With what to wear timbers

In appearance, timbers may seem like rough and uncouth boots for woodcutters, but this kind of footwear has only recently undergone some minor, but important adaptations to modern women. Now they are not only possible, but also incredibly fashionable to wear. The main thing is to be able to correctly combine these shoes with other things.

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History of

The history of the timbers began 55 years ago. The creator of this shoe is Nathan Schwartz. Since 16 years he had to work hard apprentice shoemaker. But he did not want to live his whole life that way, and so he starts to save money on the sly. It took 34 years before he was able to accumulate a certain amount of money and buy back part of the shares of Abington. This company was engaged in the production of shoes, and this one step closer Nathan to his dream.

It took another 3 years and Nathan became a full owner of the company. He started working with his sons, as they were also interested in making footwear. Despite the fact that things were going well for them, their company remained very little known. But 1965 changed everything. The master came up with a new unique idea for the production of shoes, which had never been used before. Under high pressure, the top of the shoe was connected to a rubber sole. Thanks to this technology, it was not necessary to sew the top of the shoe with the sole, resulting in the shoes becoming waterproof. Nathan had to spend a few more years to think things through.

In 1973, the first leather, waterproof shoes, which were called "Timberland."And in 1978 the company was renamed the Timberland Company. It is still unknown what prompted Nathan Schwartz to choose the yellow color for his shoes. The color is bright and fairly marvelous, but thanks to this the advertising company has shown how good this footwear is. She was put in mud and exploited in incredible conditions, because of which other shoes could already become unusable, but not timbers. After they were washed, they again acquired their original appearance and remained dry. Thanks to such advertising, "yellow shoes" became known all over the world.

The first women's footwear collection was released in 1980.

Initially, shoes were intended for a simple working class. They were made so that the feet of the workers would not get tired. The master never wanted his shoes to become an icon of style. But thanks to them a new trend in fashion has appeared.

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What are the Timberland shoes

Timberlands are different. There are men's and women's shoes of this brand. But on this the creators of the company did not stop and created a children's line of shoes, which, in turn, pushed them to new ideas. They decided to create timbers for babies. In 2011, the first collection of these shoes was produced, which were made of strong, waterproof, durable leather, resistant to various punctures, tears and even fire.

In addition, they are demi-season and winter. They can be worn always and everywhere. And it does not matter on the street is very hot or -50 degrees. In the winter version of the shoe, there is fur, which helps the legs stay warm and cozy, and do not sweat. No matter how dirty they may be, they can be quickly and easily cleaned. Every year, designers complement shoes with different elements.

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Classic shoes have yellow color. The top of the shoe is connected to the sole without threads and needles. Thanks to pressing, the top is simply imprinted in the sole, and water can not penetrate inside. Rubber outsole is very durable and will last for many years.

Inside is a special insole, which helps the legs to less fatigue. Classic shoes are made from nubuck. This material is very resistant to contamination, especially if it is pre-treated with a special protective spray. The inner "breathing" lining of the timbers seems to envelop your foot from all sides and prevent it from freezing. And the room with them will not be hot. They look very cumbersome, but despite this they are almost not felt on the leg.

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Soon the creators took one design decision and began to produce shoes of different colors. But these were not bright and saturated colors, but more muffled. Such a palette of flowers was created for girls. Many girls themselves shoes seemed very rude, and a different color scheme gave them femininity.

You can buy classic black or white timbers and wear them with almost all the things that you have in your wardrobe.

It can be like jeans, and light spring dresses. Pink shoes will perfectly match with the approximate colors. If it is a gentle pink color, then the clothes should be in this style. As for the blue timbers, they look good with light jeans, and in addition you can wear a turtleneck and a black jacket. Thus jeans can be any style: narrow, ragged and so on. The main thing is that they are tucked inside the shoes. That's right to wear jeans with timbers.

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With what to wear

Today, timbers can be found in almost any color, not just in yellow or red, as it was at the beginning of the history of the brand development. Black, brown, beige color is easier to combine with other garments. Women can wear timbers, and yet look very fashionable. Most often these ensembles consist of trousers, fashionable overalls of khaki or terracotta color. Thus, you are approaching the style of "military", which many designers adore. To look harmonious, supplement the image with massive jewelry and appropriate make-up.

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You can wear timbers in the ensemble with blue jeans and checkered shirt. In addition, select the original jewelry for the hair. So you can walk though every day. A great composition will be made by timbers and stylish denim shorts, worn with a stylish blazer or jacket. It is permissible for the top to choose stylish knitted cardigans, preferably it was in tone or in a similar color scheme, as the whole ensemble.

Timberlands are ideally suited to the militaristic military style. For example, wear timbers with stylish and fashionable costumes with lots of straps, buckles and buckles. Things with fringe, lacing, and safari or hippy clothes are also suitable. Be creative and do not be afraid to experiment. Wear stylish and bright accessories in addition to the ensemble.

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In this image you can go to a concert or a party.

If you are going on a hike or just for a long walk in the fall or early spring, when the weather is damp, there are lots of puddles and mud, putting on the timbers will be more than appropriate. Wear them, combining with a warm sweater, sweater-dress, comfortable jeans and an inflatable windbreaker. You will enjoy the walk, because the weather conditions will not have a negative impact on you. Will fit the timbers to create an avant-garde image.

They can be combined with semi-transparent feminine dresses from light fabrics - so you will show your non-standard approach to fashion.

In any case, choosing the clothes with which you plan to wear timbers, be guided solely by a sense of style and measure. Then you will not look as if you put on the first thing that came your way, but really stylish.

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