Lamination of hair of different types with examples before and after the procedure

Most women care about their appearance and want to look good regardless of age and age. Beautiful, smooth and shiny hair - a pledge of self-confidence and good mood. Having well-groomed, healthy hair is not so simple. Repeated use of hair dryer and iron spoil them, dry them and make them lifeless.

is a procedure that involves wrapping each curl with a specific composition that creates a protective film on each hair. It allows to level its outer layer by "sealing" flakes in the desired direction and fixes them in this position.

The effect that results is not permanent. It is designed for about 4 weeks. After this period, the procedure must be repeated.

Lamination will be useful for women and girls whose hair is dry and brittle, with split ends. Before a trip to the sea, experts recommend this procedure, because the active sun and sea salt can adversely affect the hair.

In case of severe hair loss, specialists do not advise laminating.

The main advantages of the procedure:

  • This method contributes to the process of hair renewal. Thanks to the enveloping protective layer, the loss of the necessary useful elements ceases.
  • Hair gets a natural volume and becomes more docile during styling.
  • Color, whether natural or acquired by staining, becomes more saturated.
  • Painted hair retains its shade longer.

Lamination of hair can be of two kinds:

  • colorless lamination, that is, coating only with a protective layer;
  • color lamination, at the same time provides protection and dyeing.

What to look for:

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  • If you own a thick and healthy hair by nature, then lamination will not play any role for you.
  • With system lamination, it is problematic to dye your hair, because the protective film will reject the paint.
  • Hair after lamination will not get useful properties from the use of masks and conditioners.

It is very popular to laminate curly hair, because they have a structure that is different from straight and with their natural twisting break, breaking the natural elasticity. This leads to cracks on the surface of the hair and their thinning. Lamination solves this problem.

How to prepare for the procedure:

  • Carry out a special shampoo with a deep cleansing to get rid of dust and excess fat in the scales.
  • Apply masks for hair and scalp. If the skin is damaged or you suffer from dermatitis, to conduct a course of treatment.
  • If you want to update the hair color, you need to do this before the procedure.
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How to care for the hair after the procedure:

  • After 48 hours after lamination, wash the hair with the means intended forlaminated hair.
  • Discard scrubs and nourishing masks for hair and skin. This will speed up the process of washing off the protective film and will not be of use.
  • It is not necessary to do the lamination procedure at home, because only a specialist will be able to hold it properly and not harm the hair. If improperly carried out, hair loss and unnatural fragility are possible.
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