thaw or late autumn on the trees there are many fruits that begin to ferment under the influence of plus temperatures. As a result, birds, drunk with intoxicating mountain ash, lose their orientation in space, and accidentally hit the window.
  • The bird takes its reflection in a window after itself similar and knocking tries to attract its attention.

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I do not really believe in omens, but one thing made me think. It happened quite recently: a sparrow struck the window of the living room from the spill, flew to a tree, and again struggled through the window. And so he did without stopping. Husband pushed back the curtain, waved his hands at the sparrow, and that harm flew away. But after a few minutes we again heard blows in the glass. And then both of us both lit up: today was the 10th anniversary of the death of her husband's grandfather, and we did not even remember! As soon as we said it out loud, the sparrow flew away. Grandfather was mentioned.

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