Benefits and contraindications for the application of the circular shower

Healing qualities of water have always been used for the healing and preservation of the youth of the human body. Hydrotherapy is widespread in medical institutions, in sanatorium-and-spa treatment, in SPA-salons. The study of the benefits and contraindications for the use of the circular shower, one of the types of therapeutic water procedures, allows to improve the health and functioning of the body.

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Benefit of

The action of a circular, or Swiss shower, is based on mechanical irritation of the skin with thin streams of water supplied under considerable pressure. In this case, patients experience mild tingling, soreness is absent, many find these sensations pleasing. Therefore, this shower is also called needle.

The peculiarity of the procedure is the effect not only on the superficial, but also deep layers of the dermis, subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscle tissue, nerve receptors, vascular system, internal organs.

Based on this, the following useful properties of the therapeutic circular shower can be distinguished:

  • Smoothing action on the skin, elimination or reduction of stretch marks, cellulitis and other defects of the dermis, increasing its regenerative properties. This is due to increased blood supply in tissues with a change in temperature conditions within the range of 35-25 degrees and hydromassage action of thin streams of water.
  • Improvement of metabolic processes, lymphatic drainage effect. For this reason, it is useful to use a circular shower for weight loss, especially in combination with dietary nutrition and exercise. It also contributes to the complex detoxification of the body, removing toxins and wastes from it, stabilizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands, and purifying the epidermis from dead cells.
  • Elimination of insomnia, irritability, relieving physical and emotional stress.
  • Strengthening the body's immune forces, raising its tone.
  • Relief of the condition in chronic pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, neuralgia. The benefit in this case is due to increased blood circulation in affected areas, improved nutrition and metabolism in tissues. There is a withdrawal of pain syndrome, elimination of clamps, blocks. These properties allow one to affirmatively answer the question of whether a circular shower is useful for shoulder periarthritis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis and other pathologies.
  • Stimulation of the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, activation of blood flow to internal organs, which causes improvement of their work, elimination of stagnant phenomena( water retention, bile stagnation) in the body.
  • When mastopathy, a circular shower is often prescribed during a sanatorium treatment. Usually the course is 10 procedures.
  • Soft and complex effect on the vast surface of the skin. This should be considered when choosing which is better: circular, Charcot's shower, or ascending. The latter are characterized by a limited effect on a specific area of ​​the body. Circular shower, ascending, Sharko have a different principle of influence, the choice of procedure is performed by a doctor on the basis of indications and contraindications.
  • A circular shower for children is useful in moderate amounts. Acting on the principle of hardening, it strengthens the immunity of the child, improves the general condition of the body.

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Based on the extensive range of useful properties of the circular shower, there are the following indications for its purpose:

  • some cardiac and vascular pathologies, including hypotension, the initial stage of hypertension;
  • is overweight;
  • cellulite and other skin defects, flaccidity, decreased tone of the dermis;
  • stress, emotional tension, sleep disorders, insomnia, behavioral disorders( irritability, tearfulness, etc.);
  • diseases of joints, musculoskeletal and nervous system;
  • decrease in the body's immune forces;
  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • chronic fatigue, emotional and physical fatigue.
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Procedure procedure for

loading. ..

When appointing a treatment with a circular shower, the physician individually sets the temperature regimes of the water, its pressure and the duration of the session. The procedure is carried out in a special box, where you should go to the patient, pre-wearing a swimsuit and rubber shoes.

In the shower enclosure with a circular shower there is a rather complicated design, which is a system of water-conducting metal pipes located vertically or horizontally at the level of the average person's height. On the inside of the device there are a number of small holes( nozzles) through which water of different temperatures enters, fed at a considerable pressure( 1.5 atmosphere).

The horizontal configuration of the pipes is considered to be the most ergonomic in use. In this case, it is possible to adjust the level of exposure, based on the patient's growth, if necessary, it is allowed to turn off the upper sections.

With a vertically positioned configuration, there are more water supply holes, which enhances the shower effect, but for its optimal functioning, ideal water supply system parameters are required, which can not always be ensured: a quality mixer, strict compliance with the dimensions of metal hoses, and constant pressure.

In some cases, the device has an additional "rain" system( standard, ordinary shower), which allows you to combine cold and hot water jets, creating a contrast effect.

During the procedure, there is a point, acupuncture type, massage of the body with thin streams of water. At the same time peripheral receptors are irritated, which is perceived by the patient as light tingling sensations.

Regulation and control of the process is performed by a medical professional. At the beginning of this hydrotherapy, the water temperature is about + 30-35 degrees. Gradually, it drops to +25 degrees. The water pressure( head), on the contrary, increases during the session.

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At the first stage of the procedure( on average 5 minutes) the body relaxes, then with changes in temperature and pressure, its tone rises( after 7-10 minutes), which is manifested by a feeling of slight arousal.

The duration of the Swiss shower is 5-20 minutes, based on the indications for therapy and the desired result.

When the water supply is cut off, the procedure is considered complete. The patient leaves the shower room and changes into dry clothes.

After a circular shower, tachycardia or dizziness may be present. This is recommended to inform the doctor. In this case, it is desirable to sit down and wait for the normalization of the condition.

The number of procedures is determined by the doctor, usually prescribed 10-20 times daily or every other day. Courses can be repeated twice a year, in winter, avoiding hypothermia after it is held.

Preparation before taking a circular shower is not required, the main condition - refusal to eat 2 hours before and 1 hour after the meal.

This kind of hydromassage is also available at home, however in this case there are quite a lot of difficulties. You can buy a specialized hydrobox or shower, and install a circular shower with your own hands. The price of the device for the procedure is quite high.

The room, where the shower is planned, should be at least 15 square meters. On the contrary to the shower unit, at a distance of not less than 3 meters, specialized equipment( "department") is installed to regulate the water supply indicators, to which 2 hose nozzles are attached.

However, for the effective result of treatment with this procedure, appointments and the presence of a qualified physician are required. It is possible to take training courses in the technology of the circular shower, which are sufficiently budgetary and last no more than 4 hours, but it is preferable to use the services of experienced medical personnel in a specialized institution.

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Before prescribing the needle shower procedure, the doctor conducts a comprehensive assessment of the patient's health and condition,that allows to avoid possible negative consequences. Contraindications to this type of hydrotherapy include:

  • asthenic syndrome;
  • severe hypertension;
  • epilepsy;
  • tuberculosis in the active stage;
  • serious pathology of blood vessels and heart, pronounced circulatory disturbance, presence of pacemakers;
  • skin allergic manifestations;
  • infectious diseases, especially accompanied by a rise in body temperature;
  • gestation period;
  • skin diseases( furunculosis, dermatitis), mechanical damage to the dermis;
  • menstruation;
  • acute conditions and chronic diseases of internal organs in the stage of exacerbation;
  • benign formations, especially with an inclination to growth;
  • oncological diseases;
  • severe pathology of the respiratory, urogenital, digestive system.
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With the correct technique of carrying out a circular shower, assessing the patient's health condition, analyzing the presence of possible contraindications, the harm from the procedure is practically excluded. Soft impact ensures the absence of soreness and easy tolerability, unlike some other types of hydrotherapy( for example, the soul of Charcot).

The harm of the procedure is usually associated with the violation of its rules, ignoring the contraindications and is due to the tonic effect of the whirlpool on the human body:

  • It is especially dangerous to perform the procedure for epilepsy, expressed pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, which can provoke dangerous consequences for the health and life of the patient.
  • For contra-indications of a circular shower for women, menstruation refers, but it is also not recommended to perform the procedure with premenstrual syndrome, which can increase the severity of symptoms.
  • Conducting a circular shower during alcohol intoxication can lead to a cascade of negative reactions from the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
  • After the procedure, an individual reaction is possible, expressed in accelerating the rhythm of the heart and the occurrence of dizziness. Usually such a state is transient and after a few minutes it normalizes itself.
  • Harm to health can cause use of the poor-quality equipment, rendering of service by the unqualified medical personnel.
  • Do not self-medicate. Before the procedure, you should always consult a doctor and strictly follow its recommendations.
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