Popular hairstyles with a bandage for short, medium and long hair

Hairstyles with bandages never go out of fashion. They are very diverse and attractive in that they can be realized on hair of any length. To create the styling used a variety of dressings: broad, thin, in the form of a lace or chain, scarves, knitted, sporting, with embroideries, appliqués, flowers. There is a huge selection of hairstyles that can easily be decorated with a properly selected bandage. And the most important thing is that you can create these haircuts yourself.

  • Shorthaired
  • With quads
  • with braids
  • With
  • bangs with beams
  • With bulk hair
  • with her hair
  • Greek
  • Egyptian
  • Roman
  • French
  • In the style of boho
  • in retro style
  • wedding version


On very short haircuts, fine bandages and rims with ribbons, flowers and rhinestones will look great. And the hair is shorter, the dressings should be already.

On short hair it is best to have the bandage on the forehead, putting the bang under it to the side or back.

The bandage will look very harmonious if hair is added to the hair on the top of the head with the help of a nap.

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With the square of

The holders of the cutting can afford to choose bandages of any width and color. Equally interesting is the styling as with a smooth bright ribbon, and with a bandage decorated with embroidery, stones, flowers.

In one version, the hair can be aligned and laid with the tips outward, and the bandage must be worn on the bang growth line.

In another, do a volumetric styling and put a wide bandage on top of the forehead under all the hair. This option visually lengthens the face.

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With braids

The combination of a bandage with a voluminous oblique looks originally. Most often in such hairstyles the bandage serves only for decorative purposes and does not hold the hair in any way. Instead of a bandage, you can take beads, ribbons, thin threads or a flower wreath.

To perform a similar hairstyle for a start, you need to wind the hair on a curling iron or make a haircut. Then put a bandage on your head and braid the braid. A bang from the face can be removed by tucking it under the bandage.

But sometimes the bandage can become an inseparable element of the hairstyle. In this case, the long ribbon wraps around the head and is weaved into the braid.

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With a bang

The possessor of a short bang is best to wear a bandage over the bangs along the line of her growth.

With a long bang, you can experiment, for example, with a wave, combed and stabbed back, or rolled up and fixed with invisible and varnished. In this case, you can use dressings of different shapes and put them around the center of the head.

The only bandage that should be worn under a bang is sports, because it was created precisely for absorbing sweat in intensive sports.

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With bunch of

Quite interesting with the hair assembled in a bundle looks like a pin-up dressing or as it is called in the people "solokha".Usually the role of the dressing is performed by a bright shawl, which is tied on the head in such a way that there are two protruding corners on top.

To create such a stacking, you should create a volume beam at the top of the head. This can be done with a special roller. Strip the hair and screw it on the curling iron. Then gently, in order not to untwist the curl, you need to fix it on your head with invisibility and varnish.

Wrap the hair on the back of the head with a bandage and tie a "solo" in the center of the head. It's not a problem if some disobedient strands are knocked out of the hairstyle, on the contrary, it will only give you a certain charm.

This dressing perfectly complements the images in the style of kazhual, country, safari, but equally attractive it will look and with a light romantic dress.

But most often the combination of a bandage with a bunch is chosen as a convenient, simple, but at the same time stylish everyday hairstyle.

Evening version of such a hairstyle assumes the presence of a luxurious bandage with stones or rhinestones and dresses with open shoulders.

In rare cases, the bandage can be worn not on the head, namely a bundle. It looks rather original.

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With voluminous hairdo

Three-dimensional hairdos with a bandage in the form of two thin elastic laces are very popular. The hair is dried with a hair dryer, the hair is applied from the back of the head to the forehead and the shell is formed from the locks. The tips are tucked and stitched. The bandage is worn above the hair growth line.

Perfectly complement the voluminous hair and wide bandages worn at the base of the comb. They can be as delicate openwork,

and more brutal and provocative.

No less harmoniously in combination with the bandage pin-up will look like curly hair gathered in a careless bunch.

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With loose hair

Long loose hair is a wonderful fit for any type of dressings - monochrome, multicolored or richly decorated. For example, wide knitted dressings covering the forehead and eyebrows, it is better to combine with straight hair, while bangs, if there is, it is better to press or lick.

Narrow it is recommended to wear on wavy ringlets and to have in the center of a forehead or hardly above.

Medium-sized bandages can be worn on the middle of the head, like a bezel and most of it hidden under the falling curls. Not less bright with the dismissed hair will look and bandages in the style of pin-up.

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The hairstyle, decorated in Greek style, is considered very fashionable, especially in the summer. In this case, the bandage may be a chain, cord or elastic band. It is located just above the roots of the hair.

All hair needs to be divided into strands, rolled into bundles and alternately starting from the face to the nape, tuck them under the bandage, fixing with studs and varnish.

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This styling is very simple in execution. It is enough to straighten your hair and with the help of a fleece add to them the volume on the vertex. And then put all the bandages on top of all the hair.

Ideally, in the front, it will pass through the forehead or along the line of hair growth on the forehead, and from behind on the back of the head. If desired, you can put a few strands on the temples under the bandage and fix it with lacquer. The bangs are also better to be removed to one side.

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To make a Roman hairstyle you need to create light natural waves on your hair. Divide the curls with a central part so that they frame the face. And put a bandage on your head, pushing it slightly over your forehead.

In this version, the dressing should be discreet and as natural as possible. Fine fit a thin string or chain.

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Very romantic, especially on long hair looks like a French hairstyle with a bandage. To begin with, the hair should be wound on curlers or curlers and laid in the direction of the back. Then comb the strands on the vertex and occiput.

The dressing should be worn over the hair, moving it closer to the nape, leaving the hair growth line free. It is better to use a wide bandage in this variant. The bangs can be released from under the bandage sideways or removed back.

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In the style of the boho

Very simply, hair styles are made in the style of boho chic or, more simply, hippies. For such a stitching fit dressings of natural materials with ornaments, embroidery, decorated with flowers, beads, various weaves.

Hair should have the most natural appearance, for example, flowing curls or non-curly hair. Most effective, if a similar bandage is in the middle of the forehead, and passes through the line of parting.

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In retro style

Glamorous dressings with rhinestones, stones and feathers are most often associated with the retro style.

In the classical version, the styling with a bandage in the style of Chicago 20-30-ies is performed on short hair. Holders of long curls can braid them in braids and pin on the back of their heads.

Hair needs to be divided into strands and laid with characteristic iron waves. To do this, along the entire length should be several times to make the clips ironing in opposite directions. Then divide the hair with an oblique parting, put on a mesh and dry the styling with a hair dryer.

Finally, put a beautiful bandage with a feather over the middle of the forehead.

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Wedding version of

Quite often bandages are used in wedding hairstyles. They are adorned with flowers, pearls, stones and fathin.

In principle, a beautiful bandage will look wonderful and with loose curly locks and with a strict ideal styling, the main thing is to choose it correctly in style.

In some cases, an elegant bandage can successfully replace a veil.

The simplest version of a wedding hairstyle: wind hair from the middle of the length to the tips, gently comb the curls with your fingers and put on a womanly bandage.

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