Best poses for a photo shoot

Gathering to shoot, it is worthwhile before you get the necessary knowledge from the field of professional posing in photo sessions. Despite the genre, style or theme of your event, mistakes in postures are usually the same, as well as the best are the best poses for all variations of photo sessions. In this article, we will touch on the topic of only profitable poses and point out the main errors in posing.

  • Pre-positioning
  • Variants poses
  • In standing position
  • In sitting position
  • In recumbent position
  • In motion
  • Common errors

Preparing before posing

Let's start with the very foundations of posing that are built primarily on looseness and unflusivenessmodel. Before the photo session, you need to do a little exercise, then breathing exercises from yoga, stretching, exercises for relaxation are appropriate. Their goal is to remove the clench, which sometimes appears in the frame in the form of unnatural grimaces, tense muscles, unnatural poses.

When you feel relaxed, you can start a photo shoot. If it is a question of the best poses for a photo shoot( no matter what position you are in), then try to change them before you even stop in any position, or, more simply, constantly move in the frame. Thus, after shooting 100 frames, you will be able to review them and note for yourself those postures that turned out best and correct or completely abandon the unsuccessful ones.

Such a survey is called the "Rule of the first 100 frames".It's just that not all poses can go( you need to take into account the characteristics of your figure), so here you need a practical approach by trial and error.

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Variants of poses

But there are some poses that can be called universal. They will be discussed further on.

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In standing position

Pose in the half-turn. Become a photographer in the profile and, at your discretion, turn to him either in the waist( whole body), or in the chest area( shoulder girdle), or just the head. In this case, you can either stand straight, or slightly bend, or bend. Keep in mind that if you bend down, then your head should be tipped down a little, if you bend - the head should be thrown back.

If you do not know how much you can lean back or bend, so it looks like during a photo shoot naturally, listen to what your body says to you. If, for example, throwing your head back, you begin to feel that your neck is uncomfortable in this position( there is clamping, straining the muscles of the neck), then it can be confidently said that this pose will no longer refer to the natural posing.

True, it may be appropriate in genre photo shoots, for example, in fashion or dark.

One of the best is the posture in standing position, when you are standing in front of the photographer, leaning on one leg( making it a supporting one, transferring weight to it), bend the hip either to the side, or forward / backward, one arm, one that is near the supportingfeet, put on the thigh, the other hand hangs freely along the body. The head in this case, at your discretion, can be turned in any direction( only slightly).

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In sitting position

Pose with half-turn. It is similar in many respects to the standing position. During the photo session, sit down to the photographer in the profile, you can sit on the edge of the chair, sofa, if the furniture also stands with the photographer in profile, then sit down completely.

Next, put your foot on the foot or just get your foot on the foot, hands fold one on one palm down over the knees and turn the body toward the photographer. In this case, the shoulder, which will be closer to him, should always be lowered slightly lower.

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The best pose is the standard variation in full face. Sit down during the photo session directly, hands can be folded to the breast levels, as if holding on to the elbows, the back is even, you can bend a little at the waist, shoulders slightly back.

Next, put your feet exactly in front of you, after which you pull your feet slightly under yourself and aside, while your knees remain in place. In this pose you can add insolence - heavily toss your leg, so that the heel of one leg is on your knee( you can throw your legs and on the table), and fold your arms over your head or shove it into your trouser pockets.

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In the reclining position

The posture in the reclining position, this is when you can say that you do not sit and lie down at the same time, it requires you to transfer part of the body's weight either to the support( back of the chair, armchairs, wall and so onFurther), or on a hand, leaning on a palm or on an elbow.

In order to be profitable in a photo session, lie face-to-face with the photographer, transfer the weight to the elbow, the hand on which you lean, the brush itself, press it to the body or lay along it. Next, throw the upper leg forward and bend both legs in the knee area, only slightly. The head is slightly lowered, turned towards the body. Look - from under the eyelashes.

Also the best position for the option, when you are lying, is the following: lie in profile to the photographer, hand that is distant from him, put his hand behind his head with the palm up, the nearest hand put on the chest, unfolding it with the palm to the photographer. Next, bend slightly at the waist - this means that you need to lift the body in this area. Legs bend at the knees, but do not pull your feet to the body, on the contrary. So, the near foot to the photographer should be curved slightly less, accordingly, it will be slightly lower relative to the second leg.

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In motion

Ideally, if you know how to dance or are endowed with plasticity and grace from nature. In motion, you can remove a lot of ideas: walking, running, martial arts, beautiful defiling step, dance( ballet, youth), etc.
Positioning in motion is not as difficult as it seems. It is necessary not to forget about facial expressions, not too unnatural to move, to maintain smoothness.

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Common errors

The most common errors are::

  • Tin Soldier. The model is too clamped and constrained. In addition, she takes the pose of the military: stretched in a string, hands along the trunk;
  • "Square" shoulders. It's quite a blunder. During the shoot, remember that the humeral girdle, most likely, is the widest part of your body. In the frame it is necessary to visually smooth: a little stoop or do not leave the shoulders on the same level;
  • Without bends. Try not to take a pose where there are no bends in the limbs. Bending can be one( in the hand or leg), but it is mandatory;
  • Positioning from a position below the face of the model in relation to the lens( bottom shot).Of course, in itself shooting from the bottom can be effective, but do not get too involved in reducing the lens. So, it's better not to remove the waist below the waistline.
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