8 beautiful evening hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful and healthy long hair is the ornament of every woman. In everyday life, they are enough to comb and, if desired, decorate with any accessory. But to create an evening image without a hairstyle can not do. Next, the article suggests a few simple in performance, but luxurious-looking hairstyles for owners of long hair.

  • Loose hair
  • On the side
  • With weaving
  • Braids
  • Tail
  • Beam
  • Locks
  • Greek

Loose hair

To give a luxurious look to even and long hair will help back hair. He will give the hairdress a shape and a necessary volume. This option is suitable for thin and soft hair, thick can lose shape under its weight.

The baby-style style is always very stylish.

  1. It is necessary to separate a little hair from the top and sides.
  2. To scratch them from the inside, sprinkle with varnish and gently comb back.
  3. Select the temporal strands, pull them to the back of the head and fasten them with a hair clip or ribbon.

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On the side of

Curls laid on one side will impart femininity and fragility to the image. This simple styling is suitable for parties and other special occasions.

  1. Make an asymmetrical parting.
  2. Hair curling the entire length.
  3. Comb all the curls with a wide comb, giving the strands a slight natural waviness.
  4. On one side of the head, start the hair back and curl it with a peculiar flagellum at the base of the neck. It's good to pinch invisibility.
  5. To fix with a strong lacquer lacquer.
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With weaving

Loose hair can be decorated with a variety of weaves. This combination will give freshness and tenderness to the owners of long hair. Create a dazzling image can be done by "Malvina" with an openwork pigtail.

  1. Separate the bangs of the bangs from the bulk of the hair.
  2. Select a small strand of hair on the crown and make a small volume using a comb.
  3. Squeeze this strand back and begin to weave a pigtail, picking up in her thin strands of bangs.
  4. Next, you should weave strands in the braid, picking them from the edges.
  5. Finish and decorate the weaving with a motley ribbon.
  6. Loose hair curl into large curls.
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Hairstyles with braids are always relevant. Such laying is quite in demand. After giving preference to the most diverse options and combinations of all kinds of weaving, you can bring in the image more tenderness and femininity.

Eight of the two French braids look very impressive and original.

  1. To begin with, you need to divide all the hair into 4 sections and fasten them so that they do not interfere.
  2. Starting from the right upper part of the braid, turn the French braid in an arc, directing it to the central part. In the course of braiding, the braid should be stretched slightly to give it volume.
  3. Dissolve the hair in the lower left section and finish braiding the braid diagonally. Secure with an elastic band.
  4. Likewise, make the lace pigtail on the left side. With a single difference - after reaching the center, make two loops free, without picking up strands. Thus, covering the first braid of the second.
  5. Cross the braids again and lock them with invisible ones.
  6. Decorate your hair style to your taste.

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Stylish and beautiful styling can be built and based on a simple tail.

  1. Collect hair in a non-thin tail using elastic.
  2. Make a hole above the rubber band and stretch out the resulting tail.
  3. Turned out the strands to spread their hands, giving the tail volume.
  4. Depending on the length of the hair, repeat the action several times, fixing the rubber bands at the same distance from each other.
  5. loading. ..

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Universal bundle for long hair for any case of life is considered a bundle. Firstly, it does not take a long time to create a hairstyle. Secondly, there are a lot of options for this hairstyle.

You can choose a smooth or bulky, simple or with elements of weaving. In doing so, make a bunch at different heights by placing it on the top of the head or in the back of the head. Varied styling will help bangs and various accessories.

As an example, an option for creating a low beam.

  1. First, comb your hair back.
  2. With oblique parting, separate the side of the hair of the temporal zone and fasten it with a clamp.
  3. The rest of the hair is gathered in a low tail on the side. Fold the tail in half and intercept the rubber band, leaving free tips.
  4. Lower the locked side strand and wrap it around the beam, hiding the roughness.
  5. Lock hair with invisible and varnish.
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The easiest way to give your hair a beautiful look is to wind it up. There are a lot of variations of this hairstyle.

For the image of a romantic young lady fit slightly noticeable wavy curls. To create them, you need to gently curl your hair with forceps and leave it loose or pick it up on the vertex, fastening it with studs.

You can use hair curlers to create large curls and small curls.

Feminine padding in the form of soft waves is ideal for a romantic evening.

  1. Clean dry hair divided into wide strands.
  2. Apply mousse for fixation and curl each strand with a plait.
  3. Finished curls comb comb with large teeth.
  4. After this, twist the tips of the hair inside.
  5. Secure with a hair fixer.
  6. loading. ..

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There are several dozen variations of hairstyles in the Greek style. The most practical and easy to perform - styling with a rubber band. Simple and elegant, it is unquestionably suitable for any celebration.

Here is one of the options for an evening hairstyle on long hair with a bang.

  1. Make a small overcoat on the crown and comb your hair back.
  2. Dress the bezel on the head at the base of the bangs.
  3. Divide the hair into two parts - the lower and upper.
  4. The upper strands alternately fill with an elastic band.
  5. The ends of the lower half of the hair should be gathered together and, without smoothing, fill under the bandage.
  6. Fix the bangs on one side, covering part of the forehead.
  7. To fix the hairstyle with lacquer.
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